Bellarke: Eliza you fcking piece of shit bitch how dare you disrespect us, you will let Bob do whatever he wants to you and you’ll like it because you're his until we say otherwise! So apologize for not catering to our heteronormativity you pervert! Eliza: Anyways....

Homestuck has been over for like 3 months and I still get all kinds of pissed off when people call Feferi selfish and uncaring for dating Eridan to get him to help her feed her lusus and dumping him as soon as she didn’t need his help, because imo that whole affair was actually the biggest example of how selfless she was. She stayed with a guy she didn’t even want to be dating, who didn’t provide her with any emotional support, because getting enough prey to keep her lusus from destroying her species and preventing Eridan from committing genocide were more important to her than her own happiness. Can you fucking blame her for finally allowing herself to put her own needs first once she didn’t have a planet to protect anymore? Give me a goddamn break.


“Can I get you a drink, ma'am?”
“What’s that?”
That is a spinach and celery smoothie. Would you like one?”
“Good choice.”

BrainDead 1.05: Son You Need To Talk To Your Boss About Your Job Description
(Seriously, why’s a Chief-of-Staff serving drinks at a government re-opening party that isn’t even hosted by his boss, other than to relive Aaron Tveit’s underaged bartending days?)