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I had this dream where the Karasuno vollyballz club were holding a disco but the disco ball was broken so tsukki grabbed hinata and cracked a glowstick open, poured it in the smol's mouth and shook him. Then tsukki's leggies EXTENDED AND WENT WOOP UP UP until he was able to hook hinata to the ceiling and then he PRESSED hinata's head and hinata starting GLOWING AND SHOOTING LIGHT LAZERS FROM HIS FREAKING EYEBALLS AND THE MUSIC WAS GOING OONTZ OONTZ IN THE BACKGROUND AND NO ONE BATTED AN EYELASH

me, disconsolately, with tears welling up: they DID do shit for you, scanlan, the moment you were like “I’m outie, y’all, I have to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, how can we help??” and vax went with you in the sewers to try and find her, and the moment you were like “I’m going to Kymal to find my daughter” they were like “shit, of course, do you want us to come with??” and pike did. you can only ask someone “are you okay?” so many times before you know the answer is going to be “I’m fine, don’t worry about me” and all those kids are kids, not much older than your actual kid (except maybe Pike) and they LOVE you and you are TOO GOOD at lying and what happened the one time someone did saw through your bullshit?? It was Vex and she was kind and understanding and loving and she swore to never tell and she didn’t, scanlan, she never told. I’m not saying you have to be happy and hunky-dory but once you’ve leveled out and had a moment to breathe you’ll understand this and come back, right?


  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: when will they make the shadow and bone movie like dAVID EFFING HEYMAN signed on as producer and he already has lots of $$$$$ from hp i just do not understand why it is taking so long and even sean o’pry said he’d totes be down to play the darkling and i’ve already volunteered to play alina just so we can make out at some point but srsly WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FORR??? DREAMWORKS GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER
Hey guys! Did you know I’m an author?

Hey there! I know many of you don’t know me well, but I write novels in my spare time! I’m so proud… My first book is on Amazon!

This book was in the works for 14 years, starting off as a really crappy 30-page story about robots and an angsty teen. After eleven revisions, different routes for the story, and a bevy of various character introductions, Godling finally settled into the book it is now, and the book it will stay. It’s my baby.
Please go take a look! A print version will be available later this week! It’s a book inspired by the Immortals that I work with.

Godling by Rydre Dusks



im so proud of them <3333 the song is lIT THIS IS THEIR YEAR