Creepypasta #519: Once Upon A Time In Gumdrop Village

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Across the meadow and straight ahead

There’s a gumdrop village where laughter is spread.

The teddy bear boys and rag doll girls

Play games and run and dance and twirl.

They drink mugs of hot coco and eat gingerbread pie

And giggle with glee as the fairies fly by.

And as the bubblegum day turns to blueberry night

They all skip to bed and snuggle in tight.

But this night is different and equally strange

For this is the night when the moon starts to change.

The milky white surface grows purple and brown

And spreads forth its tendrils and sends them straight down

To lurk through the forest and meadow and streets

Seeking the sweetest of after-dark treats.

The moon’s writhing tentacles burst into houses

Dragging away froggies and dollies and mouses

Coiling around ponies and velveteen bears

They lift them up screaming to their home in the air.

The victims are tossed to the purplish ground

As the roiling feelers thrash all around.

Teddies and fairies can scarce run away

‘Fore the ghouls and the goblins come out to play.

Corralling the darlings with pitchforks and claws

They shove them all wailing down the moon’s gaping maws.

Their shrieks and their screams soon die in the night

And the ghouls run away and the moon turns to white.

And the lemondrop sun brings the safety of day

And those who survived run outside to play.

They don’t cry or whimper or mourn all their dead

But decide to play tag and eat cookies instead.

One night of horror for a year filled with play.

It’s a terrible price but they’re willing to pay.

Credits to: Lloiu

I am convinced im being creepy pastaed rn.

i fucking started trying to play pokemon and the gameboy just fucked up at first nintendo letters were all glitchy wouldnt load, seemed like the game was in wrong nothing to weird so I took it out and put it back and started it again and this time it went to the game but when pikachu ran towards the screen it paused and his eyes were reddish and it just was making a continuous low pitched sound. I decided to just shut it off and start it again this time everything was chill until right before i hit a when pikachu was running and it goes to the screen with pikachus face and he looked fine but it the last second his eyes got menacing like shaped the way an angry cartoon characters eyes would be and the were red at the bottoms…

I’m gonna play it and if anything else happens ill post it …really wish my phone wasn’t broken so i could’ve taken a picture the first time

Schrodinger's Mouse

In the box was a cat.

Not that you would know it. As far as you can remember, before the box was sealed and the instruments were removed and the sensors and detectors and devices deactivated, a cat was placed into the box.

The theory goes on to state that due to the lack of observers of the box, you can never really tell if the cat is alive or not. Not you at least.

Bear with me.

In the box was a mouse.

And the mouse, of course, was delicious to the cat, and the cat, of course, would eventually go hungry. But as you can see neither, you can never really tell if the cat had eaten the mouse or not. Not you at least.

The only observers of such an event would be the cat and the mouse themselves. But should the cat eat the mouse, there would be no more observer of the cat itself, and so the cat would disappear into a foam of probability, both alive and dead.

On the other hand, so long as the mouse escapes the cat, the system remains entirely physical, entirely observable.

To the mouse, the only world that it can experience is the one where it is chased by the cat. Forever running, forever anxious, forever fearful, forever trapped. Forever chased by a fiend it cannot fathom, a creature it cannot conquer, an enemy it cannot escape. An inescapable probability.

Now imagine, for a moment, if the mouse could find sleep. Forever trapped in a state of anxiety and terror, and yet, its tormentor too, must sleep. And in its sleep it may find rest. And in its rest it may find dreams.

What would it dream about?

Dreams, perhaps, of a peaceful past, a placid perversion without predator present? Dreams of routine, of mundane, of bland, and of dreary? Perhaps a life within a life, a fantasy without a phantasm. An escape without a cage.

Perhaps, in that life, it is the box that is the haze, the cat that is unreal, the chase that is illusion.

As you can see from this thought experiment, Albert, this whole idea is absurd. Either the mouse lives on, forever, in an infinite nightmare, or the mouse and cat system becomes a meaningless cloud of probabilities. Whatever predictions we might make about the system - such as, in the case of a mouse, the recurring presence of nightmares where they are being chased by a creature it cannot escape - are purely theoretical and make no testable predictions about the physical world.

Don’t Accept Strange Friend Requests...

The scariest thing that ever happened to me took place just a couple months ago. I was staying up late browsing Facebook when I got this strange friend request from a random account. I didn’t know the person but I accepted the request to be courteous, besides I usually accepted any friend requests that came my way. The name on the profile was Riley Parks but I highly doubt that was her real name.

Anyway, by the next day I had forgotten all about the strange request. But when I logged into Facebook that night I got a message in chat from Riley. All it read was: “Hey Jack. Did you have a good day?”

Since I didn’t know her, this message seemed a little weird but I figured she was just trying to be friendly. So I replied “Yes I had pretty good day.” as an after thought I added “I hate to ask it this way but do I know you?”

A moment goes by and I get a reply “I saw you today, at the park. You like that place a lot, don’t you? You go there every Monday, Thursday, and Friday…”

How the hell did she know that? I was beginning to get a little creeped out, and in retrospect I probably should have gotten the hell of that site, but being the idiot I am I just waited to see if she would send another message.

Sure enough, a new message popped up on my screen “Don’t ignore me Johnathan Henry Walker”. At this point I was terrified, hardly anyone knew my first name, even my best friends, as I had been going by Jack for as long as I could remember. I didn’t use my full first name nor my middle name on my Facebook profile so there’s almost no way she could have known them. After a second passes I receive another message “I can see you, Jack. I know your ignoring me.”

At this point I’m pretty much shitting myself, trying to rationalize this entire situation. I’m honestly too scared to move a muscle as two new messages pop up. “You’re home alone, Jack, all alone.” followed by my full f**king address. The worst part is she’s right, my mom and dad were out for the night, leaving me by myself in our one story house.

I finally muster up the courage to type “How do you know that?” The answer I receive horrifies me.

“Look out your window Jack”

“Look out your window Jack!”

“LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW JACK!” each time getting more and more agitated. As if this wasn’t enough I then hear a tap at my bedroom window, and I can see darkened figure standing outside in my peripheral vision. The last message I see before I sprint the f**k out of there reads: “LOOK AT ME!”

I called the cops and they were over in about 6 minutes. By that time whoever the hell was out there was long gone. They never caught the perpetrator and we moved not long after that.

Before the profile was taken down I took a good look at it and found lots of candid photos of me taken without my knowledge, including one of me sleeping my room. I now sleep with the blinds shut tight.

(Credit to InvaderLynx, via Reddit)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48NtaRfMwyo)

creepymona567 asked:

Thoughts on Mona and Lesli?

i love mona, i’m rather neutral to lesli. together, i do want to know more about their history. something i fear about all of our questions is that we’re going to have to fill in most of the blanks ourselves. like, one question was, if mona was in radley the past summer, how did lesli say she was texting her

now we know, lesli was in radley and met mona there, which explains that question. but they didn’t outright say it in the show, you know?? so it’s like, how many little things at the end of the day are we going to have to connect

i think it’s possible that lesli is more involved in all of this than we know, but a. i don’t love that idea, b. i’m not sure how lesli could have been the red coat in 2.25 if lesli was also in radley, and c. underwhelming 

that also begs the question of if mona knows lesli is potentially more involved or not. and if she does, why would she cover for her, unless at one point they were working together??