*cries a million tears

A million words won’t bring you back,
I know because I tried.
Neither would a million tears,
I know because I cried.

In that agony, in that helpless state, you’d think he’d be incapable of a smile. Even then, despite the broken mind, when he sees his Steve, when he recognizes him, you see life return to the entirety of his being.

im literally fucking crying so fucking hard im so fucking proud of them, they finally got the win they deserved. the looks on their faces they were so shocked and surprised at first and they just. lost it. when they started crying i just started bawling too omfg i literally cant even begin to describe my emotions right now. seeing their tears of happiness just made me so fucking happy.. i’ve literally waited for this day for forever and im just so fucking overwhelmed right now i dont even know where to start omfg im so fucking proud and emo and my hands are shaking as i type this thru my tears but i just wanted to say how fucking happy this makes me and they must be fucking ecstatic right now omfoijgfkdsk dpelaselkjek….

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Oh my gosh last headcanons were so sad! *cries a million tears* (still beautiful though) I think we all need a feel-good headcanons now! Like, what would happen if Candy met the boys again years after school has ended? They're single and some lingering feelings are still there for both parts? :)

(in reference to this)

Sorry it took so long for this to be up but I hope you like it, i feel like something is missing from it but idk what to add… But thanks! And sorry that Kentin and Armins are really short i didnt intend for that to happen


  • I feel like Nate would just kind of freeze up and stare at you for a while, like “wait is that actually her??”
  • Depending on whether or not you guys ever got back on god terms after the break up, his approach would be different. If you were on god terms he’d probably just walk up to you like “Is that you y/n??” but if you were on bad terms he might wait until you approach him first. He asks what you’re doing lately, if you’re in college then what you’re currently studying. Small talk.
  • He didn’t really think much of you after high school had ended but after seeing you again he gets this feeling in his chest that he just can’t get to go away.
  • Doesn’t realize he still has feelings for you until maybe a little while later. Maybe a week after seeing you.
  • Let’s hope you two exchanged numbers when you ran into each other because he would definitely work up the courage to call you and invite you out for some coffee to “catch up.” He really is just testing the waters to see if his feelings are real or if it was just the shock of seeing you.
  • He’s totally realizing the feelings are real when he meets up with you. He still gets that spark that he felt when he dated you in high school.
  • He honestly would take forever to admit to you that he still has feelings for you, you might be better off confessing first tbh. But he wouldn’t just rush into the relationship though. He’d want to take time to get to know you again because you’re bound to change after a few years. I’m sure he would change too, so he wants to make sure you clash well together.
  • After a while he questions why you decided to end things with him so suddenly. He just wants to know if it was something he did or not.


  • I could actually see Castiel dating a bit here and there but never getting too serious with anyone. Just some flings. When he sees you he automatically feels that same surge of affection he felt back in high school. Not like “I love her” but like “wow she’s still so beautiful”
  • He hesitantly will approach you. If you were on good terms throughout school he’ll just go p to you like “Wow, after all these years you’re still an ironing board.” He’s acting casual but he’s actually really hot and feels like his chest is about to burst.
  • I could see him changing his appearance a bit after high school. He might dye his hair back to its natural color and wear it in a cute half up half down ponytail, he would keep the dark clothes but he’d just dress a bit more like an adult. He would compare how much you’ve both changed since then.
  • After seeing you he catches himself thinking about it a lot, and even when he tries to think of something else he thinks of something else he finds himself thinking of you once again
  • He only calls you after he actually can’t take it anymore. He’d be trying to convince himself that there was no point in trying to rekindle old fires, blah blah blah but then he sees your number and he’s like “fuck it.”
  • He would be very cautious about the whole thing, trying to feel you out, see how things go. He doesn’t want to get into something that he knows won’t work.
  • After a while, if he feels like it’s worth it to try again he’s probably going to just confess to you whether he wants to or not. He doesn’t want to think about what could have been, so he’s just going to take the chance.
  • After a long time, when he’s secure enough to know you won’t leave him again or anytime soon he’ll demand an explanation as to what the hell was going through your head years ago when you broke it off with him. He’s not mad, but he was really hurt at the time so yeah…


  • Lysander would be in a momentary state of surprise when he sees you. His eyes would go a little wide when he sees you and he would slowly walk over to you. “Hello y/n.”
  • He would talk to you for a while but he’d probably keep the conversation a bit short because he doesn’t want to take up too much of your time. But if you keep it going he’s happy to stay there.
  • He’ll find himself randomly seeing something and then thinking “That reminds me of y/n…” and he’ll just keep thinking about you without realizing it. He’ll even start to mention you indirectly in conversation while talking to Leigh or Rosa, but it just slips out.
  • He probably wouldn’t even pursue his feelings if he realized they were still there. “It’s been years, they probably have another partner.” Or “They broke up with me for a reason back then so why bother now?”
  • He honestly won’t even confess to you so if you want to get back together that bad then you better just confess to him yourself or else you’ll never get him. He knows he still has feelings for you but he just doesn’t want to impose on your life or ruin your friendship.
  • He takes the relationship slower than any of the other guys. You did break up with him very suddenly and he never got a good explanation, so he’s just being careful in order not to hurt himself again.
  • He falls for you once again but even more deeply than before and he makes sure to cherish every moment he has with you this time. He’ll always wonder why you ended it so many years ago but he won’t ask you until waaaaay later in the relationship. He doesn’t see the point in talking about something irrelevant now, but he’s also curious.


  • I could honestly see him keeping in touch with you over social media through the years. And even if you don’t talk he’ll occasionally pop up in your notifications with a funny comment, or you see him liking your pictures.
  • He’ll see a really attractive photo of you and its then that he decides to message you, probably on facebook or something. He always still found you attractive but he never acted on it until then.

  • If he was too shy to approach you then Alexy more than likely messages you without telling Armin, and asks you to meet with him somewhere. He brings Armin along who has no clue you’re going to be there and now he’s shook asf cause he wasn’t prepared.

  • You guys talked online for a few months before he began to take a real interest in you, and that’s when he decides to invite you out somewhere. You guys basically just start off as really close friends and it progresses from there.

  • Once he realizes he has feelings for you still he just confesses straight up, as long as he’s gotten some signs that you might feel the same way. If not then he’s cool with it, he’ll just like you from afar.

  • He doesn’t really intend for the relationship to go that far in the first place but after a bit he finds himself falling more and more in love with you.


  • I feel like you and Kentin would still talk here and there once school was over. He’ll text you every once in a while, and you’ll occasionally get a random phone call from him, just wanting to catch up. He’d probably be the only one of the guys to keep in close contact with you after the break up and such.
  • He probably already knew he still had a slight crush on you but he just never realized it until one day you decided to invite him out for breakfast or lunch, and when you walked in he way just like “….Woah.”
  • He starts to hang out with you more and more after that. I feel like with time he would have gained a bit more confidence so he wouldn’t be as nervous around you but he’d definitely be a little shy once he realizes his emotions towards you. You start t notice he’s always red-faced when he’s around you.
  • He tells himself not t mess this up and just stay friends. It would take a lot of obvious signs form you for him to realize that you just might return the feelings as well but he’s pretty oblivious so yeah.
  • He kind of just blurts it out after he just cannot take it anymore. Like maybe you’re hanging out again and you just look so beautiful that he can’t help himself. He takes the relationship slow but he’s very sweet and clingy even in the beginning but will back off if you ask.
  • He always wonders why you broke up with him but I could see he just deciding not to ask for fear of what your answer may be.

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I think one of the reasons why I love rock and riot (other than its fucking adorable) is that it's allowed me to explain nonbinary genders to my younger sibling. Like, we drew a little chart and placed each character in it and now he knows twice as much gender stuff than the average adult (also, it will help him understand right away when/if I tell him I'm nb). So thank you so much for it, really


;v;;; *cries a million tears*

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Dayana are u dead yet??? Yj is so handsome and sexy 😭

Hi anony <3

I was dead, i’ve always been a ghost. Then i saw Never Ever :)

And then i heard “Sign” :))))) *cries a Million tears*

and and then it was when i died again because.. :::

Sign Lyric (Ars):

Sin Lyric (Defsoul):

…. divin’ diving? ? 

*i’m the glass*

I hope you aren’t dead yet ^^ there is a lot of sexy handsome Youngjae to come. ahhhhh ヾ(゚∀゚○)ツ三ヾ(●゚∀)ノ

Have a lovely night (day) !!

age of culture appropriation

kylie jenner’s plucked and tucked new lips are a fashion trend, where my “trendy” lips are far too big to fit in.

 iggy azealia’s big butt is so fancy, while nicki minaj’s or my own is so disgusting white people dont wanna be next to me

chanel’s tie cap is trendy and urban, but it’s almost a sin when a du rag is worn by my black men (god forbid a man in a turban)

kylie’s dread extensions are “edgy” and “fun,” but a real rasta man with free formed locs is nasty and they must stink for his are not done to society’s preference 

vanessa hudgens (and countless white women of america) wear bindis for fashion statements, but when you see young indian woman with hers, you flash back to 9/11, clutch on to your child in fear that you’ll be assassinated 

you want to be like us: you dress like us, talk like us, then make fun of us because we are us.when for centuries we have tried to look like you

you took us from our nation, faced with manipulation while they traded us from station to station

you’ve taken everything from us, from our families to our style..

while at the same time punishing us for laughing just a little bit too loud

we straightened our hair - for your approval and acceptance - 

relaxers, burning kitchens, tidied kitchens, skulls swollen from the hot comb, burns on our fingers, blisters, reminding me of the times where my ancestors had to bow down to their misters. 

my brown eyes ripped open and ripped from their sockets from the tears millions of little black girls cried, begging for their eyes to be blue.

begging our mothers for relaxers cause our locs, our coils, our curls weren’t pretty enough for you.

with my 3 bundles of 30 inches of Malaysian hair down my back hitting my back like the 30 lashes - the 40 lashes that hit my ancestors’ back.

trying to fit in a system that was never created for me… i’ve lost sight who i truly must be..

An angry black woman.and i’m sensitive about my people - my culture.

my culture that was traded for a few guns (more manipulation), put on a boat and snatched from my motherland 

my gold 

my diamonds 

my kingdoms 

my glory 

my history

my land…that “they” claim is so barren now 

well now it is since they stole everything  

well now it is because they’ve raped our entire being

since they have tried to erase our entire meaning…

lets not forget to how they call our children fatherless, but fail to mention that they incarcerate and kill all of our men

calling our women crazy, loud, rude and obnoxious after centuries of beating and rapings in front of their own children

calling our children promiscuous, stupid, thugs when they’ve given the white people all the privilege one too many claim that they don’t have. 

shutting down our schools, foreclosing our homes, killing our leaders, taking away any positivity from our communities.

this system isn’t corrupt - it just was never made for us.