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What is RSD?

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Many people with ADD/HD also have rsd, and either get irrationally angry when they feel misunderstood/rejected or become depressed. This happens as an almost immediate reaction. For example: Someone, especially a friend, tells you to be quieter or talk less and then you lash out or later start crying uncontrollably.

 ADDattitudemag.com describes it as “The extreme emotional pain of perceived rejection is a feeling unique to people with ADHD, and it can be debilitating.” If you want more info on it, I have an #rsd tag too.

“i’m gonna marry you.”

it’s not the first time kara’s said it, but lena feels her cheeks flush anyways. she focuses on the road in front of her, the feel of the steering wheel underneath suddenly sweaty palms. 

“alright, dear.” lena takes a chance side-glance at her girlfriend and finds kara all soft smiles, something secret and intimate brewing between the two of them. 

“alright,” kara repeats. she turns, palm under her head and elbow on the door as the open breeze whips her golden curls around. the moment feels new, feels real. lena turns up the radio and smiles, wishes for time to come to a standstill. 


“i’m gonna marry you.”

kara’s breath is hot against her ear and lena can feel their heartbeats syncing as one. she breathes deep through her nose, runs her fingers through damp hair. kara lounges on her chest and seems content to just lie there forever - and lena doesn’t really mind. kara is made from the stars and lena holds the universe on her chest. 

“and i’m gonna marry you.” lena whispers this into the night air, the room still sticky with heat. there’s a hitch in kara’s breath, slight, subtle, but a hitch nonetheless. 

“i look forward to it.” a wet kiss is placed below lena’s jaw then, followed by a trail of more hungry ones, and lena holds onto broad shoulders, wonders what salt tastes like on a hungry tongue. 


“i’m gonna marry you.” kara says it like she’s going to make a stop at the grocery and is asking lena what kind of milk she wants. 

this time, there’s no surprise, only the warmth of familiarity that seeps through lena’s veins at those words of endearment. 

“i know,” lena jokes. she doesn’t look up from the email that she’s typing up. “tmz is doing a countdown for the big proposal.”

across the living room, kara sticks her tongue out at her and rolls her eyes. lena continues to type and for a while, the only sounds of the apartment are the click clack of a keyboard and the shuffling of kara’s papers. 

“you’d still say yes, right?” 

lena looks up momentarily. “what?” she asks. 

there’s a hesitancy to the slope of kara’s shoulders. “you would still say yes, right? if i asked to marry you?”

lena lets out a soft laugh - nothing intimidating or loud, just soft - and sits back in her chair, catches her girlfriend’s honest gaze with her own, “my dear, i’d follow you to the ends of the universe and back, you know that.”

this seems to soothe kara, who returns back to her books at hand. “alright,” she says as she pushes up her glasses. “just checking.”


“i’m gonna marry you.” 

kara is crying, big, uncontrollable silent sobs down her cheeks. lena feels her own eyes well up in return; seeing kara in all her sadness never made for a dry eye between the both of them. 

kara lies on the deo bed under sunlamps. and lena luthor is a child prodigy, a genius billionaire, a nobel peace prize winner and a forbes 30 under 30, but she will never understand the deepness of kara’s sorrow, the cuts and the space that kara’s mind occupies where no sunlight can reach. she tries. lena tries hard, and it’s times like these where she can only do so much but hold kara’s hand a pray for the sunrise to come quick. 

lena’s mouth is dry when she speaks. “you’re gonna marry me,” she whispers, urges, promises, “you’re gonna marry me, and i’m gonna marry you, and you’re gonna have something steady to call your own.”

kara cries harder at this, tears streaming and silent heaves, but it’s enough. it’s enough for now, and it’s a promise of forever. 


“i’m gonna marry you.”

and kara does. kara and lena exchange vows under a setting sun with matching bracelets on their arms and a song in their hearts and kara and lena marry each other when the world is turning into a new day and their beginning is just reaching the first page. lena marries kara and they sit on a rooftop at the end of the night, look into the constellations of stars and eons and legends and they find a home among the infinite, a peace among the unknown. 


i’m just gonna copypaste what i posted in facebook

“ things didn’t go as planned

real talk here
i wanted to leave my puffles in my igloo and go with one of them to the fort and wait with other penguins til’ 12:01 am
then i remembered that all of them won’t go to the new island and would go back to the wild, so i wanted to say goodbye to them and set them free myself as fast as i could
even if it sounds wrong this one is my favorite puffle(i adopted him when i was like 10 i didn’t know how to spell cookie). black puffles are my favorites, and this one i love him so fucking much you don’t know how
i would draw him and even use him to vent
and in the moment i was going to set him free, this appeared
this was my last second on this goddamn game that has made me so happy
and now i can’t close the tab because i’m looking at him with this error log and the operation blackout igloo music
i’m crying uncontrollably “

my face hurts


“I’m going to live recklessly and take care of people who are bad mouthing me. I’m going to kill bast*** I don’t like. I’ll pick up girls at nightclubs. And I’ll sleep around changing girls every night. <…> Do you want to date with me, No Eul P.D.? Let’s say I die after three months. Just for three months. Deeply in love.

BTS when they accidentally slap you part II ( Jungkook version )

Sorry I’m late babies! 

JUNGKOOK ONLY (Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok coming soon)

Hyung line (minus Hope) is on my wall, take a look. 


You and Jungkook were arguing about the amount of time you were spending together since you were unhappy that he would meet you only once or twice in a week or two.

“Okay, that’s it. What do you want? I barely have any time for myself, how do you expect me to come to you every day?” Jungkook said, his voice shaky as if he was trying to keep his cool and not lash out at you. 

“I don’t expect you to come to me everyday, kid. You know that. Don’t make me the bad guy.” You say, giving him a pointed look. “It’s just that, it’s like I’m nowhere near the list of people you would meet if you had any free time and that bothers me.” 

Jungkook would curse under his breath and get up, walking past you to get some water. “Are you for real? Do I have to spend every second I’m free from work with you? Do you have any idea how hard I’ve been working the past month?” He would say finishing his glass of water and putting his glass down on the kitchen slap, with a loud clink. 

You frowned at his gesture and followed him into the kitchen, standing across him with your arms crossed. “You’ve been working, have you? Remind me where you work again because the last time I checked, the club downtown was not your workplace.” You raised your voice slightly, to assert your point. “Look, go wherever, with whoever you want, I’m not going to have a problem with that. Why would I? I don’t want to jeopardize your time with your friends but….surely you can manage to meet me more than once in two weeks. That’s just too much, don’t you think?” You said in a desperate tone. 

Jungkook was just standing there with his eyes wide open, looking at you as if you had dropped a bomb on him. “Did you follow me?” He asked you, incredulously. 

“Of course not, Jungkook! Why would I do that? I just came to your workplace because it had been a while since we had seen each other and I wanted to see you. I saw you coming back drunk, with your Hyungs and some err…girls from the club. So I went back.” You told him, avoiding his stare because for some reason you felt intimidated. 

Jungkook let out a scoff and came closer to you, clearly very angry. He didn’t believe a word of what you just said. 

“So you follow me when I’m out huh? How the fuck did you think of doing that?” 

“Language, Jungkook. Don’t speak to me like that. Did you not hear a word of what I just said? I didn’t follow you, I just went there becau-”

“BULLSHIT!” He shouted, startling you. “I never thought you would turn out to be a jealous bitch, y/n. How dare you follow me, you bitch?” 

You were shocked at how he was speaking to you. He was clearly not in his right mind. 

“Let’s stop. You’re not thinking straight. We’ll talk about this when you’re in your right mind.” You turned around to leave. 

“Oh hell no, stop right there.” He grabbed your arm with his hand, harshly turning you around to face him. 

“Ow! Jungkook, let go, you’re hurting me!” You said, wincing in pain from the sheer strength of his hand on your arm. 

Jungkook was extremely angry, though. Your pleas fell to deaf ears. All he could think about was how you had followed him and how humiliating that made him feel.

“You are not going anywhere till you fucking tell me why you followed me. I don’t care if I break your arm tonight y/n, I’m not letting go until you fucking tell me, do you understand that?” Jungkook said pressing harder.

“What is wrong with you?!” You raised your voice out of pain. “Let go of me right now Jungkook! It’s not my fault you hide things! Don’t take it out on me! I asked you to let go of me righ-”

His hand cracked across your face, snapping it back with the force of his blow. It had been an open-handed smack and it had left a red welt behind. Just below your eye was a small cut where the ring had caught your skin. You staggered backwards, clutching your face, eyes watering. 

Jungkook looked at his hand, eyes wide. He hadn’t meant it. It was in the friction of the moment and he was beyond pissed. He backed away, too shocked and too scared to look at you. It was only when he heard you let out a choking gasp, when you let out something between a mixture of a laugh of disbelief and a cry that he looked up at you. Tears were falling out of your eyes but your expression was blank, as if you were yet to register what just happened. There was a small cut beneath your eye and you were bleeding. 

Jungkook let out a whimper. He took a step towards you slowly, stopped in front of you. He looked down at you. You were holding the table with one hand for support and the other was still on your cheek. You had not moved an inch. 

Trembling, Jungkook took you in his arms. Your face was under his chin and you could feel his tears falling on your hair, but you were too traumatized to move. 

It’s only when you heard him say sorry that your senses came back to life. 

“Noona..I’m so sorry, oh god..”

Your eyes widened and with all your might, you pushed him back, looking him straight in the eye. 

You were enraged. 

“Get the fuck away from me, you monster.” You spat out, your eyes red and breaths, heavy. 

Jungkook’s eyes widened. “Noona, please don’t…Y/N!” He shouted, his own senses coming back to life as he saw you moving towards the door to leave…perhaps, to never come back. He ran towards you desperately and fell down on his knees in front of you. 

“Noona no please, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” He let out in what seemed to you- fear, joining his hands practically begging you. “Please hit me back, hit me all you want but don’t leave me noona please! I will never do that again, I promise!” 

You turned around him and starting leaving, but he crawled in front of you again. He clung to you, hugging your waist, and started crying like a child. 

You looked down at him, crying like a child, begging you to not leave him. You could see how afraid he was of you abandoning him. It broke your heart to see him like that. You knew you would not forgive yourself if you took him back but you were too much in love with him. You couldn’t see him in that state. To you, he became a weeping child. Your weeping child. How could you ever abandon your own child? So even though, you were breaking inside, you put your hands on his head, soothing him. 

You bent down at his level when he didn’t stop crying and took him in your arms. His head on your chest and your hands on his back and hair. 

“Shh..we’ll work it out. Don’t cry, kid.” You said to him , quickly wiping your own tears. “We’ll get through this.” you said as Jungkook hugged you fiercely, burying his face in your chest, crying uncontrollably. 

DISCLAIMER: It is never ever OKAY to hit anyone and it’s not okay to take it as well. Please remember that this is work of fiction and I, in no way, advocate this reaction to getting hit. 

JIMIN coming up next. 



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Things That Make Your Children's Librarian Cry

1. “No, you can’t have three books. I said two. Two is enough.”

2. “Put down the Pokemon books and go read something worthwhile.”

3. “If you don’t behave in the library, you can’t have any books.”

4. “You can’t check that out. It’s not on the Accelerated Reader list.”

5. “No, that’s a girl book. Here’s a book for boys.”

bpd is like… oh you say you love me? no, you don’t, you fucking liar. where’s the evidence?

bpd is like… oh you cause me pain and make me feel unloved? I fucking love you so much. I will try so hard to get your attention and I’ll never get it.

bpd is like… you haven’t replied to me within five minutes. who is the whore? are you leaving me? oh god, anxiety attack.

bpd is like… holy shit, I’m so hot. Oh, nope, there’s the ugly. Oh wait, I’m hot again.

bpd is like… I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Oh, a little inconvenience? Now I hate you and you’re trash.

bpd is like… Oh, you cancelled plans because you had something important? bull shit, you hate me. Your love for me has faded. all of a sudden I feel like dying.

bpd is like… oh gosh, my heart is breaking. time to throw everything and cry uncontrollably.

bpd is like… I’m doing all this stuff I usually have fun with, but I’m so bored. No matter what, I’m bored. Empty, too.

bpd is like… I wanted to do this, but all of a sudden my goals have changed. I don’t even know who I am. they like that, so I guess I like it now. I don’t know what I like.

bpd is like… I did something really embarrassing three years ago. They probably remember It so vividly and think I’m stupid. I’m embarrassed all over again.

bpd is like… gosh, I’m going to do this so they give me attention. I’m so manipulative but I need that love and attention so bad.

So Misha confirmed he WILL BE in the first episode of season 13 for which I’m celebrating*

*By eating ice-creams………………In my bed………….. Sobbing………………. Actually wailing………………At 3 in the morning

Because Mark confirmed he IS LEAVING the show

  • <p> <b>Josuke:</b> *screaming and crying*<p/><b>Okuyasu:</b> *dying*<p/><b>Hayato:</b> *screaming and crying uncontrollably*<p/><b>Kira:</b> *also is screaming and setting off bombs*<p/><b>Koichi, Jotaro, and Rohan:</b> *are like 20 ft away from the scene*<p/><b>Koichi:</b> Um wtf did u guys hear that<p/><b>Jotaro:</b> lol probably just the wind or somethin<p/></p>

Anonymous said:
Could we maybe get some glimpses of the Heroes life with the Villain after their friends give them up and also after the memory wipe from a bit ago? Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said:
Do you have any prompts where the villain rules the world with the hero as a prize/pet?

Anonymous said:
Oh dang! Think I just found my new favorite thing!! Could you do some more prompts on humans being trophies or playthings or prisoners of the fairy court? Ty so much!!! 

1) “They’re lying to you,” the stranger said. Anguished. “Using you. None of it is real!”
“It’s real to me.” That was, somehow, the thing that people never got. Maybe it was all a trick, but it was a wonderful trick considering the pain these people were offering, and maybe it wasn’t a lie at all. Maybe they were the liars. The hero’s shoulders hunched and they wrapped their arms around themselves. “You should leave. I won’t say you were here.”
“I can’t leave you.” A determined set crossed their face. “Whether you like it or not - you need help.” 

2) “How long,” the villain stared out of the window. “Do you think it would take you to break if I simply left you in a cold, dark cell to rot?”
The hero’s chest tightened. 
“Humans need company,” the villain murmured. “They go a little crazy without it. You hate me so much, perhaps you’d prefer to be left on your own, hm?” The villain turned to face them, head tilted. “I always imagined that’s what death would be like. A cold, dark cell, unable to move or do anything. Trapped in your own head with no one else to guide you out of the dark places you end up in. An eternity of conscious nothingness.” They smiled. 
“You wouldn’t do that,” the hero said. “There’s no point keeping a trophy that no one can see.”
“Let’s make a bet on that, shall we?”

3) “Oh, come now, it’s a party. There’s no need to cry. Smile.” The fey turned more insistent as the tears continued. “I said smile. Stop crying and ruining the mood.”
The tears dried out, impossibly, and their lips turned up beyond their control. A forced smile. 
The fey beamed back, and patted their cheek. “Now, that’s better. Such a lovely smile and everyone’s happy.” They tugged the human up by their hand. “Dance with me.”
The fey could never bear for unhappiness in their court.

4) “You wiped my memory.”
“You - you’re - you lied. How can I trust you? Believe anything you say?”
“You don’t have to believe me,” the villain said. “You simply have to look at how you feel, and know your heart to be true. I have one question to ask you, just one. Are you happy here with me?”

5) “Hey, hey, hey. Baby, what’s wrong?”
The hero shuddered from the dream - startlingly vivid. Of fighting, and faces, and the icy clench of betrayal in their chest already fading in consciousness. And yet, they couldn’t stop crying. Shoulders shaking, uncontrollable sobbing. 
The villain gathered them close, tucking the hero’s head to their chest and making soft, soothing sounds. “Bad dream, huh? It’s alright. Nothing will touch you while I have you.”

6) “Nobody touches you other than me, do you understand?” 
The hero looked at the other villain, dead on the floor. Dead before they even touched it. And they hated themselves for the flicker of gratitude, of feeling protected, when everything was all wrong and there was nothing safe in this game at all. Their villain was not kind. Only possessive. 
“Can we go home?” The villain liked it when they called it home.

7) The longer one stayed in a fairy court, the more fey their heart became and the harder it was to cling to humanity and remember the life that came before. The one I came to save is fey already, all broken-mirror eyes and flash-fire smiles. They begged to come back after the I exchanged myself to spare them - for no mortal food can satisfy, no thirst can quench, no sanity can be spared, after one enters the world of the fairies. So I suppose I’ll have to steal the heart of a fairy queen to earn my freedom instead. 

Back from Perdition

Dean returns from Hell and reunites with the reader :)

It’d been four months since Dean went to Hell. A lot had changed since he’d been dragged away by those ravenous hell hounds, and not for the better.

You and Sam were both too wrapped up in grief to help one another. He was off doing whatever you and Dean didn’t want him to do with Ruby, and you were travelling around, killing whoever and whatever you could, checking in with Bobby every couple weeks.

After finishing a job in Wisconsin, you were driving back to Bobby’s, wanting to check in on him and make sure everything was OK before heading off to Colorado to deal with what you seemed to be a werewolf.

Pulling up to the older man’s place, you park your car, locking it behind you and heading up to his door. Rapping on the wood, you rub your chest, the familiar ache that’s been crushing you since your boyfriend left as present as ever, the feeling replacing the happiness you used to experience when with Dean.

Bobby comes into vision once the door opens, his face looking pale and lacking colour. “You alright, Bobby? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“That wouldn’t be far from the truth.” he responds, your brow knitting in confusion. He smiles comfortingly at you, pulling open the door completely and standing aside to allow you to see inside, your heart almost stopping due to the figure in the middle of the living room.

“How…” you trail off, your eyes filling with thick tears, a seemingly completely unscathed Dean Winchester smiling lovingly at you, silent tears escaping his breathtakingly beautiful eyes, the life in them something you thought you’d never see again.

You shake your head in denial, knowing that the world you live in is one where many evil creatures exist. Whipping out your, Dean’s, gun, you aim it towards the cruel imposter. “So what are you, hm? Shapeshifter? A Trickster?”

“I’ve gone through all the motions, (Y/N). It’s really him.” You flick your eyes to Bobby, the reassurance in his eyes confirming the very thing you thought to be impossible. You step inside cautiously, the door shutting behind you barely registering in your ears as you make your way towards the man you’ve been aching for these past four, damn near impossible, months.

“Dean?” you sob, your voice cracking, your throat carrying a heavy lump of pure, raw emotion that refused to be swallowed.

“It’s me, baby.” he chokes, his arms opening slowly, the gap feeling empty without you. The semi automatic Colt slips from your finger tips as you bolt towards Dean, the impact knocking him back as you wrap your arms around his waist, his limbs locking around you just as tightly as you cry uncontrollably into his chest, comforting and calming words being whispered into your ear as you stand wrapped in one another.

“I’ve got you, (Y/N). I’m never going to leave you ever again.” Your tears soak his shirt as his fall onto your skin, the smell of him making you feel so protected, so at home. He rests his chin on the top of your head, those agonising years in Hell slipping to the back of his mind. For now.

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