GLAAD Spirit Day - 10.18.17

GLAAD ‘Believer’ Spirit Day Concert - The Sayer’s Club - LA - 10.18.17

On October 18th, 2017, both Chris and Darren attended the GLAAD Spirit Day event held at the Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles.



More photos can be found at the sources. No photos of Chris and Darren together have yet been made public.

* Post will be updated if relevant pictures emerge. 

Reminder to tell fic authors and artists how amazing they are

The reason:

besides them spending a lot of time on their pieces and putting all their heart into it (and being bloody amazing at it),

most of them - okay, I mainly speak of me here, I don’t know about others but I just assume it’s the same for them - can’t get compliments from their friends and family and people close to them cause

1) they don’t get their obsession with the show/ship
2) they are homophobic
3) you wouldn’t really want to show explicit works to your parents either, would you?
4) they write in English which is not their native language and not many people around them understand it

So it’s our responsibility to show them that they are doing an amazing job and that we enjoy seeing/reading their work. They need the confirmation and motivation.

So leave comments.

leave comments.

leave comments.

ok but real talk? chris colfer and darren criss singing come what may is the best thing that’s ever blessed this earth and i think about it a lot