There Are Stranger Things Than Fanfiction

Author: @somethingfishyfan

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 6,115

Summary: He was like a breath of fresh air on even my darkest days… and some people go a lifetime without finding someone special like that.

Tropes/Genre: CrissColfer fanfiction, AU, future!fic, actor!Darren, costume designer!Chris, angst, romance

Lynne’s review: All I have to say is…she went there. And I LOVED it.

Read at: AO3

anonymous asked:

I don't think it matters if M & D are a fake relationship. If you are not a CrissColfer, I doubt you really care. You will believe he is straight because you want to. Even if you think he is gay, it won't matter. To a lot of people bearding is just Hollywood business as usual. If they want to see Darren, it will be because of his talent and not his personal life.

Right Nonnie, my reply got a little long so I’m putting it under the cut so people don’t have to scroll through it if they don’t want to as there has been a lot of discussion of D recently.

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  • Person A: *wears Christmas socks in the middle of summer*
  • Person B: Why are you wearing Christmas socks? It's boiling outside!
  • Person A: *smiles innocently* It's always Christmas when I'm around you.
  • Person B:
  • Person A:
  • Person B: God damn it you smooth son of a bitch.

Someone on twitter found it it’s from an interview where Darren talks about Chris at 3.16. This is an old interview