Mathematical and Scientific Markings on Rustic Pottery by Laura C. Hewitt

Designed in rural Alaska, artist Laura C. Hewitts rustic, handmade pottery is influenced by the magic found within the mundane, nature and its pragmatic obscurity. Embossed with typographical mappings of the universe, mathematical formulas, and technological charts, Hewitt’s work pays homage to the dichotomy of the union between science and art.

Adorned with patterns, which include alpha numeric marks from vintage machinist punches and inlaid drawings reminiscent of maps, circuit board, astronomy and flow charts running into deeply carved organic river markings, each piece is unique.

Chronicling binary numbers, the distance from sun, the solar year and equatorial diameter of all planets, Ohm’s law, and the mapping of a circuit board among other technical formulas, each creation is Wheel thrown and hand carved. The vintage manual typewriter keys markings add a rustic and agrarian sensibility, which create a profound juxtaposition with the numerical values of technology in Hewitt’s pottery. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Stunning Stackable Crystal Rings by Erika Young

Jewelry designer Erika Young constructs stunning handmade jewlwery, which holds a rustic and vintage quality. Constructed from a variety of materials, the copper-based designs add a contemporary sensibility. Dainty, yet sturdy each creation is a unique piece, where every crystal is unique.

Composed from a variety of minerals and raw crystals, Young uses iridescent minerals, which are beautifully juxtaposed against the rustic copper wire. Including peridot, copper, copper wire, raw peridot, rough peridot, peridot crystal, olivine, olivine crystal, raw crystal, rough crystal, raw olivine, rough olivine, and peridot nugget, each creation is handmade and hand-selected. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Many of you might know me better as Bloochikin on Deviantart and here on Tumblr, and more recently, blooniverse as well. I am a digital artist who is passionate about drawing and painting for the purpose of creating my own original work and fanart, mainly for Steven Universe, and Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

I created my Patreon to provide a way to share my methods and knowledge of my illustration techniques with you, while also being able to help sustain myself financially so that I can continue to do so.  

What will you get by becoming a patron? I will be streaming my art online for patrons only, where you will be able to chill with me and ask me questions as you gain access to my art process. For these sessions, I will be hosting two different voting polls.

  • Every week there will be a poll so that you may vote on what character you would like see me illustrate. Every Saturday I will stream the creation of the character fanart that has received the most votes throughout the week.
  • The second poll will be monthly voting for tutorials. The poll will be held all month long and on the 29th of Each month is when I will host the live tutorial session. In these streams, I will provide voice over and dedicate the entire video to demonstrating my process for the technique most voted on in the monthly poll, whether it be inking, coloring, painting, etc. If you won’t be able to attend these sessions, not to worry, as I will also be recording them for you to download and watch at your convenience.

In the near future I will also be adding comics to my list of creative endeavors that you will be able to join me on as I create my webcomic, Fractals (formerly know as Falling Apples). I will be adding more perks for that as well when the time comes. For now however…

I look forward to making your patronage worth while!

Please check it out –>here

I am also open for commissions right now if anyone is interested, you can go to my deviantart page –>here<– and check my journal for commission info

Any reblogs would be much appreciated!


What The Signs Create:

Aries: rosy cheeks, tongues, roses, blood & red wine

Taurus: Boyfriend jeans, dandelions, the sky, lemonade & dragonflies

Gemini: giggles, rum, love bugs, surfboards & sunflowers

Cancer: home baked cookies, pearls, snuggles, babies, soft blankets & blushes

Leo: theatre, thunder, crop tops, ripped jeans & drama

Virgo: piano, white wine, pink roses, Chapstick &jazz music

Libra: balance scales, industrial, tulips, snakes & play boy

Scorpio: sex, rivers, red lipstick, kaleidoscopes, maroon & long nails

Sagittarius: sunsets, road trips, peace Signs, dream catchers & Ray Banz

Capricorn: white sheets, Lily’s, turtlenecks, French nails & baguettes

Aquarius: mandalas, flower crowns, mountains, iPhones & tie dye

Pisces: mermaids, lush bombs, ice cream, bubbles & camouflage


I have been wanting to make this for ages, I have no idea how popular they are outside of Australia, but over here just about every house has one, some even say its un-Australian  if you don’t have one.

We have one in our back yard, we had one in our back yard as kids, used to get yelled at for swinging on it. Every house I’ve ever lived in, been to or stayed at has had one, so why not my sim house.
Three colors found in decorations/misc.This creation is Non-default.

By Mr S

Download at Simista


When I made this mesh, I had an idea in mind. However at the time my skills were lower and to be frank, I can’t believe the state this mesh was in. I’ve updated it so now the uv is fixed. I also edited the texture to look more how I pictured it. I think these turned out soo cute.

This creation is Non-default.

Mesh by EA frankenmeshed by me.

Comes in 30 colours. I may do a patterned version soon.

Custom Thumbnail included.

Download at Simista


[ The Sims 4 Custom Content ]

Valentino Denim Skirt

•  Women / Teen to Elder

•  Version 1.0.0 (02/07/16)

•  Created with Sims 4 Studio

•  Do not upload my creation to other websites or claim it as your own

•  Do not use my meshes included in the file below without my permission



More about Phoenix:

Phoenix exits beyond the veil..
In parallel world to ours in which only otherworldly, unearthly creatures exist. They are called spirits or shadows but they aren’t connected to humans at all…
Phoenix was made by a very powerful witch.
She was a victim, an experiment and a mistake.
A human child forced to merge with an animal spirit should never exist, even by magic.
This act of magic was forbidden and dangerous, her maker almost died so she decided to burn her creation.
Phoenix perished but she was reborn from her ashes.
She tries everyday to find her path and survive in this alien world.
She doesn’t want revenge, she is only sad because she was rejected by her maker…