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Spencer Reid x Reader

You sigh happily when you finally reach your apartment. You walk up the steps and go down the hall to your door. You were humming and mentally doing a check when you nearly scream at seeing someone leaning against your door.

“I-it’s just me.” Reid says sounding off.

“Son of a bitch, Reid you about gave me a–” and that’s when you see him, really see him. “Oh my god, Reid have you been sleeping?” You frown helping him up.

“Um yes.. No, I’m not really sure.” You frown and unlock your door. You pull him into your apartment and lock the door behind you.

“How long have you been here?” You question. Reid seems to ponder it but isn’t sure. You frown some more and help him over to your couch. “I’m going to shower, watch tv, read. Anything you want and I’ll be out shortly.” You smile and head off for your shower. Once you are back Reid is still sitting there staring at your walls. You sigh a little and walk over to him. You sit on the couch by him.

“Reid, sweetie what’s bothering you?” You say soft taking his hand.

“I can’t sleep.” He says barely audible.

“Can I ask why?” You wait for an answer but get nothing. You go to speak but he answers.

“I’m scared to sleep.” He says. You check the time. It was nearly 8:30 pm.

“Come on sweetie.” You say pulling him along you pull the covers back on your bed and help Reid out of his jacket. You push him into your bed you turn off the bedroom lamp and crawl into bed next to him. “Close your eyes Reid. Don’t be afraid to fall asleep,I will be right here. Promise.” Reid breathes out and his hand finds yours. The contact seemed to help. You move a little closer and wrap an arm around him. Reid sighs and he kisses your forehead.

“T-thank you (y/n)..I love you.” He mumbles sleepily. You think you hear him wrong. Spencer Reid loves you? In a friend way right? You pull back and look at him.

“Reid.” You say soft. He opens an eye and finds you staring at him. He leans up and kisses you softly.

“I do. I love you, I don’t know why it took so long but you make me smile and feel safe…like I have a home.” He says soft. You kiss him softly.

“You will always have a home here.” You smile. “And I love you too.”

The Girl Next Door (Part One)

Summary:   Reid let Morgan and JJ convince him to move into a new apartment where he meets Bell a beautiful brunette that Reid finds irresistible. Soon Reid’s desperate attempts to fit in with Bell’s friends has him questioning his self control forcing him to decide if the perfect girl is really worth risking his job. Seeing Reid struggle with his relationship makes Kevin decide to propose to Garcia causing a heart wrenching issue for Penelope as she attempts to balance her hidden feelings for Morgan who started to drink his issues away and avoid Penelope at any cost and her quickly fading affection towards Kevin.

Word Count: 1662

Warnings: extreme fluff

AN: I am totally sorry to hate on Kevin in this Fanfic, he is so awesome but its just the way it came out…

Reid grumbled as his alarm buzzed forcing him from his deep sleep into a blurred confusion. A quick glance in the mirror reminded Reid of the night before making himself smile as he recalled why he had stayed up so unusually late, a few minutes later Reid was fully dressed and jogging the ten minute walk to the FBI headquarters almost colliding with Rossi who chuckled and shook his head.

“I see we’ve decided to join a boy band.” The older profile said playfully giving the young man an approving once over and a quick compliment in his native tongue, Reid ran his hand through his newly cut hair and smiled happily. 

He got on well with Rossi but had never got a compliment from Rossi that didn’t involve his intelligence before the small gesture made Reid grin happily. The pair took the lift together making small talk while waiting to reach their floor, as soon as Morgan and Prentiss set eyes on Reid a chorus of whoops and compliments were thrown around and at one point Garcia was called out of her office quickly followed by JJ to take a look at him.

JJ and Garcia exchanged a knowing look and nodded at each other exchanging secrets with amused womanly looks. Morgan caught this silent exchange but didn’t have time to comment as Hotch hurried through the crowd carrying a file and talking quickly with Rossi. He indicated for the team to follow him and JJ help Garcia quickly set up the meeting room.

“First of, Reid you look like a teen skater boy nice job, second we have a serious case six girls all blond and athletic have gone missing we have yet to find any bodies but one survivor is in the hospital under the protection of the local police force. We leave in ten minutes.” Hotch said quickly, Reid froze realizing he had forgotten his notebook and needed to get back home.

“Morgan, I need a lift to mine can yo…” Reid started to ask as he gathered his files, Morgan chuckled and yelled at him to hurry up or he wouldn’t get a lift.

Reid’s apartment was in a large old styled building with a huge heavy set red door, he had moved recently after JJ and Morgan insisted that he needed to live closer to them both. The pair often checked in on him to make sure he’d remembered to eat and have a break from all the paper work he brought home or to bring the kids round for a visit. 

Once Morgan had parked the pair jogged up the front steps, a brunette girl in a white baggy jumper that Morgan was sure he’d seen Reid wear once struggled up the front steps behind them.

“Oh hi Reid.” The girl said in a bubbly voice as she searched through her purse for what Morgan assumed was the key card to enter the building.

“Here Bell let me help you.” Reid said quickly swiping his card and pointing for Morgan to hold the door open and grabbed two of the paper bags from Bell, he gave her a quick grin as the threesome hurried up the stairs.

“Hi, you must be Morgan, Reid’s told me about you.” Bell said flashing Morgan a cute grin making him smile back.

“That I am Reid didn’t mention his new neighbour though, it’s nice to meet you sweetheart.” Morgan said giving Reid a brotherly slap around the back of his head making the lanky man stumble over the last step and blush a deep red. 

Once Reid had made sure Bell didn’t need any more help he let Morgan drag him into his own apartment to grab his bag and notebook that was laying in its usual place on the kitchen table. Morgan checked the time and scolded Reid playfully for being so careless and rushed them to the air strip.

“What took you guys so long?” JJ asked without looking up from her files. Morgan accepted the new information Garcia had sent over to Hotch and sat down next to Prentiss who handed him a cup of coffee.

“Saying good bye to Reid’s girlfriend.” He joked and raised an eyebrow as Reid looked around trying to find the words to defend himself. The group laughed as he gave in and buried his face in his in his folder and ignored the playful comments thrown his way every few minutes.

“All the girls have a similar tattoo on their shoulders.” Reid said suddenly breaking the stiff silence that had fallen over the plane Hotch grabbed at his pictures and looked closely muttering agreements.

“He’s right you can’t make out the picture but the scribing looks similar, Garcia see if you can get anything from this.” He said quickly, Garcia nodded and took a list of things to research from the team before logging off. The plane went quiet as the team had drained the resources that was available to them making Reid nervous. He looked up from his files slowly to only to see every pair of eyes on him.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He muttered making the plane erupt with laughter.

“Reid, the day she moved in you convinced Will to help her move and build her stuff… the pair of you set up her apartment for her and left her to deal with the boys.” JJ laughed as she recalled the fond memory.

“So tell us why the great genius was late today.” Prentiss said quickly placing her empty coffee mug on the table in front of her. Reid hesitated but he had an odd feeling that he didn’t quite understand bubbling inside him when he thought about what happened.

“I helped Bell that’s all.” Reid said but quickly regretted it as Rossi joined in with the interrogation.

“You helped her huh stud.” Rossi patted the young man on the back and sat opposite him. Reid started to stutter and stumble over his words realising what he had said.

“No… No, she was trying to build a shelf and my hair was in the way so she cut it well she said i’d look cute with a hair cut.” Reid said stating the facts of what happened that night.

“Oh no Spence, we want details I’ve had to stop watching my soaps because the kids want to watch cartoons so spill.” JJ laughed giving Reid an amused look.

“That’s all that happened really guys, she’s just my neighbour.” Reid said quickly trying to defend himself. The team laughed and prepared to land in the dismal town that would haunt them with death and soul crushing horrors for the next few weeks.

Reid was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sink into his memory-foam mattress and fall asleep although he secretly wanted Bell to be around so he could bump into her but she wasn’t anywhere to be found. 

Reid disappointedly locked his door dropped his bags and flopped down onto his bed. Although he had been reluctant to move into the new apartment he had to admit that it had grown on him, the high ceilings and old fashioned fire places appealed to Reid’s odd quirks.

His living room had several book shelves overflowing with books and a simple two seat sofa, the kitchen was decorated in a modern white and black style Reid had said he didn’t really care what it looked like as long as he could cook in it Morgan had spent three weeks teaching Reid how fit a kitchen and talking about his investment in a new plot of land he wanted to buy to build small flats on.

Reid woke up as the sun was setting and headed out to the balcony that over looked the park where he used to play chess with Gideon. The old building only had two large flats on each floor to his left was Bell’s balcony and above him was a nice old lady that told him he was a hero every time they passed in the corridors. 

Reid sat down on the lawn chair Garcia had given him as a house warming gift and started to read a new paper on the development of psychosis in the youthful brain.

“Hey Bell’s isn’t that the creepy dork that likes dead people?” Reid looked up to see a skinny blond girl dressed in a tiny black dressed that was dangerously close to revealing every part of the girl’s body pointing at him front Bell’s adjoining balcony.

“Lisa leave him alone he’s really nice.” Bell said as she hurried out onto the balcony she waved at Reid who smiled awkwardly at her.

“How was work Reid?” Bell asked leaning on the fence that separated the balcony, for a moment Reid’s breath was taken away by the short peplum dress that clung perfectly to her body.

“I..It was um we saved the girls that were missing.” He stuttered and tripped over his converse laces as he walked to the balcony fence not wanting to seem rude. She grinned happily before being dragged back inside by her blond friend.

“Come on Eric’s gonna be made if your late for your date.” The blond snapped, Bell waved to Reid and vanished inside leaving Reid alone to read by the light of the fairy lights Garcia had strung up around his balcony. 

After several hours of reading Reid had finished seven theory papers, all though he thought two were a waist if time he made a mental note to bring up the others on the next case, an exhausted Reid finally stumbled back to bed trying to ignore the sinking feeling that had started growing in the pit of his stomach since Bell left.

Part Two