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Anyway ...

I,like everyone else saw those pictures yesterday. There was a time where they would have pissed me off big time …this time however , it wasn’t the case .
After not having had happy couple pictures for almost 3 months , I guess I am over it . As soon as I heard she was there , I pretty much expected something and I wasn’t disappointed.
She isn’t gone , despite reports I have heard to the contrary and to be honest ..I am not sure if she will ever be completely gone .
I do however have faith in the fact the not only are Miarren not a thing ..but also the fact that CrissColfer is “still going strong” and no matter what PR stunts happen ( I expect more …Halloween parties etc ) …nothing is going to change that . The boys give us clues if we pay attention . I also believe that Darren deserves better than having people take advantage of him around him . He deserves to be treated as an artist with talent that should be explored and allowed to flourish and not someone who should be kept on a “leash” by anyone .
I hope the day comes soon where he can be himself for all to see and that he get the recognition for being the amazing talent that he is .
I refuse to let PR stunts and beard demands get me down ..I see through it and I am not falling for it anymore .


s2 bts: photos, video:

  • “The first day I met Chris we had dinner…" (Special Education bts)
  • Original Song bts (2:14)
  • "Wow, Chris, I love you!" (2:20)
  • "He is great, I was big fan of his Harry Potter musical…” (0.20)
  • Chris on fans’ reaction to Darren and kissing boys in private school uniforms (4:16, 7:30)
  • “Chris is a very generous talent" (1:50)

BONUS - audio of Darren’s interview, Chris the wood nymph, "I like Chris a whole lot” and much more (1:40-4.50) 


s3 bts: photos, video:

  • Chris’ hearteyes (Pot O’ Gold bts) (0:25)
  • Darren and Chris chatting between takes (Extraordinary Merry Christmas bts) (0:21)
  • Chatting and laughing between takes (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)
  • Chris watching Brooke dance with Darren (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)

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[1/10] Real Life Ships

↳ Darren Criss & Chris Colfer

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with the amazing Golden Globe Award winning Chris Colfer and that is fantastic. I get to work with him on a day-to-day basis and he is such a generous talent. Chris and I like to play. He always throws me things and I ping them back to him and it’s really fun. We definitely have a very lovely rapport personally - I think on screen too - and I hope you can see that in the characters.”