Here’s a wittle morning selfie of my fav couple to celebrate my reaching 8,000+ followers!!! Ahh thank you guys so much it really is so kind and overwhelming and humbling to have so much support >////< Thank you for supporting me and my silly arts and all my nonsense and hopefully you will continue to do so! Thank you so much <3<3<3


they were all checking out ayato’s room to look for socks (ayato wasnt there) and they found a stuffed animal and everyone was being like “haha what the heck, it looks so old and weird” and kanato explains that it’s ayato’s stuffed animal. he’s had it ever since he was a little kid, it was a present from their dad. it used to be a rabbit but the ears came off. ayato used to need it to sleep, and from the looks of things, he still uses it………..

everyone got kinda quiet and they were like “I feel sorta bad now so let’s stop talking about it”