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I love, I LOVE that Touka made Kaneki worry about such banal things like trying to understand a girl and literally having teenage worries. We’re talking about Kaneki, a character that has suffered A LOT, a character that is constantly worrying about the safety of his friends, his own life, the traumas that chase him… he doesn’t have time for dates, he doesn’t have time to cry for the plot of a book because he has more important things to cry about, he has to worry about so many important things, that being able to rest from all that shit AND FOR ONCE have a NORMAL worry like being nervous in front of a girl… I think it’s beautiful? because it’s a reminder that he has a life. His life isn’t meaningless, his life doesn’t start when he becomes a king… he’s a person, and he has the right to care about stupid things like this one, a girl asking him if he’s a virgin. It’s such a human and natural moment for Kaneki, I love it.   


today is my Phil day. drawing his face has always been so hard for me. idk why but every time it took so much time to make his face look decent in my drawings. hope that today i’ve made progress

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Dude, why would he be so thristy for a kiss? This makes me feel like Adrien WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THE KISS WITH MARINETTE but he didn’t have it so he wanted to kiss ladybug instead. BUUUTT WHYY? IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF ADRIEN KNOWING OR SUSPECTING THAT MARINETTE IS LADYBUG I MEAN WHAAAT IM FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW

Dude like?? I’m actually thinking he probably subconsciously knows? Idk if it’s the magic of the Miraculous or whatever, but he’s definitely feeling that Ladybug vibe on her, ya feel?

I mean, he knows Ladybug has dark hair, wears pigtails, and has bluebell eyes—-and who else is in close proximity to him with the very same features??

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I mean, there are a lot of instances where Adrien seems to be giving Marinette some “special” attention that even he doesn’t give Chloe or anyone else—-the primary one being him putting out all the stops to impress Marinette during the Evillustrator episode (and thus Marichat was born).

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“She has other things to do, so YOU’LL be my Ladybug.

Like……… Adrien…. kid… dude… bruh…

And he winks at her a lot??

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And touches her a lot???

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And it’s clear that he admires her one way or another?

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Hahahaha……….. kid… pls.

He doesn’t have to say or realize he has a crush on her too. I honestly think it’s less that he’s not interested in her, and more that he’s completely oblivious about his own feelings because of Ladybug being at the forefront of his mind. But I think, deep inside, he just sort of knows.

Then again he is a French teenage boy so……………. I don’t know…. I mean, I’ve seen him touch Chloe’s shoulder? And Juleka’s? Maybe he’s just the touchy feely kinda dude. He is starved for affection after all, someone love him pls

But, I mean, they’re obviously made for each other anyway. In the end, they’ve always liked each other. In the end, the four ships are two dumb people circling around each other so! It’s all good??

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