it’s been about nine months since i first started this blog, && i never thought i’d get so far with it. i was so scared when i first joined the league community. it was my first blog in the community, i was a nobody, && caitlyn was an entirely different character than what i was used to playing. before caitlyn, i played slade from teen titans, a sadistic villain who was willing to emotionally && physically traumatize && abuse a teenage girl to manipulate her into destroying an entire city &&, ultimately, the titans. going from him to caitlyn was such a heel turn, it was daunting. i had no idea if i’d do her justice. but i’m so glad i stuck with it, experimented with her characterization until i found this one, the one that i feel best fits her, even if it’s not welcomed by some. i can truly say that i’ve found the character that i never feel tired of playing, even if i suck at her in game.

seeing that one thousand people like my blog, enjoy my portrayal, want to roleplay with me, or any combination.. it’s exhilarating. i couldn’t feel happier. there’s been some bumps along the way, but it’s always been a learning experience, ones that i wouldn’t trade for the world. so i just really want to dedicate this bias list towards the people who’ve stuck with me, count me as a regular partner, enjoy my company ooc. the ones who i love seeing on my dash, watch from afar with eagerness. i love you all so, so much. ♥

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Chinese Myths, Legends, and Tales: Pan Gu

The sky and the earth was said to be one, in the shape of a sphere, filled with darkness. In the sphere, there was a man in slumber that dreamed of what the world would look outside.
One day, he woke up, and saw nothing but darkness; the opposite of what he saw in his dreams. In a state of panic, he tried to break open the sphere, but the sphere wouldn’t budge. Then, he felt an ax, and with it, he made a crack in the sphere. A ray of light shined through the crack, and Pan Gu used his hands to rip the sphere in half. However, the sphere tried to repair itself. Pan Gu then stood up, separating the top half and the bottom half, which then became the sky and the earth.
Pan Gu continued holding the halves apart for ages, until they finally stopped pushing towards each other. Only then did Pan Gu lies down on the ground to rest, and because of the hard work, he slept for year after year, and in the end, his body connected with the earth. His breaths became clouds and wind, his snores became thunder, his eyes became the sun and the moon, his sweat became stars in the sky, his body became the ground that we walk on, his limbs became mountains, his blood became bodies of water, his hair became forests, and his teeth and bones became all kinds of jewels and metals. The world became beautiful, just as he saw in his dream.

tagged by @tenebrousheart to post 6 things about myself. thanks for tagging me!!!     `;:゛;`;・(゜ε゜ )

1.) listening to marina & the diamond’s albums make me work. it doesn’t matter if i’m writing replies or drawing. if i listen to her album, i’ll get shit done. (and also i can never get tired of her songs?? me = actual matd trash )

2.) i love 5-6 p.m bus rides. when the bus is kind of empty and it’s dusk and you see all the pretty colours in the sky (like the blues turning to purples, contrasting with the oranges and then there’s a hint of black) it’s super pretty and i’m willing to walk home in the night just to watch the sky ahahah.

3.) did i mention i love the sky? i love clouds. i love seeing big cumulus clouds, stratus, cumulonimbus, etc etc. i love the colours of the clouds. i love how the cloud’s colors changes because of the sky. i love being in the plane and looking out the window and you’re above the clouds and you just feel like you can step on them. also, buzzcut season by lorde makes me think of clouds and the skies and i just feel super chill and aaah.

4.) i find it hard to say no? lol….. if I get asked to do a thing I’ll just usually reply with a yup or something. It’s a really bad thing and I should improve on this…

5.) sometimes i go ‘people watching’ where i just sit down in a coffee shop and sketch the people around me rlly quickly. (because i have to finish the sketch before they leave lol) it’s pretty fun and it helps with my anatomy since i try to do it as realistic as possible. plus, sitting down in a coffee shop and watching everything go by is very relaxing. but it’s not really good for my wallet so i try not do it often.

6.) i’m such a cat person. i will try and pat every cat i pass by though if they don’t want my pats, i will just say hi to them. 

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you guys don’t have to feel obligated to do this btw!

Chinese Myths, Legends, Tales, and Real Stories: Staircase to the Sky

In Chongqing, Jiangjin Zhongsan village during 1950s, 20-year-old Liu Guojiang fell for the widow, Xu Chaoqing, who was 18 years older than him. Because Xu was a widow, and was 18 years older than Liu, negative rumors spread about their relationship. In 1956, the couple, with Xu’s four children, moved into the woods to be separated from society.
In order for Xu to go to the village and home, Liu spent half a century to build a staircase just for his wife. The staircase has more than six thousand steps, with an elevation of about 1,500 meters.
Xu did not move in with her son until December 18th of 2007, when Liu died. On October 30th of 2012, Xu passed away as well. Later, the couple’s love story was adapted into a song, movie, drama, and a documentary, and their staircase became a national attraction for couples.

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  • I’m a big fan of your blog theme okay, I really love it. I like how her orbs are the links on your blog. It just makes me feel like I’m literally gonna send Syndra an ask wtf.
  • I believe I’ve told you how much I love your writing ;) I can literally imagine Syndra saying that. Holy moly. I also like the font changes within your writing. I can’t lie - I’m a sucker for aesthetics.
  • Second thing is that your tags are neat, I can read ( stalk ) all of your headcanons easily. C: I love to read them so much because to me, your managed to explain something about her in like a small paragraph. Sometimes, you just need to be direct and on point.
  • Alas, Shen mun has heard something about Syndreal?
  • Syndreal?
  • Sindreal?
  • Sin
  • S-
  • okay but, you know, I know we don’t talk much but just know that I’m a big fan of your blog
  • Keep going!
  • If anything, I’ll be here for you, yeah?
  • Fist bump

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Even the lightest of footsteps could produce the loudest of sounds, given the right circumstances. With each step, Sylvanas Windrunner produced a sound that mimicked the beating of a terrified heart – one so easily picked up by the ears of the former Quel’dorei. A smile crossed her features as she walked the hallowed halls of the palace; quite the contrast to the Undercity, such a place was filled with the breeze that inevitably came through the cracks in the walls. A sky-fortress was not unheard of to the Banshee Queen, though she had not set foot in one since Dalaran itself had been no further than a stone’s throw away from her now-homeland.

Though unaware of the owner of such a place, Sylvanas could sense the power that emanated from them a mile off; perhaps a wiser choice would have been to be to greet the stranger rather than infiltrate their home, but she cared little for the formalities. Straight to business, no time for trivialities – not when there was so much at stake.

tfw you're garbage ( valentine application )

Name: Syndra
Age: 19
Do you like to cuddle?: Wouldn’t know. I’ve never ’ cuddled ’ before.
Can we make-out?: Sure.
A night in or dinner out?: Either.
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Why choose one when you could easily have both?
What makes you a good Valentine?: Contrary to popular belief, I am actually fun to be around…ah, and I shouldn’t forget to mention the fact that I’m a relatively ’ good kisser ’–not sure if that amounts to much, but I thought it would be interesting to disclose.
Would you cook for me?: I’m almost certain that I am capable of burning water, so no.
Would you let me cook for you?: If you would like to, I don’t see why not.

“Well thats a um…surprise” Ezreal muttered, before an apologetic smile “But….sorry, I cant”

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Send me a URL and I’ll shout things I like about them.

  • I have only been following for a short while but I really like what I see!
  • Your writing is 10/10? well organized and I really like your style!
  • Your RP style is truly interesting and Im keeping an eye out for more!
  • Love your icons :)
  • Your Syndra seems to have a funny/sinful side from what I saw with Ez, and I enjoyed it Lol
  • We should RP some time! I really want to!
  • I enjoy your blog so far look forward to more! x)


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"that's fair."

50% OFF.

status: accepting!

     “OHOHO, is that SARCASM I’m picking up? Do I look like the type to
     play fair to you, scumbag? Of course not! We both know I’m full of
     shit. If you didn’t expect to be screwed over, that’s your own damn
     fault; take that attitude and shove it back up your ass! MY GAME,
. Stop pullin’ the bark from my tree or I’ll choke you with

Of course his game, his rules generally meant the participant was a LOSER
from the start. Anyone who expected differently was an idiot ( && ) he suspected
that wasn’t the case. Either way, sarcasm that wasn’t his own irked him.