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Last VLive CH+ an iKONIC asked Hanbin if he could dye his hair black again… he did. Then he posted a handsome photo on FC sporting his black hair and asked us iKONICs, “Girls, is this what you want?”

Freaking flirt. Cries.

Dating Hanbin would include
  • you having to handle the bugs bc he just cannot
  • him beeing painfully obvious about checking you out
  • when you tell him you bought choco cone 
  • dealing with his cute childish banter
  • trying nOT DIE BC ARMS
  • putting up with his stupid face
  • him going 0-100 real quick aka moody diva
  • dealing with this shit whenever you go out and eat and the food is spicy
  • you pissing him off and lowkey being turned on bc dAMN MAD HANBIN IS HOT
  • that smile he gives you whenever he sees you after a long day of work
  • his smug face when you compliment him
  • succeeding trying to act seductively 
  • cuddling together like a real couple 
  • Hanbin imagining your booty like
Reaction: When you got into a car accident and broke your arm

scenario: hanbin/bobby/junhoe get a call from the hospital and then they rush over to pick you up


“why are you always worrying me so much??” *sighs*

Hanbin would be worried sick and rush over to you to inspect your body for other injuries. He would ask you with a stern expression why you haven’t taken better care of yourself and always worry him this much. With a sigh, you’d be pulled into his arms, giving you a super tight hug which would last for a short while before pressing your foreheads together. Hanbin needs to breathe heavily because a heavy weight would be lifted up his chest.


“are you okay baby?”

Bobby would be at the hospital asap and the first thing he’d do is asking you if everything’s okay. He would be close to tears seeing his girlfriend being hurt and worriedly search for other injuries or shock in your eyes. Bobby would be relieved that it’s not more than a broken arm and tell you to take better care next time while hugging you tight. After, he would give you piggyback ride home and not let you go even if you insist on walking on your own two feet because bobby, it’s my arm what’s broken not my feet!


“why do you never take care of yourself huh?”

Junhoe would also be at the hospital as soon as possible and be absolutely worried about your health. The first thing he’d do is hugging you super tightly while cursing at you for not taking better care although he is not sounding mad at all. He wouldn’t let you go until you really reassured him that you are alright (”i am fine Junhoe, really it’s just a broken arm–” “But–” “Junhoe”) At home he would make you your favorite food and overall just be super sweet (which is really a miracle and makes you think to be more often sick like this).



“it’s okay beautiful, i am here now”

Yunhyeong would be the calmest out of them all. He’d be of course super worried as well, but approach you calmly and tell you that everything is alright. He knows that the accident was kind of a shock so he would do everything to calm you down and lend you his shoulder if you need to cry. He would kiss your forehead, holding you tightly to make you feel safe.

- moyo

You know you’re lucky (B.I ft Bobby)

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In which you’re close to Bobby and you’re B.I’s girlfriend but Bobby likes you.

I’m giving you the slightest hint so wanna know more? read :D im so lame ignore me pls

this is hanbin’s angst ft Bobby.. enjoy 

“가지마 (don’t go)” you mumbled. Your hands trying to reach for the silhouette in front of you but it walks further. You cried. You witness how the important people in your life leaves. “안돼 (No)”

You open your eyes, panting as your eyes wander. ‘I’m not in the forest’ you thought. '나쁜 꿈이야 (It was a bad dream)’ you calm yourself. Turning to your left, you saw a big space and the duvet slightly folded like someone had just gotten up from the bed leaving you all alone.

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What would Hanbin/Junhoe/Donghuk do if you were at your parents house and you said, "Daddy, pass me the salt please," and both him and your father reached for the salt?

(a/n: I mentally cried for B.I/Jun/Dong in this ask T_T)

Hanbin: As soon as he catches onto the situation Hanbin would probably fake it and reach out to grab the pepper or something. He would ‘try’ and play it off as nothing big as he sprinkles the pepper onto his plate of food with shaking hands. Let’s get real here, the guy catches onto things pretty quickly and is pretty good at improvising (like when he started freestyling when he forgot his rap lyrics on WIN). Although saying this he would probably still choke on his food to be quiet honest. His heart would beat beyond the suitable range and he would get an urge to piss his pants at your fathers’ gaze. The poor guy would probably make a mental note to make you sit next to the salt/pepper shakers next time to avoid further misunderstandings.

Junhoe: Ahhh… The poor boy would be such a hopeless case in a situation like this. If you guys haven’t already made a side note, Junhoe has the ability to turn the best atmospheres awkward (I quote Bobby ^^). He would probably just slowly move his head up and look at your father only to be met with a pair of questionable eyes.  He’d probably smile a bit and look down back onto his plate of food. For the whole night, he would be awkwardly quiet and smile very timidly. Once you guys get home he’s probably start rolling around on the floor crying bloody Christ to kill him or something. The whole situation would eat him up like how Hanbin eats his watermelon.

Donghyuk: Unlike the others, he would find another ‘not-so-awkward’ approach when he and your father both reach for the salt. Donghyuk would probably chuckle a bit and apologise for mishearing what you said then proceed into continuing his meal. He just doesn’t seem like the type to make a big deal of something small and petty as this. His free and easy-going personality would be great in these situations as he would just shake it off. However, after the dinner when you guys are headed for home I picture you making fun of Donghyuk for making the atmosphere tense.

Misunderstanding (B.I.) -M-

“So a Fan is coming here?” I asked as i sat down next to B.I in Ikon’s practice room.
“Yeah. They won this contest that YGE held.” B.I explained as he rested his head on my shoulder.
“Oh!” I exclaimed, “i always used to enter those. I really wanted to meet Yesung Oppa from Super Junior”
“Yah yah yah. You only get to call ME oppa.” He whined
“Hanbin,” i chuckled. “Just because you told everyone in the world that we are dating doesnt mean that youre going to be the only guy i call oppa”
“But Waeeee” he whined.
“Because youre the only one i will call my 자기야” i smiled. B.i looked over at me and smiled back before pecking my lips.
“Aish, Hyung and ____ are so cheesy” Chanwoo stated.
“Yah! Jung Chanwoo!!” B.I glared.
“Ah Mianhe” Chanwoo resonded.
“So, when is the fan getting here?” I asked.
“I5 minutes” Junhoe said.

Several Minutes passed when Yunhyeong’s phone went off.
“Oh!! Guys, shes coming up!” He exclaimed
“Really?” Jinhwan asked, “ Ok everyone get up and pretend to be hard at work” Suddenly, the atmosphere went from being nonchalant to focused. I watched as the boys practiced their choreos. A chuckle escaped my lips as i compared their performing images to their real images, especially B.I. onstage he was charismatic and sexy but offstage he was a goofball.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. A petite girl walked inside hold an Ikon fan banner.
“OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!!!!!IKON!!!” She screamed.
“Oh! We didnt know you were going to be here so early! We were just practicing…for 2 hours” Bobby nodded.
“I, MiYeon Jung, just witnessed Ikon practicing!!” The girl began to spazz out.
“Let us introduce ourselves. 1,2,3..we are Ikon (im not sure what their greeting is)"B.I stated and bowed with the others. "And over there,” he pointed towards me, “is my girlfriend ______” i smiled and waved at Miyeon. She gave me a weird look but quickly covered it up with a smile back.
“Did you eat yet Miyeon?” Donghyuk asked.
“No.” She responded.
“Alright then well pick up some lunch” he nodded. “Why dont you stay here with ____ for a while and then well be back”
“Why do all 7 of you need to go,” miyeon questioned.
“Becuase the members are very complicated with what they order so we have to go personally to choose our food” He explained.
“Yeah, so well be back in about 15 minutes” Bobby stated and ushered everyone out.

“Hi,” i greeted Miyeon once the boys had left. “Its nice to meet you” i held out my hand. She slowly took it into hers and shook it.
“Same” she smiled dryly. “So how long have you and B.I oppa been dating?”
“About a year,” i responded.
“Is he a good boyfriend?” She asked.
“Hes amazing….and sweet and caring and everything youd want in a guy” i gushed.
“Oh…thats great..” she mumbled.
“So whos your bias in Ikon?” I questioned.
“Your Boyfriend..” she sighed.
“Ah….” i awkwardly replied. “Um wel-” my words were cut off when i heard the door creak open. Then Suddenly, MiYeon fell to the floor.
“MiYeon-ah!” I exclaimed and bent down to help her.
“Oh My God! Are you alright?” B.I ran inside.
“I..i…” she looked up with tears “i was just telling ____ how much i admired you and she hit me”
“What?!?!” B.I and i exclaimed simutaneously.
“____? Is that true?” He asked as he helped Miyeon up.
“No!” I defended. “Shes lying,”
“Why would she do that?” B.I raised his eyebrow.
“Maybe shes a nutcase,” i replied.
“____! First you hit her and now you insult her?” B.i. gasped
“Youre s-so mean,” MiYeon cried and hugged B.I
“____, i think you should go,” he glared at me.
“But….fine,” i sighed and grabbed my things before making an exit. As i left, I ran into Junhoe.
“Did hyung find his wallet?” He asked.
“I dont know..” i mumbled and kept walking to hide my oncoming tears.

“Theres no way ______ could do that!” Chanwoo exlcaimed when B.I explained what happened as the members were sprawled around the practice room.
“But she did..” Miyeon sniffed.
“I dont think so….i mean, im pretty sure she was crying on her way out…why would she cry if she hit you?” Junhoe called from his spot near the door.
“Maybe she felt ashamed. She should feel ashamed” B.I scoffed. Suddenly, someones phone went off.
“Ah, Mianhe,"Miyeon stood up "I have to take this” She exited the practice room, leaving the door slightly open.
“I still dont think she did it,” Donghyuk sighed.
“Think what you want…Ill think what i want” B.I replied.
“So you think she hit her?” Bobby asked.
“Yes.” B.I bluntly stated.
“And what if she didnt?” Yunhyeong questioned.
“I saw Miyeon crying on the floor. Do you honestly believe that she would just fall and blame ____?” B.I argued.
“I do..You have to hear this..” Junhoe motioned the others to come towards the door. They confusedly did as he said and listened carefully.

“….yeah!! I cant believe he fell for it!! Now he’ll be mine!!” B.I’s eyes widened as he heard the words Miyeon said.
“Yeah. Now that shes out of the way, itll be so much easier. God, shes such a slut, hanging aro-”
“Get Out!” B.I exclaimed as he opened the door.
“O-oppa?” MiYeon stuttered.
“Do not call me that! AND DONT YOU EVER INSULT MY GIRLFRIEND!” he yelled.
“B-but-” she began.
“가!!” BI screamed. Frightened, Miyeon ran off.

“Shit!” B.I hit the wall of the practice room. “I didnt believe her…..and she probably hates me right now”
“Would you blame her? I mean you just said she should be ashamed of herself. And for what? Telling the truth?” Junhoe shook his head.
“I have to do something…..im going to her place” BI nodded.
“Are you sure thats a good idea. Im not too sure she’d want to see you” Bobby stated.
“I dont care. I need to apologize,” BI grabbed his things and ran out the building.

“Soohyun-ah, andwaeyooo” i sobbed as i watched the end of ‘Secretly, Greatly’ on DramaFever. I shoved a handful of chips into my mouth. Crumbs fell onto my pajamas and i brushed them off. “Why cant all guys be as great as you??” I sighed. “My guy is so stupid.” I grabbed a couch pillow and tossed it at his picture on the coffee table. It missed and landed on the floor, causing me to groan. I put my computer aside and got up. I picked up my pillow and hit the photo, sending it towards the open door. My eyes widened as i looked up and saw BI standing by the doorframe.
“What Do you want?” My expression turned grim.
“Can i come-” he began.
“No.” I interrupted. “I want you to leave. As a dumb man once told me, I think you should go”
“_____..please…weve been together for over a year an-” BI started.
“And you still dont trust what i say. You took that girl’s word over mine!” I interjected.
“Im Sorry..i was wrong….please just let me explain,” he sighed.
“Did you let me explain? Hanbin, this cant be a oneway advantage streak. I left when you asked me to and You didnt let me explain. Why should i give you those luxuries!?This just doesnt work! I….We dont work like this. If this is how youre going to treat me i dont want to be wit-” it was now BI’s turn to interrupt me.
“Dont!” He closed the front door and walked towards me.“ Dont say it….” i felt tears well up in my eyes as he closed in. He lifted his hands and wiped away the ones that fell. “I was stupid, dumb, an asshole, a jackass, i dont deserve you but i do Love you. Please, dont leave me. ” i looked up at him and felt my heart melting at his words. Despite his stupid actions, i did know he loved me.
“I love you too,” i cried and wrapped my arms around his nape. His hands stuck to my waist. After a few minutes, B.I pulled away and kissed me. It started slow and became more intimate as time passed.
“_____” B.I moaned. I was surprised by his sudden tone. “Baby, i feel horrible for what i did….i want to make it up to you”
“How?” I questioned, leading B.I to attach his lips to my neck.
“Let me please you,” he sighed against my skin. “Tonight…” He nipped and sucked on my skin. “Ill do anything you want.” B.I pulled away and squatted down to pick his picture up off the ground. “Including fucking you on the floor” i gulped at his words and could only manage to nod nervously at his offer. B.I smirked and grabbed my arm, pulling me into my bedroom. He slammed the door shut and pinned me against the wall.
His lips crashed against mine in a sloppy kiss.
“What do you want ____?” BI breathed againt my lips.
“I….i…” My words were unable to come out as B.I’s hands carressed my sides.
“Say it ______. Do you want me to fuck you senseless? Eat you? Take your clothes off with my mouth-”
“That one,” i moaned, causing him to chuckle. B.I lifted me up and tossed me onto the bed. He slowly climbed ontop of me and leaned down so that he was right above my stomach. He maintained eyecontact as he grabbed the hem of my shirt with his teeth. B.I put his hands on my waist, sending shivers up my spine, as he pulled my shirt over my head. He trailed kisses down from my jawline to my hips. His lips captured the waistband of my shorts and pulled them off my legs. My breathing became heavy as his eyes scanned my body.
“Damn,” he bit his lip, “i forgot how sexy you looked under clothes” he moved ontop of me once again and was about to continue when i stopped him.
“I want you out of that shirt” i stated. “I remember how 'she’ clung to it and that bothers me”
“Your wish is my command” B.I slipped his shirt off and tossed it aside. Almost immediately, my hands reached out and trailed over his torso. A groan escaped B.I’s lips as i did so. I proceeded to take off his sweatpants, Exposing the bulge protruding through his boxers.
“Someone’s horny” i chuckled and pulled B.I into a kiss. His body rocked against mine as our lips mingled. His tongue slid against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips and allowed his tongue to enter. I moaned into the kiss as his tongue fought with mine for dominance. I drew back and allowed him to take over the kiss. I rolled my hips against his, earning a moan from him. B.I pulled away and sat up. He licked his lips and reached behind my back to unclasp my bra. He took it off and continued on to massage my breasts.
“H-Hanbin,” i gasped. B.I smirked and leaned down, taking one of my breasts into his mouth. His tongue swirled and flicked my mound continuously. “Aah,” i moaned as he went on to give the same service to my other breast. “Ungh…Hanbin~”
“God ______, ” B.I sighed. “ Youre so sexy when you moan my name.”
“Hanbin-ah” i breathed. “I want more”
“Tell me exactly what you want ____” He stated.
“I want to ride you” i responded.
“Lets go then” he quickly removed his and my remaining clothing. I sat up and moved closer to him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and positioned myself above his length. I slid down onto him, causing both of us to moan from pleasure. I began to slide on his length at a painfully slow pace.
“_____, G-go faster,” B.I panted.
“AhAhAh,” i shakily chuckled. “Youre supposed to listen to me, not the other way around.” I rolled my hips as i went down on him, causing him to throw his head back.
“______,” he moaned.
“Baby, Do you really want it?” i whispered as i went even slower.
“Y-Yes,” he groaned. I leaned in and nibbled on his ear lobe.
“Beg for it,” A growl escaped his throat as the words left my mouth.
“____, Please” he pleaded.
“Please what,” i bit my lip as pressure was building up in my body.
“Please…F-faster,” he responded.
“I’m not sure I-” I began.
“Damn It _____” B.I exclaimed and grabbed my waist, slamming me down hard onto him.
“Aah!” I gasped as B.I continued this. Finally giving in to him, i quickened my pace, adding more pleasure.
“Yes, Baby Like that” B.I moaned and captured my lips as I rode him.
“Mmmm” i moaned into the kiss as i felt myself build up and come over his length. Momentarily, B.I came as well, filling me with his warm liquid. Tired, i fell back onto the bed.
“Aniya,” B.I hovered over me “we are not done yet. I still have alot more apologizing to do….Tell me _____, have you ever wanted to be fucked until you couldnt think straight?” His words caused me to immediately become wet again.
“Hanbin-ah” i pulled him closer by his nape and crashed my lips onto his.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled. “But….”
“But?” I whined.
“How about we take up my offer from earlier and i’ll screw you on the floor” B.I whispered seductively and squeezed my sides.
“I-” Before the words could even leave my mouth, B.I lifted me up and placed me on the floor. “Oppa!”
“Im sorry baby. I couldnt wait,” he winked and plunged into me without warning.
“Aah! Hanbin!” I screamed as he moved in me at an inhumane pace. “Right there” Pleasure washed over me like a wave of ecstasy as B.I hit my sweet spot.
“_____, you feel so good,” B.I moaned and continued hitting that same spot. To add to the pleasure, I rocked my hips against his to match his thrusts. Moans left both our lips with each movement. Suddenly, i felt my walls clench around his length.
“Shit,” B.I cursed and rammed into me with more speed and intensity, sending me straight into my 2nd orgasm. Almost immediately after, B.I came into me with a rush.
“H-Hanbin…” i gasped. B.I lifted me up as he gathered his breath and laid me on the bed. He pulled the covers over my body and climbed underneath them to join me. He pulled me towards him and rested his head in the crook of my neck.
“I love you..” i felt the steady rise of his chest as he spoke.
“I love you too..” i responded and slowly closed my eyes in an attempt to fall asleep.

Holy Lord. I havent written smut in about a year and this just killed me. It literally took me days to write this. Seriously, the B.I feels are all over the place!

If any of you guys have more requests for me, whether fluff, smut, or angst, feel free to ask~