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I made a post earlier about how I was upset by the number of rape jokes there are in Deadpool and the post has gotten thousands of notes and I have gotten a lot of questions and comments and accusations so I am going to make one post to address them all.

Q: How have you seen the movie already?
A: The movie officially comes out tomorrow. Early screenings began tonight at 7. The movie actually unlocked for viewing at 12am this morning. I work in a dine in movie theatre and we often have screenings for big movies like this, so we held one early this morning.

Q: What sort of jokes?
A: There are references to CSA, incest (father/son, uncle/nephew, uncle/niece), and date rape. The date rape joke is actually in the trailer.

Q: Who makes the jokes?
A: Deadpool and Vanessa mostly.

Q: Isn’t Deadpool a rape survivor?
A: I am not acquainted with the comics and was made aware of this earlier. This is not made clear at any point in the movie, the references to rape are very much played for laughs and shock value with no context of him being a survivor. Not everyone has read the comics also, and overall the way the jokes were made left me feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Q: Are you a survivor?
A: I am a survivor of sexual abuse, yes. I do not wish to go into more detail publicly.

Q: How frequent are the jokes?
A: They are throughout the movie.

Q: Is the movie good?
A: Overall I did enjoy the movie, despite how uncomfortable the jokes made me. Most of the other jokes were very funny.

Q: [Something rude]
A: fuck off

Q: Why did you make that post?
A: To warn my followers that there were rape jokes in this movie as I was able to see it early and did not want them to be unprepared.

Q: How gory is it?
A: Really gory. Very, very gory. Very violent as well. There is a really long sequence depicting torture.

Q: Were there any scenes involving vomit?
A: Yes, there was one. If you leave the theatre when Colossus starts monologuing about “four or five moments” and being a hero, and return after about two minutes you should be fine.

Q: Was there anything else bad about the movie?
A: Yes. There was at least one instance of a whorephobic slur, and I have heard other people saying there is a transmisogynistic joke in there but I do not remember this. However I am DFAB and don’t remember everything so. Stay safe.

Q: Should I go see it?
A: Its up to you. Again, I found the movie to be otherwise enjoyable, but you may not wish to support a movie like this. That’s up to you.

Q: Are you sure?
A: Yes. I do not know if I have included everything in the movie on this post and apologize if I left anything off. I know these jokes are indeed in there because I have seen scenes from the movie while working our first showings of it tonight. I am actually writing this while I’m on break right now.

Q: Are you going to see it again?
A: Yes, I will go see it when my managers allow me to see it for free (there is a waiting period on newer movies to ensure no potential sales are lost due to employees seeing free movies). I also have to work it for quite some time so I don’t have much of a choice.

listen Kids… Kiddos… Chilrin… Weans… Bairns… i know u feel real mature and i know u think u can probs handle an Adult Relationship but trust me… u cant. i dont know if they still teach kids about the internet using the ‘every adult is a paedophile’ thing and you may see a lot of Adults laughing it off and joking about it and the like and it may lead you to believe that u can trust all adults but idk. if ur gonna trust one adult today let it be me when i say: u cant trust every adult. especially not online. if someone over 18 or 21 or maybe even older shows romantic or sexual interest in u in any way U GOTTA DITCH EM!!!!!!!!! THEYRE BAD NEWS!!!!!!! i know u may feel mature enough for them or maybe they tell u they think ur real mature for ur age, but i assure u that u are not, they are grooming you, and you need to remove them from your life as soon as possible.

adults who flirt with people under 18, or even worse under 16, are doing something massively inappropriate and as someone whos Been There: it will fuck u up in ways u really wont understand until it happens to u. its not worth it. ive been where u are, i thought i was mature enough to take on an adult relationship when i was 14, i flirted with adults and had them flirt back (a bad sign. i didnt know any better, they knew much better, they should have told me to stop and they didnt), and i cant tell u how much i regret letting myself be vulnerable like that. be guarded around adults, especially ones who dont seem to understand the importance of age in relationships be they platonic or romantic.

“Just blacklist it!”
There are people currently living in abusive homes, myself included, that can’t blacklist it, because the extension needed would lead their abusers to Tumblr and that wouldn’t be safe for them, but then, none of you really care about them right? Your ship invading tags it doesn’t belong in and making it easier for people to groom kids and get away with abuse is MUCH more important than someones safety right?? :)))))))

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I keep reading ~~~the industry~~~ in a snobby British accent bc of these people. Also why are they acting like pedophilia is decided on a case-to-case basis? Like if you're being a pedophile then you're being a pedophile.

Yeah lol?

Casting Society of America to Offer Free Workshops for Actors with Disabilities
The Casting Society of America (CSA), in partnership with the Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts, will hold a series of free workshops in February and March for Actors With Disabilities. The event is the next in the
By BWW News Desk

The Casting Society of America (CSA) will hold a series of free workshops for Actors With Disabilities.

why won’t it get through your thick heads!!!

 i saw greenflame discourse during s5 and i’m seeing it again and it’s playing out the exact same way!! someone civilly points out whats wrong with the ship and greenflame shippers cry “ship war!! we’re being attacked!1!” and flood the tag with shit like that. enough. if someone being nice and polite and forgiving is too hurtful and you just can’t bear not seeing your unhealthy ship rife with child abuse and grooming and all that other stuff then just block the antis!! but keep in mind that this fandom is mostly made up of minors and having a ship like greenflame promoted and romanticized is worrying and also the safety of minors comes before adult feelings. and stop shitting all over the tag and harassing people especially csa survivors just because you want to see two legos bang. 

make your own fucking tag or something like i know all this greenflame shit isn’t in the tag currently but i am so tired of seeing this crap every three months or whatever. i’ve had enough just shut up and go whine somewhere else. you’ve all been told kindly enough times. 

1.  wtf is even…the point,,,,you were trying to bring in in first place anon

2. also you keep spewing shit about the proffessional field n stuff,, you think?  personal opinions actually matter in the ‘proffessional field’ as if im going to share all my thoughts and opinions with coworkers and employers  how can you tell that i behave at work  the same way i do in a personal relaxed nviroment???  u dont kno me.  and boy is well known that the artistic/animation industry like any other has its flaws. i also id like to know how much of a proffessional are you to  know how things go in ‘the field’

3.im???????????????????a victim of pedophilia?? ive been sexually abused/harasssed by adults when i was young so many times i lost th count  t dont fucking tell me my views of it  are skeewed bcause i fucking know my  shit

okay so deadpool was excellent and the people I was with definitely don’t think there were any sexual violence jokes. it was extremely sexual and extremely inappropriate humor wise but none of the three of us saw a rape joke. the only thing even kind of related to it was almost an anti-rape-joke. and that’s in the trailer. there were mentions of CSA in one specific maybe minute scene and also a transmisogynistic joke later on, just so everyone knows though.

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then how you gonna ask if I've seen the movie and assure me that you've seen more than I have. memorizing a scene isn't going to add more to it than I've seen

#rape #csa #date rape

well bc you clearly missed the part where deadpool accidentally grabbed colossus’s crotch and didn’t know whose it was and was like “dad?” or the part where wade and vanessa attempt to one up each other using stories of sexual assault never confirmed to be true outside of the context of them trying to one up each other. or the part where deadpool jokes about someone attempting to date rape negasonic (who is a minor). or the part where wade accidentally makes a rape threat and its played off as a joke.

my LEAST favorite thing about identity politics is that it creates like these special ways to treat people because of their specific identity. like “virginia’s legislation for genital checks for proper bathroom designation is transphobic” um its pedophilia and sexual assault and abuse for everyone ?? you dont have to be trans or have gender feels to be harmed by it ????

I just blocked several d-d/l-g kink blogs because they were roleplaying on my posts. every single one I see just gets blocked as a rule of thumb now. If you want to be disgusting don’t do it on my posts.

There were so many of them and they were doing sexual roleplay in baby talk. As an actual mother it made me want to cry. It was so perverse and wrong. I knew those people were out there but to pollute someone else’s post like that just makes me sick. Why do they insist on invading spaces that aren’t theirs?

I need some sage to burn over my laptop 

So, after @ozymandias271‘s thing on zoe quinn got called sociopathic apologia, and I finished having a meltdown because I didn’t expect to run into that this morning, I’m going to write it a longish thing and this is such a bad idea but I’m tired of seeing things that make me feel this way and not saying a fucking word. 

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