I brought back torrance (left) and momo (right), my elvish variety of seelies (benevolent faeries of irish and scottish lore). Momo used to be my old witchsona but I decided to make her a separate character and a female. Being a seelie, momo is very bright and free spirited and radiates good natured childlike energy and curiosity at all times. Torrance is a bit of a black sheep since he lacks a good natured attitude and is easily irritated, especially when it comes to momo. He’s a bit of a tyrannical older brother figure to her and they bicker often but he means well. He just isn’t as in tune with his empathy and sympathy as her.

My variant of seelies also grow assorted mushrooms and other fungi on their hands, arms, and shoulders, all of which bring the eater a different temporary state when consumed depending on the elf that grew it. Momo’s would give the consumer a mild sense of euphoria and taste sweet like grass while torrance’s are more bitter and make you sleepy. Picking and growing the mushrooms cause no pain to the seelies, it’s as natural as growing arm hair to them.


A mermaid, harpy, and a centaur thing but with scorpion part (those are called ‘girtablilu’ you learn every day), all requests! 

Animalgamation #14 - Barbarin.

This shaggy creature spends most of its time walking slowly through shallow rivers and plucking fish from the water with its long beak. It is uninterested in people, but it sometimes wanders into human-populated areas and becomes troublesome to shoo away.

Suggested by 95056886!

Also! sorry for disappearing on everyone suddenly! I had some stuff going on. My weekly art schedule should return to normal soon.