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I feel like making a comprehensive list of possible nygmobblepot outcomes of next week, who’s with me?

1. Ed & Oz commit to being enemies - the rest of the season is the two of them working on plans to hurt each other in-between building (re-building) their own empires/reputations

2. Ed admits he is also in love with Oz, they make up and become a criminal team (this comes about either via Ed being unable to go through with the plan to kill Oz, or as part of a reveal that Ed never planned to kill Oz at all only to punish him for his betrayal and make them equal in terms of suffering)

  • 2a. since Ed is scared of seeming weak and/or having his love exploited if he is part of another public romantic relationship, they agree to keep their romance a secret

3.  Ed admits he is also in love with Oswald, but refuses to be in a romantic relationship with him because he has come to (once again) believe love makes you weak and decided to commit to a life without love

  • 3a. maybe Ozzie decides this is the best he can hope for, accepts that he can only have Ed’s love at a distance and commits to ensuring no one else ever discovers Ed’s feelings for him (idk, this was a weird angsty idea that wouldn’t leave me alone today!)

4. Ed admits he WAS in love with Oswald, but Oswald’s betrayal has destroyed any hope of them being together

5. During their confrontation either Ed or Oswald’s life is unintentionally put in danger (perhaps from Babs/Tabs or Jerome attempting to kill them, or Jerome’s shenanigans indirectly putting them in danger eg. if he causes an explosion that leads to a building falling on one of them or something!) - in the heat of the moment one of them instinctively saves the other’s life


7. Oswald cries

8. Ed cries

9. Oswald does something dramatic to show Ed how much he is committed to loving him (I know #5 covers this, but here I mean not just sacrificing stuff to protect Ed’s life but doing something to show he will actively choose what Ed wants/needs over someone/something else important to him eg. like killing Gabe because Ed asks him to)

Just some ideas off the top of my head. Anyone got others they want to add? We can come back next week and see how many things we got right - virtual cookie for whoever guesses the most correct answers! :p