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Do you have anymore gta Gavin and Ryan head cannons because I haven't seen many about Gavin and Ryan's are always the same thing xxxxx

so gta gavin:

  • is infinitely more competent than he lets on
  • but doesn’t make an effort to correct people’s assumptions that he’s hopeless because more often than not he can use their underestimations against them
  • is capable of charming his way into and out of like 95% of situations
  • has this fucking infuriating habit of filming everything and putting it all up on youtube, just hours of everything from highly incriminating evidence to, like, seven solid minutes of geoff just eating cereal
  • has snuck no fewer than five cats into geoff’s penthouse and actually managed to keep the fifth one hidden for a week and a half before geoff woke up in the middle of the night to it sleeping on his face and smothering him
  • (gavin woke up at two in the morning to the sound of geoff (muffledly) shrieking blue bloody murder, and managed to flee halfway down the block before geoff caught him and kicked his ass)
  • learned that pig-latin is not an actual language like only just a month ago and has not been able to escape the teasing since

and ryan:

  • has a bunch of houseplants in his apartment
  • let ray name one of them after much wheedling and regrets it to this day
  • has a weird penchant for how it’s made videos
  • can juggle
  • once used juggling as an actual spur-of-the-moment diversion during a heist(?? gavin still has no idea how he pulled that off????) and is about 10000x prouder of that than he should be
  • is still a word-flubber in this universe and has been nervously laughed at by no fewer than four bank tellers/convenience store clerks for saying something along the lines of, “put the fucking bag in the money! put the– wait– no, put the money in the– oh, fuck me.”
  • has an equal love for the oldies and the top forty
  • once killed a man via mechanical pencil
  • hasn’t done nearly all the shit he’s infamous for, but doesn’t discourage the rumors, either