The Art of Remembering // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader is left without her memories after surviving a car accident involving an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

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Spencer could hear himself scream your name as he watched the scene unfold.

It was difficult to see. He watched the unsub’s car, the one with you inside of it- tied up with rope that dug into your skin and tape across your mouth that muffled your screams. He saw it hit the wall. He wasn’t sure if the unsub had lost control or whether he had done it on purpose, choosing to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with being caught. All he knew was that his heart stopped beating the moment the car crashed into the building and sent you flying through the broken windows and onto the hard pavement.

He was sure you were dead. Your body laid limp amongst the shattered glass on the floor. Blood was seeping from the back of your head and he could feel his heart being torn as he ran towards you, his eyesight blurred at the tears that instantly filled his eyes.

It was all a blur. He remembered bits and pieces. The harsh flashing lights of the ambulance. The blinding white walls of the hospital. The hard seats of the waiting room. The feeling that overwhelmed him when the doctor came in to announce what had been your fate. He remembered the sense of relief when he said you had made it.

His heart didn’t truly shatter until he was allowed to see you. You were finally awake and he was ecstatic as he rushed in to wrap his arms around you. What he didn’t expect was the way your body froze in a mixture of alarm and confusion. He pulled away and he immediately saw it in your eyes. You didn’t remember him.

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Don’t Speak // Spencer Reid x Reader

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Spencer knew something was wrong. He’d watched as you slowly retreated into yourself in such a complex manner that others wouldn’t know there was something wrong if they didn’t actively search for the signs. But he knew. He saw past your smiles, past the way you still laughed at whatever silly banter Penelope and Morgan exchanged. Past your routine greetings of hugs and kisses, past the way you still tried to crack jokes to fulfill your ultimate life goal of making Hotch laugh.

He noticed the dark circles beneath your eyes that you expertly hid beneath makeup. He noticed the split second longer that it took you to react to someone’s conversation, to their jokes. He noticed the way your hair was pulled back slightly less refined than usual, something others would look over as just another day of you rushing to work that morning.

But you were his. You were everything he’d ever dreamt of and because of that even the smallest change did not go unnoticed. He noticed the desperation in your kisses, the longing behind your soft lips as you tried to find love. You always did find it behind his touch and this only made you cling to his hands a little tighter as you both walked through the aisles of stores, your gaze showing your mind was elsewhere.

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Lazy Sundays

For the Anon who asked for some Spencer fluff. Hope this is fluffy enough.

You love lazy Sunday’s. Where neither of you have to work and neither of you have anywhere to be. Those days where you can just wake up when you feel like waking up and stay in your pajamas all day if you want.
You hum contently as his fingers slide across your thigh. One that’s wrapped around him, you cling to his warmth, the window still open from when he burned pizza last night.
“Sorry sweetheart. Did I wake you?” Spencer’s voice is low, heavy with sleep.
“No. Window’s still open.” You mumble, not quite ready to fully wake up.
“Do you want me to go close it?” He asks his fingers playing with the hem of your shorts.
“You’re warm.” You mutter wrapping yourself more tightly around him.
“Alright.” Spencer chuckles, “Did you sleep okay?”
“I did. I always do when you’re home. What about you?”
“Great. No nightmares.” He says and you sigh contently at the way his voice rumbles through you. “What should we do today?”
“The last farmers market is today.” You tell him looking up at him from where your head is resting on his chest. “We could go see if they’ve got anything good.”
“That sounds nice.” He agrees before press a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll get the window.” Spencer slides out of bed and grabs his robe before closing the window.
An hour later you find yourselves strolling along, hand-in-hand through the farmer’s market. It feels like all people are selling now are pumpkins and corn.
“Well, well, well Pretty Boy!” A male voice calls and smiles cross both your and Spencer’s faces. “And his pretty lady.” Derek says as the three of you meet up, him pushing a stroller with a cooing Hank inside.
“Derek it’s nice to see you!” You tell him giving him a quick hug before moving onto Spencer’s Godson. You pick up the squealing boy as Spencer and Derek catch up. You adore Hank Morgan, he’s as cute as can be and you take every opportunity to babysit him.
“Anytime.” You hear Spencer say as you tune back into his and Derek’s conversation.
“What was that?” You ask causing both men to chuckle.
“I was just saying that you’re so great with Hank and he clearly adores you so Reid told me you guys would watch him anytime.” Derek fills you in.
“He’s such a sweet boy.”
“When he wants to be.” Morgan laughs, “We’re going to meet mommy at work for lunch so we’ve got to get going but we’ll call you guys to babysit soon.”
“Like Spencer said, anytime.” You hug both of the Morgan’s goodbye then continue your stroll through the farmers market with Spencer.
You end up picking up some pumpkin before heading home.
The rest of the day is spent cooking pumpkin bars and singing along to old music. Spencer makes dinner then the two of you curl up next to one another on the couch. You bury yourself into Spencer’s side as he clicks through your movie selection.
“Anything you want to watch?”
“No.” He picks a historical documentary and you wrap your arms around his waist. He plays with your hair, gently twisting it as the movie plays. You drift off against him, not for long but when you wake he’s looking down at you with a small smile.
“What?” You ask.
“Nothing. I love you.”
“I love you too Spencer Reid.”
God you love lazy Sundays.

Cravings & Thrills // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer & Reader spend entire day teasing each other. Smut ensues upon arriving home.

Requested by: keejaymarie02

Warnings: Smut

“I wish we were home,” you whispered in Spencer’s ear as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind. He tensed at the sudden contact, turning his head slightly to try and look at you. “The things I want to do to you,” you hummed as you placed small kisses along his neck. He involuntarily shivered as your warm breath hit the skin of his neck. 

“The things I want to make you feel,” you whispered as you lightly bit his neck. Spencer’s mind immediately swam with images of the two of you in bed, tangled in each other.

A sharp whistle caused you to separate as Morgan walked into the empty office, staring straight at the both of you with a cocky smile.

“Keep it classy you two,” he chuckled as he walked past. You smirked at Spencer’s blushing face, placing a quick kiss on his head before sitting back at your desk.

You stood in front of the open refrigerator in the break room as you chugged down some water. Your eyes widened as you felt an arm wrap around you from behind but instantly relaxed when you recognized the smell of Spencer’s cologne. Your head turned to see him looking at you with a dangerously seductive gaze.

“You need to stop teasing,” Spencer whispered as his hands moved to your hips, grabbing them as he subtly pushed himself into you from behind. You let out a small moan as you felt the shape of his cock against you. He grinned as he reached forward for a water bottle with one hand as the other trailed down the front of your jeans, lingering dangerously close to your warmth before he took a step back with a small smirk. You watched as he retreated out of the room, stopping to turn and give you a wink before disappearing out the door.

You laughed as Emily tossed you the bright yellow eraser. The two of you had been playing catch with it for the past ten minutes and had yet to drop it. It was a new record considering Emily’s horrible aim when it came to the simple game.

Spencer snuck glances at the two of you at play, a small grin on his face at the childish smile that graced your features.

“Oh, crap,” Emily sighed as she threw the eraser only to have it hit Spencer’s mug of coffee and bounce onto the floor. He looked up startled at the sudden impact as a few drops of coffee splashed onto his papers.

“I got it,” you replied with a laugh as you walked over to Spencer’s desk. You bent down to grab it, noticing Spencer’s stare as you did so. Emily rolled her eyes as Spencer unashamedly stared at the sight of your ass in your tight jeans right in his face.

“Come on guys,” Emily said with a small laugh and shake of her head.

The loud slam echoed throughout the apartment as your lips automatically attacked Spencer’s, pushing him against the wooden door roughly. He kissed back with equal fervor as you hands worked quickly to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off in seconds. His own hands trailed against the skin underneath your shirt before pushing the fabric over your head and throwing it carelessly onto the floor.

Your skin felt like it was on fire as the two of you walked backwards, your lips never parting as you undressed each other at an impressive rate. A trail of shirts, jeans, and underwear all lead into your bedroom. You grinned devilishly as you pushed a bare naked Spencer down onto the bed, climbing over him in a predatory manner.

“Here’s the game,” you breathed against his neck as you placed sloppy kisses against it, “I’m going to do what I want, and you’re not allowed to touch me.”

Spencer groaned as you sat back, his dick pressed against your bare ass. His hands went to position your hips above him, eager to get inside of you. You grinned as you immediately pinned his hands above him.

“No touching,” you reminded as Spencer frowned. He squirmed as you slowly worked your way down, the tip of his cock sliding against your wet slit for a split second and teasing him.

He shivered as your warm tongue drew a line from his navel to his shaft, the warm sensation sending sparks through his skin and making his insides crave your touch even more.

“Oh god,” he moaned as you swirled your tongue around the tip of his dick slowly. You took his length into your mouth in one motion earning another loud moan from Spencer as it hit the back of your throat. His hand instinctively reached down to hold you head in place, his hips already bucking trying to reach deeper into your throat. You swatted his hand away as you released his dick from your mouth.

“Y/N,” he whined as he realized just how little control you were giving him. You smirked as you placed your mouth around him again, this time bobbing your head up and down at a constant pace. He moaned, his hands reaching to grab at his own hair in a mixture of pleasure and frustration as he kept them away from you.

Your head bobbed as you felt the salty taste of his precum fill your mouth. You swallowed it happily and flicked your tongue against his sensitive tip. Spencer’s breathing was becoming more ragged by the second and you tore your mouth away as you felt him nearing his orgasm. Spencer let out a frustrated groan at your teasing, his hand pulling you up with a confidence he only exhibited at an extreme state of arousal.

“No more teasing,” he growled as he sat you on his hips and spread your legs on either side of him. You smirked as he grabbed his dick underneath you and pressed it against your slit. You moaned softly at the sensation before releasing a louder moan as he slammed into you with one swift motion.

“Fuck,” you breathed as he grabbed your hips and kept them in place as he pounded mercilessly into you. Your insides clenched at his movement, sending you into your first orgasm of the night. He smirked triumphantly as he felt you come onto his dick as he continued to thrust into you.

“Oh, you’re just so pleased with yourself,” you commented with a knowing smirk at his pleased look. You kissed him deeply as you tore his hands off of your hips much to his disapproval.

His look of disappointment was soon replaced with an excited one as you turned and rode him in a reverse cowgirl position. His eyes roamed over your bare ass as he watched as his dick disappeared into your folds. His hands reached out, unable to resist temptation as he roughly kneaded his fingers into your round ass. He gave you a sharp slap, something his new sexual prowess had given him the confidence to do. You yelped in surprise but found the gesture arousing as you continued to rock your hips.

Spencer pushed himself up into a seated position as his hand reached around you to rub against your clit. He softly bit into your back as your warm walls continued to envelope his dick.

“Fuck baby,” Spencer moaned as he felt his dick begin to throb with the need to release. He placed sloppy kisses on your back as his hand moved against your clit in slow circles, successfully getting you hotter and wetter than before.

You moaned his name loudly as you came once again at his stimulation. Hearing you say his name as his cock throbbed inside of you was enough to send Spencer over the edge, his cum filling every bit of you. He grunted as he held your hips in place as he emptied himself and you enjoyed the slow throb of him inside of your warmth.

You slowly rolled off of him once he was finished. The both of you were left panting and covered in sweat as you gave each other satisfied smiles. Spencer laughed as he noticed the small trail of cum that you had left on the bedsheets when you had rolled off and shook his head at how messy the two of you were. It was something that occurred much more often than anyone would expect.

Spencer sighed contently as he laid on his back as his breathing began to finally even out. The two of you exchanged a look, smiling before intertwining your fingers together and spending the rest of the night in bed.

First Date

Daddy!Derek and your teenage daughter going out on her first date and he makes the date really nervous. Requested by anon

“Derek would you please stop pacing?”
You ask your husband for what feels like the fifteenth time tonight.
“How are you not stressed out?”
“Because Laurence Daniels is a good kid.”
“Well with a name like Laurence I doubt he has a choice. Either be perfect or be a punk.”
“If I recall you were a bit of a punk when you were a kid.” You remind him as he paces back past you on the couch. You catch his hand and tug him gently down next to you. He drops down causing the seat to bounce, you wrap your arms around his waist and snuggle into him. He never could just relax when it came to your little girl.
“Mmm. We’re going to have the house to ourselves tonight. Hank is going to be out with Sarah and now Grace is going to be out with Laurence. I’m thinking some red wine and a bath sounds nice.” You tell him before kissing his jaw.
“Baby I think he’s here.” Sure enough you can see lights in the driveway so you let go of your husband and as he makes his way to the front door you make yours to your daughter’s room.
“Grace. Laurence is here.”
“You left him out there alone with dad?” She asks looking horrified.
“He’s not in the house yet.”
“Mom go! He’s going to embarrass me!” She cries as she throws some things into her purse.
“Alright alright.” You chuckle before heading out of her room. Sure enough when you get back to the front room Derek is staring the poor boy down. “Hi Laurence, Grace’ll be down in just a minute. You want something to drink?”
“No thank you ma'am.” You wrap your hands around Derek’s arm and squeeze gently.
“I want her home by 10:30. No later.”
“Yes sir.” Laurence swallows.
“If you lay a finger on her-”
“Derek stop it.” You say weaving your fingers through his.
“This is my baby girl we’re talking about.” You roll your eyes but Laurence looks like he’s going to be sick.
“Okay bye mom bye dad!” Grace cries as she comes bolting down the stairs. “I’ll be home by curfew! Aunt Penny already promised she wouldn’t track my phone. Love you!” She blurts as she drags a surprised looking Laurence out of the door with her.
“He’s a nice boy Derek.”
“Like hell Penelope isn’t gonna track her phone.” He says pulling his phone from his pocket.
“She already is.” You tell him passing him your phone. He grins down at you and kisses you soundly.
“I love you woman.”
“I know. I know.” You laugh as he kisses your neck. “I love you too.”
“Now, you said something about a bath?” He asks and you laugh as he pulls you up the stairs behind him.