you see, i do not want a body without a heart.


Mark Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs

A best friend OTP we all deserve

“don’t you forsooth me”

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Steve requires 400% more food than the average man. When he misses a meal or two because of a mission, watching him make up that calorie deficit is one helluva sight.

“This is disgusting,” Clint says, voice awed.

“You don’t have to sound so impressed,” Natasha replies, but something in her tone shows a hint of respect.

Steve doesn’t notice them, or if he does he ignores them, and shovels more mashed potatoes into his mouth, barely pausing to breathe before taking another bite of macaroni and cheese.

“I think I’m gonna vomit.” Tony wrinkles his nose delicately.

“A warrior’s feast!” Thor says, grinning, and sits down next to Steve with a large pint of beer. He watches with satisfaction. “Well deserved after a fight like ours.”

Steve lifts his head up and swallows his large bite with a little difficulty. Thor hands him a beer as well and they clink glasses, Steve taking a long swallow before heading back to his food. 

Clint snorts but he joins them too, and soon enough they’re all sitting near Steve, drinking beer and laughing.