*crying uncontrollably*



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Hermione Granger Imagine #4:

Hermione finding out you died during the battle.


“Where is she? Is she in the infirmary? Did she-”

“Hermione… [Y/n]… she didn’t make it… I’m sorry.”

“Hermione. Come on now-” Harry reached gently and grabbed his friend’s elbow, tugging her toward him.

“Hermione, she’s gone-” Harry whimpered.

No!” Hermione snatched her arm away as she turned to face Harry. She wiped her tears but, her effort was futile.


Harry didn’t say anything. He looked down and covered his face as he broke down, crying uncontrollably. He had lost too much. He had a right to cry now.

Hermione eyes widened at Harry’s sudden burst of emotion. She couldn’t deny you were gone now though. She knew you were. This was real and this was happening.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her, Harry!” Hermione wailed. A heart wrenching sob broke past her lips as she fell to her knees.

“What am I supposed to do now?” Harry grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly.

“We had a future planned-” Her voice cracked.

“I know, I know.” Harry rasped.

Hermione screamed until her throat couldn’t bear it any longer. Her body convulsed violently as she resigned to the last ounce of hope she had and sobbed.

Harry sat down next to her, his own anguished yells echoing around the destroyed courtyard and wrapped his arms around her. They cried together for what seemed like forever.

Harry had lost a sister.

Hermione had lost her soulmate.

A/n: Dedicated to @Kristin_Cabello 😊 Not exactly what you requested, I know, but I liked the idea of anguish. Next one will definitely be the one you requested though💗

  • <p> <b>Josuke:</b> *screaming and crying*<p/><b>Okuyasu:</b> *dying*<p/><b>Hayato:</b> *screaming and crying uncontrollably*<p/><b>Kira:</b> *also is screaming and setting off bombs*<p/><b>Koichi, Jotaro, and Rohan:</b> *are like 20 ft away from the scene*<p/><b>Koichi:</b> Um wtf did u guys hear that<p/><b>Jotaro:</b> lol probably just the wind or somethin<p/></p>

“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.

Stop using triggered

Triggered. It doesn’t mean angry. The word does not mean sad.

There has been this horrible trend to claim to be triggered based on a misunderstanding of the word. And the new sarcastic and witty response to anyone passionately disagreeing with you is to call the person triggered. It is time to stop this. Now.

Triggered means that a person has had significant trauma and an event has put their body and mind into a place of danger, when there is little to no actual danger. Inability to breathe, panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, inability to speak, freeze flight or fight…these are some of the symptoms. The person’s alarm is on. Their brain is telling them they are in danger. It can also lead to avoidance of triggers so that they do not have to feel that way. It affects function. It can lead to addiction, loss of employment, loss of support system. It’s not a joke.

To use triggered because someone has said something offensive is wrong. People with PTSD can be triggered by media or Internet- but there is a difference is being hurt, angered, saddened and being triggered. To use triggered to make fun of people’s passion is wrong. You are making light or making fun of people who suffer from PTSD. People are allowed to have feelings and not be “triggered”. and people who have PTSD do not deserve to be your punchline.

Do you know the largest two groups of individuals who are diagnosed with PTSD?

Veterans and sexual assault survivors and when the popular trend is making fun of people being “triggered” that is who you are really hurting. That is who you are making fun of. That is who suffers.

Just FYI. If you deal with PTSD. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and processing therapy (EMDR) are the most evidenced based treatments.

And he doesn’t know what your favorite flowers are or how you take your coffee. He couldn’t tell anyone what movie makes you laugh until it hurts or what song makes you cry uncontrollably. He doesn’t know that you want to travel the world or that thunderstorms have scared you since you were 5. He isn’t sure when you had your first kiss or how you realised you wanted to be a teacher. And sure he’s charming and handsome and makes girls everywhere swoon, but he doesn’t smile when someone says your name or get butterflies when you walk into the room. And he isn’t good enough for you. And when it comes to love kid, you shouldn't settle. You should never settle.
—  f.a.w