Raven: You are a disgrace.

Qrow: …-snuggles down into Summer’s hood-

Best part of being a bird and having a partner/friend/girlfriend who constantly wears hoods…you get to sleep in them.

I don’t know. I just thought of this and needed to draw it. 

Even before they started secretly dating, and especially after, Qrow enjoyed taking a warm, cozy nap in Summer’s hood. She was always a rather quiet girl, and along with her warmth, pleasant yet subtle scent, and soothing voice when she did speak, he was lulled right off to sleep. Nothing was safer and more comfortable for a mid day nap than her hood…unless her lap under a shaded tree was available.

Summer LOVED IT didn’t mind. Her cute partner (then boyfriend) snuggled up in bird form inside her hood? Yeah, she couldn’t resist that.

Hazel: I’d tell you to ask Lady Juno but…

Annabeth: I hope she suffered.

Hazel: Annabeth!

Annabeth: What? We can’t both be merciful and serene.

Anon Asks: Does Qrow snuggle up to Summer’s baby bump in crow form sometimes? :P

Summer: Hey, Qrow, how do you feel about…’Robin’? Ooooh, hang on, ‘Greyson’. Hmmm, that has a very charming ring to it. I like ‘Cersine’ and ‘Heather’, too.

Crow!Qrow: -nuzzles against Summer’s hand-

Summer: -scratches the back of Qrow’s neck- Oh, Stilts, we could also add ‘Wren’ to the list! Or maybe ‘Jayson’? You know…for the blue jay?

Crow!Qrow: -caws in disagreement, fluffing his feathers-

Summer: Mmmm, so no to the avian names? -sigh- Okay, fair enough. We don’t even know if they’ll inherit that trait of yours. Oh…’Sterling’!

Crow!Qrow: -stares at Summer, peaking out from underneath her names book, cocking his head to one side-

Summer: …What? It’s a real name.

Crow!Qrow: CAW! CAW, CAW!

Summer: What? No it doesn’t! Sterling…Ster-ling…yeah, no, you’re right. It does sound stupid.

Of course he did, Anon. 

Qrow is a family man, through and through, so watching Summer go through the miracle of pregnancy was a joy for him (mostly). Cuddling up with his beautiful Rose and little offspring was the only way he ever ended his days while home, and what better way to snuggle than to turn into a bird and just plop right on top of your little baby? Besides, Summer always knew just where to scratch and rub.

Don’t worry, he is very light in avian form so he isn’t hurting Ruby. The extra warmth he provides actually often puts Summer to sleep as it also sooth their baby Ruby, too.

Qrow and Summer picking out names for their little bundle of joy. They spend a decent amount of time on this, never really deciding what they want to call their little Branwen. It’s okay, though, since they forget all of their freaking choices once Summer goes into labor.

See this sexy beast?

This, my dear children, is a stroopwafel, a Dutch waffle 2.0. Consider this: two thin, soft, wafer circles sandwiching delicious, warm, oozing syrup. Literal heaven. You can also buy them at grocery stores, but they’ll never be as good as the real thing warm.  

These things are the best.

Imagine the crew in the streets of Ketterdam, taking shelter in a cafe from the rain. They’re all sitting at a small table, lit by some candles, and indulge in a few bites of warm stroopwafel. Jesper notices a bit of syrup on Wylan’s chin, and brushes it off with his finger. Nina slowly savouring hers; by the time everyone else is finished, she’s only had a couple of bites. Mathias watching the way she closes her eyes and how she focuses on the sweet taste. Inej joking that Nina loves stroopwafels more than Matthias. Nina giggling and agreeing. Kaz broodily staring out the window, staring at the rain, not touching his. Looks down to his plate a minute later to find it gone and in Inej’s mouth. They all laugh at his bewildered face. They laugh by the light of the candles and warmed by the treats and the fire. The laughter is a smoldering coal in their hearts, warming them from head to toe.

ok let’s talk about six of crows. of the main characters alone there is:

- a physically disabled boy who suffers from severe PTSD
- a dark skinned middle eastern-coded girl who was a victim of sex trafficking but escaped and vowed revenge on all sex traffickers
- a bisexual-coded girl who is explicitly described as being larger and not stick-thin but is still described as beautiful, sexual, and incredibly powerful
- an explicitly bisexual dark skinned POC boy who ends up in a m/m relationship
- an explicitly gay boy who is looked down on by his family for severe reading and learning disabilities but who instead becomes and incredible scientist and musician
- and matthias

basically please read six of crows & crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo if you want your faith in the future of YA lit restored