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So over on 4chan someone posted a page from the FCBD issue where Hydra Cap is shown worthy of lifting Mjolnir. They are really doubling down.


Cap was supposed to be worthy not because of what he could do or the strength of his convictions, but specifically because of what he stood for and what he believed in. If he’s worthy while standing for Hydra, the ability to lift Mjolnir in the 616 means fucking nothing.

your childhood best friend sits across from you
at the kitchen table, nodding out with a cigarette
in his hands and all you can think about is your
father and why you know at twenty-two what
heroin looks like in another person’s body. you
remember your mother telling you that you can’t
make anybody stop doing what they want to do.

the people who get clean are the people who
want to get clean, she said. and you know
it’s what she’ll say again.

you won’t cry on the phone, but your voice
crunches like gravel on the line when you call her.
there’s blood in your mouth and all you can think
about are skinned knees, all those games of tag
that led to this moment. there is a tree still in
your grandparents’ front yard that always used to
be the safe zone. you wish you could go back to it
right now and press your whole body against it.
—  WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS by Trista Mateer

.,.t.he way she looks at her..😩 i have reached the point where i simply cannot understand PPL WHO STILL DENY THE CHEMİSTRY AND VERY SPECIAL BOND between them look at this tiny cutie you still dont trust !?? LOOK HOW MUCH LOVE AND KINDNESS HER EYES RADIATE. So fuckin geniune

In honor of Yom HaShoah, I wanted to share links to the songs my synagogue performed at our memorial tonight. links are in the titles - just a warning, if you watch the videos on YouTube, some of them do contain Holocaust/Nazi imagery.

El Maleh Rachamim - a prayer traditionally sung at funerals and remembrance days for the dead. it’s a very beautiful melody.

Dos Elnte Kind (The Lonely Child) - a Yiddish song dedicated to Sarah, the daughter of Rachel Pupko-Krinski. they were separated during the war, but both survived and immigrated to America. the woman who sang this at my synagogue this evening was a close friend of Sarah’s daughter, and she was wearing a necklace left to her by Sarah.

Yisrolik - a Yiddish song about orphaned children of the Vilna ghetto

Flying - an English song by folk artist Laura Wetzler, who performed it for us tonight. she and her partner are both the daughters of Holocaust survivors, and she wrote this for her mother-in-law, a partisan whose sister Hannah (ZK”L) was murdered by the Nazis after they were discovered smuggling resistance newspapers

Minutn Fun Bitokhn (Moment of Confidence) - a Yiddish partisan song from Krakow. my favorite line, which isn’t translated exactly the same in the lyrics I found online, is “Revel, dance, you hangman! It won’t be long, I hope. Once there was a Haman–then there was a rope.”

Zog Nit Kein Mol (Never Say) - also known as Partisaner Lid, the Partisan Song, this is one of the most famous songs to come out of the war. it was written by Hirsch Glick (ZK”L) in the Vilna Ghetto after he learned of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Hatikvah (The Hope) - a Hebrew song associated with the Zionist cause, which was often sung in concentration camps after their liberation and in Displaced Person camps (if you look online you can find a recording of the inmates of Bergen-Belsen singing this song in 1945). it is now the national anthem of Israel.

Guys I just realized something

You know how cap loses his shield in CW and it’s all symbolic of him giving up that title and responsibility and becoming Steve Rogers (his own person) again?

You know the (lovely) parallel between the star on Steve’s shield and that on Bucky’s arm (democracy/communism)?

Bucky loses the arm during the final CW fight too. He loses his star, his own burden and symbol of being chained to an idea he never asked for. Steve was used as the government’s dancing monkey for years, and Bucky used the metal arm to create chaos for even longer.

Their respective stars, and therefore burdens and pasts, are each lifted from them in a different way, which can also be connected to their meaning. Steve made the choice (with the serum and then dropping the shield). Bucky didn’t (with the draft and then obviously Hydra, and then losing his arm), and it was excruciating for him.

That fight was basically the end of them as figureheads for greater powers and the beginning of them focusing and prioritizing themselves - physically, mentally, and morally. It’s an incredible idea to unravel and it really reveals the depth of these characters, as well as how similarities can be drawn between past and present/each other.

Under the Bleachers (Reggie Mantle x Blossom Reader)

REQUEST: So I requesting something before but I wanted to request something again because I like your writing. So you’re the blossoms younger sister and dating Reggie and he’s normally really sweet to you but when you see him being an ass to others you break it off with him but he tries to win you back or something like that?



A/N: Hey, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but here is my first Reggie Mantle fic. Hope you like it :) I did change it a little just because it would have been a really long imagine and it just didn’t seem to flow that way. Hope it’s good anyway!

Being a Blossom wasn’t as easy as everyone believed. You had crazy parents, older twin siblings who excluded you from most thing, you had a reputation and expectations that had been placed on your head the moment you were born that you had to keep up or other face the consequences from your parents and even your siblings. But even through this you found happiness. You found Reggie Mantle.

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I’m reading Act 2 and it’s so goddamn obvious that all the kids are wrong about their guardians from the moment they’re introduced. John, Rose, and Jade assume that their guardians are more negative in their intentions than their parents clearly are/were. And Dave’s exact equivalent is how awesome he considers Bro. All of them turn out to be wrong, and that absolutely includes Dave. It is so obvious that Hussie is yelling at us “don’t trust what these kids are saying, they’re young and naive!” between the lines. John and Rose are too spiteful and distant from their guardians, Jade is…well, a weird case as always. And Hussie’s language when Dave describes Bro is absolutely screaming “this kid grew up in an abusive household but he’s young and convinces himself that it isn’t.” And if you pick up on the obvious faults in the other kids’ logic, you should def pick up on Dave’s. 

Basically Hussie knew from day one what he was doing with Bro, the fandom just completely missed it. And it forgets about the other guardians as well.