Regarding TG:re Chapter 30.

Yo! So, I decided to take a break from editing my theme (I’m just missing one thing: classifying all my posts… yeah, quite a lot) and answer some questions regarding the latest chapter; I know I still have some other questions, but I thought these ones have a little priority because next chapter comes out tomorrow or so. So, here you go (by the way, to make it easier to identify the questions and answers I’ll be using a ton of Blockquotes from now on):

First, some random questions.

edogawa-conan66 said: Hey, What do you think happend in the recent fight between Uta and Hirako?Because we could see Uta while he was taking his mask down.. But Hirako? What do you think TG senpai? Sry for my english 

First things first: senpai? No one has called me that ever, so I’m not sure about how should I react; thanks though (#/。\#) Now, the Clowns had interest in Sasaki, especially Roma:

I assume they might quit the fight against the Doves and go see Kaneki out of curiosity. Still, Uta looks a bit sad or worried when he hears the screams:

I don’t know if he is truly “evil”, but I doubt he’d act (or allow Roma to do so) against Kaneki.

Anon said: Do you think that Takizawa is conflicted inside himself? In chapter 30 he was screaming “I didn’t eat, I didn’t eat” and bangin his head against the wall, while his kagune was disapating. Maybe his old self is still in there somewhere?

He seems to be trying to repress his Kakuja. He knows Hinami and talks to her lovingly (in a twisted way, of course), so maybe a part of him doesn’t want to hurt her.

qvietus​ said: We’ve seen that Hinami’s mask has switched the direction it faces, and in the new chapter the mask continues to switch and change drastically. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think each different phase stands for something different? 

At the beginning of the Auction and when she directs people it covers completely her eyes:

I assume that it is so that her hearing sharpens (we’ve seen that she closes her eyes when she was analyzing data).

Later, when she saves Sasaki it’s a little higher, probably so that she can see.

And then Seidou broke her mask:

Anon said: Judging from all of the things seidou said of kaneki being dr kanou’s forst and great creation, do you think this my make Amon hold a grudge with Haise/Kaneki when they meet? Considering all the hardships the two previous doves had to undergo for the purpose of creating a better Kaneki

Seidou and Amon are very different: Seidou always wanted to be number 1, while Amon never cared for that. The only thing that would make Amon could hold a grudge against Kaneki is that the latter cut off his arm, but based on this I doubt it:

Anon said: Just wondering if you had any theories for why Kaneki always has something bad happen to his ghoul eye (i.e. Yamori, Armia and now Seidou)?

I assume you mean this:

Don’t worry, his eye is fine; it was just some blood:

Now, about the eye… to put it simple, Kaneki’s left eye represent his ghoul side. When Jason injected him it was so that his body became weak; it’s in this state when the whole torture happen, including the centipede.

The Red Headed Chinese Centipede is known as Mukade and, in the myth, it’s one of the most dangerous creatures alive; they represent pure evil. In real life those thingies are quite dangerous too: they are huge, poisonous and agressive; they also eat other insects. In the myth, no one could kill the Mukade; however, Fujiwara no Hidesato managed to do so by shooting an arrow to its eye.

When Jason put the centipede in Kaneki’s ear he became a Centipede himself: unstable, dangerous and he even started eating other ghouls (lets say that ghouls are all insects). When Arima stabbed Kaneki in the eye, he killed the Mukade, or rather, the evil part that had taken over Kaneki. Ishida- sensei did all this not for the horror but for the symbolism (reasons to love Sensei).

Tarot numbers.

I got a couple more questions related to :re Chapter 29, so I thought I’d answer them here.

Anon said: I want someone to talk about number 3 that appeared on Mutsuki’s lips in chapter 29 (that one panel where urie said “woman”). Does that imply their future relationship? That Mutsuki will look after Urie since then?

More like they take care of each other from now on. 

Some things represented by The Empress: right path, prosperity, love, being loved and cared for, emotional security, protective, openness and peace.

And the most obvious thing, that Urie realizes that Mutsuki is a woman (now, don’t start it guys; we’re talking about symbolism, not questioning the fact that Mutsuki is a man).

@enigmaluce said: Oh, and one more thing. (I just noticed after sending the last one to you) In chapter 29, in that panel where Urie goes kinda depressed and his thoughts cuckoo, there’s some lines that seems to resemble VII above his eye. I don’t see any reason why there would be a wrinkle (which is impossible there), maybe another tarot card reference? 

(I’ll be answering to your other question when I’m done with my Theme; sorry).

Anon said: OOh. Not sure whether this has been mentioned, but in the previous chapter as Urie is crying, there’s a 2 just above his eye… Also, do you think Haise and Kaneki merged or did he really phase back to Kaneki? AND WHERE IS ARIMA WHEN YOU NEED HIM T.T 

We have a problem here, because I don’t know which is true.

I personally think it looks like a VII, but I’ll leave both meanings here.

The High Priestess (II):

  • Upright: Higher powers, intuition, mystery, the subconscious 
  • Reversed: Hidden agendas, need to pay attention to inner voice 

The Chariot (VII):

  • Upright: Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination 
  • Reversed: Lack of control and direction, aggression 

About Kaneki, please keep reading (I mention it somewhere bellow there’s a entire section for it) and Arima’s probably doing stuff somewhere else.

There, now, these are from :re Chapter 30.

Anon said: Is there a number 2 or 21 on Seidou’s forehead (the panel with his kakuja mask)? Also the mask kinda resembles a plague doctor mask, I think

Since it’s supposed to be like Yoshimura’s I’d say he’s actually a Half-Kakuja (would explain the insanity). Anyways, The World (XXI) doesn’t fit at all (not even the reversed meaning, since it’s still quite positive) and The High Priestess (II) doesn’t fit much either. It could be a Reversed Hanged Man (XII), in which case it means  struggle to remain in control, obsession, making the same mistakes and lost faith in life.

Before I continue, I found something quite interesting myself (haven’t seen anyone mention it though): You guys remember that Shinohara is associated to the card The Hierophant (V)? Found this:

The Hierophant (V) Reversed means not accepting the reality, emotional disappointment, blind acceptance and “being kicked out of your mother’s physical/emotional nest” which fit quite nicely to Juuzou’s relationship with Big Madam.

@luckybluelife said: Is it me or do I see an 11 tarot card on Haise/Kaneki’s face on the last page of chapter 30? 

Does look like it, and the meaning fits.

Justice (XI):

  • Impartiality — Distance — Coldness — Justice
  • Objective mind — Criticism — Being clever — Insensitivity
  • Decision — Intellect — Analysis — Stillness — Curiosity
  • Responsibility — Rationality — Clear vision — Logic and reason

Guess Sasaki will fight with a lot of strategy next chapter (Separated your ask in two parts, sorry).


(Continued from before) @luckybluelife said: And who’s the question mark person heading towards Haise, Seidou, and Hinami on the auction diagram? (Could it be Floppy? Amon?)

Anon said: I think Amon is gonna bust in in Chapter 31 but more like at the end tbh. Cus it was kinda foreshadowed in a way cus eto suspected that “floppy” might show up. And guess who is showing up? Amon in my opinion.

Anon said: Who do you think that question mark person might be in the map. Also do you have any idea who the scarecrow guy might be?

I do think it is Floppy, and I’m pretty sure it is Amon (guess we’ll see soon). As for Scarecrow, a lot of people have theorised it is either Hide or Banjou; if I had to choose I’d say it’s Banjou (Hide’s body doesn’t match), but it could be a completely new character, like Torso and Nutcracker.

Suzuya Squad.

Anon said: What are the names of all the members of Suzuya’s Squad?

We only know Abara Hanbee so far.

Anon said: I read the recent chapter of tg and omg the feels was too much :’( I have two questions: Who was that guy in Suzuya’s squad that resembles kaneki? 

I assume you refer to this guy:

We still don’t know his name, but he was in Joker too:

Kaneki Ken or Sasaki Haise?

You knew this was coming.

(Continued from before) Anon said: Also, what do you think will happen to Haise-Kaneki? My theory is that instead of reverting completely to badass kaneki, the two personas will merge because in my opinion, Haise already had Ken’s original traits likenloyalty, kindness, levelheadedness, etc. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this and ty for all that you do. Much appreciated♡

sora-179​ said: What do you think about the next chapter of TG:re ? About kaneki to be exact ! He really came back ?

coolcatsunite​ said: Ahh this is my first time asking a question so first I just want to say this is a great blog! My question is how do you feel about ch 30 spoilers and the “new” Kaneki? (Your blog’s got a nice name)

Kaneki hasn’t really come back, or at least, he’s not going to be the same as he was before. I think that Haise’s personality will mix with Kaneki’s.

In the beginning, Kaneki was innocent, kind and loyal, but also naïve, skittish and, physically speaking, weak. As the story goes on he started changing, but nothing drastic. 

It is until the torture when he radically changes: while he is still kind with his friends, he becomes quite agressive and even a little sadistic with other people; he wants to get rid of his weak side so that he can protect others, but in return he became unstable and dangerous not only to his enemies, but to his friends and even himself.

When he is Haise, he is pretty much a mix of the black haired and the white haired Kaneki, being the first one the dominant side; yet, he can’t protect his squad. Why? Because he wants to get rid of his strong side so that he doesn’t endangers any of his friends, so that he doesn’t disappear. 

But he can’t just get rid of any of his sides, just as he can’t get rid of neither his human nor his ghoul parts. He needs both

In the end on Tokyo Ghoul, the ghoul part accepted that he had been wrong in his search for strength, that he had been fighting to protect people who would rather have him being safe and happy; he accepted that it wasn’t wrong to be weak

…and now in :re, the human part accepted that he had been wrong about his other part, that the other didn’t ask him to accept him just to take over; he accepted that it was okay if he changed:

Hinami realises this; she realises that the person standing before her is not only her “Onii-chan” or “Sasaki Haise”; he’s finally both.

a-time-to-end-things​ said: What is your opinion on Kaneki’s possible return? And also, what are your predictions for the next chapter?

I’m terrible predicting what’s going to happen, but I think we will get an epic battle and that Floppy will appear at last.

Anon said: Can you explain the latest chapter(30). What exactly does the last page mean? He will never remember being kaneki or???

Well, we can’t expect him to magically remember everything; I guess that after this he will start remembering stuff. 

Anon said: Can I just say that ask a while ago was pretty much 100% right about what was going to happen back in FEBRUARY.

I wouldn’t say “100% right”, but I’m glad that things ended up that way.

Anon said: I’ve heard that people remember everything, they just can’t recall it all. So, if that’s the case, then if Kaneki/Haise regains his memories, is it also possible for him to remember his father?

It could happen (would be interesting if it did).

Anon said: wait is haise a full kakuja? how do we know that again?

When he was talking to Donato Porpora there’s this panel:

Though not confirmed, it certainly looks like a full Kakuja.

Anon said: In the last page of chapter 30 from tokyo ghoul :re, do you think that Haise strangely looks like Hide. (If you imagine Haise’s having yellow hair instead of white)

I guess it resembles Hide a bit, but it looks more like Kaneki during the Anteiku Raid (more paralels!):

So, those were 21 questions and 25 pictures (see why I take a long time to answer stuff?). Hopefully the new Theme will be up tomorrow, but it could take me until Sunday (pulling out another all nighter if necessary). Hope you forgive me guys. You all take care -Ali.

#72 - Sodium! (817 - Horror at Party Beach) (submitted by cutiepuppyfire)

Well, if you don’t know anything about Sodium now, I dunno what we can do for you.

Yeah, you kids with your big pants and your colored chalk and your Neve Campbell and your fanny packs and your Nerf balls and your…Pong and your Volkswagen Golf leases and your notebooks and the kids with the pierced I-dunno-what…the roller-skates and the 23 Skidoos and the listening to the Becks…

Sodium, won’t you?

Did I learn anything about Sodium? Na.


Rachel McAdams, Cameron Crowe and Emma Stone address criticism from some Native Hawaiians who disapprove of the name of Cameron Crowe’s new romantic comedy Aloha. Critics of the title say it is disrespectful misappropriation of culture and simplifies a word that’s rich with meaning.   

                                                     Sinners and saints,
                                                  white doves and crows.
                                                 Similar in so many ways,
                                                  yet different only in color
                                                       and by thy name.


Cameron Crowe has made a career telling stories of flawed men who are saved thanks to young, quasi-magical women. His best films have shown the cracks in these maniacal pixies. Consider the crippling self-doubt of Penny Lane in Almost Famous, or the world-weariness of Renee Zellweger’s Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire. Penelope Cruz’s Sofia Serrano in Vanilla Sky quite literally becomes the girl of selfish rich guy Tom Cruise’s dreams, a twist that feels like Crowe commenting on his own tropes.

In Aloha, we have Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper), a wounded and disgraced war vet who returns to his cushy Hawaiian military base working as a private contractor for “the richest billionaire of them all,” Carson Welch (Bill Murray). Waiting for him is a young, quasi-magical woman set to be his military liaison (Emma Stone), an old pal (Danny McBride), a gruff general (Alec Baldwin) and “the one that got away,” played by Rachel McAdams. The plot involves Brian cutting a deal with local Hawaiians to launch one of Welch’s satellites into space, his last best chance at redemption.

Read our full review of Aloha.