exo reaction to their wife breastfeeding their baby


Luhan: “But.. everyone is looking. i mean it’s okay but .. okay nothing”


Suho: “ she’s so cute when she eats“

i guess


Baekhyun: “I can’t really see anything because of baby’s hand… i mean not like i wanted to see something.



D.O: “Are you ok? It’s sore ? No? Ok”

Tao: “That’s so cool, let me record that!”

Kai: “Aww, it’s cute”

Sehun: “Wait.. what are you doing, right now?”

I know everyone’s probably sick of polls right now…believe me, I get it….but currently Captain Swan is in 2nd place in the Once Upon a Time: Vote for the Best Ship poll. I KNOW Captain Swan is big enough & strong enough to win this contest. And really, after the season finale, we DESERVE the victory. 

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Oh, and bonus: this poll isn’t run by eonline. So, no bad juju. ;)