Last month we created the Christian 30 day challenge! For this next month, the challenge is to do one good deed a day for someone that you know, or don’t know. Something for yourself or Creation!! There are more than 30 deeds and these  do not have to be in order, but try your best to do one a day, or even all of them this month! Join us and tag #iwtiychallege with all your posts! Let us know what you thought about your deed and what the impact was!

  • Pray for someone behind you in line
  • Leave a big tip
  • Borrow someones car and fill it up with gas
  • Leave flowers at someones house
  • Teach a child 5 new positive, meaningful words
  • Encourage somebody
  • Be quick to apologize, and mean it
  • Go to coffee with someone you don’t know very well but would like to
  • Frame a family photo or meaningful photo and put it on your wall
  • Write a letter to your future self
  • Tell your parent, guardian , important person in your life something that you’re glad they taught you.
  • Make someone laugh until their stomach hurts
  • Stop obsessing over someone who has wronged you
  • Find/buy a bible and give it to someone who needs it or leave it somewhere for someone with a note
  • Make some art
  • Plant a tree or flower
  • Write a note to your server at a restaurant
  • Ask you tumblr, twitter, instagram, facebook ect followers if there is anything you can do for them
  • Don’t interrupt anyone today. Listen.
  • Floss
  • Have a lights free day. Use candles when needed
  • Write a letter to someone who is important to you and mail it.
  • Learn about a new country or culture
  • Say hello to 5 new people
  • Take a friend or sibling to a movie and pay
  • Add money to an expired meter
  • Tell everyone what you are grateful for. Be super positive! 
  • Don’t spend any money today
  • Put a sign in public saying “you’re fearfully, wonderfully made”
  • Be extremely happy for someone, and tell them
  • Give yourself a meaningful pep talk
  • Pay for someone behind you
  • Ask “How are you” and ask for an honest answer. Don’t take “good, you?” as a valid answer
  • Sneak a note into a friends purse or backpack
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Have a meatless Monday
  • Close your ear to gossip
  • Tell someone they have beautiful eyes
  • Take an unpopular stand for something you believe in
  • Tell the people you love, “I love and appreciate you!”
I make my way through a tiny, enclosed hallway.
Coated in Dirt and Grime and Earth, I find a door where I
But there are no answers anymore.
the door down.
to find an old patio awaiting me;
once upon a time I remember she was vibrant but yet shy, covering herself with awnings of grape leaves providing relief from the oppressive summer heat,
where the purple grape-filtered sunshine finally kissed my lips and bid me: ‘Grow.’ like she did to the flowers that once encased the stairwells. But now there is an engulfing nothingness, a black hole of potential creation.
The old trees in my backyard are laughing at me.
“Do you remember us?” they sing, “You were a child here once.” This place is your birthright, even if they placed shiny locks on wooden bodies and buried the keys.
—  B. Damani || Penance For The Lost Child 

Torus Energy - Nature’s Blueprint for Creation.

When we escape our ethnocentrism, and the prison of the ego, we start to see ourselves as a part of nature, and not superior to it. It becomes obvious that the rest of the Universe is just like us. We come to know that all of the Universe is conscious and has being. We see a Universe is in a continual process of conscious growth and self organization. It is as infinite and mysterious as our own origins and inner soul.

On all scales the conscious Universe uses the same basic fractal structures, from the smallest microcosmic sub-atomic particle, to the largest galactic cluster. As these structures take form in larger and more complex systems, their consciousness grows and expands. The being-consciousness evolves as the systems self organize into larger and more complex  entities. There seems to be a basic drive at work in the Universe which compels all conscious entities on an upward spiral of ever-expanding consciousness.

Looking at the big picture you can see how evolution follows in a general way the eight basic structures inherent in all conscious fractals: the three realms and the four functions, plus awareness. This takes the form of the three scales of the cosmos: the microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos; and, the five dimensions. In geometry the infinitely small place holder which underlies all of the other dimensions is called the Zero dimension. It corresponds to Awareness which underlies consciousness. The first dimension is the Line made up of an infinite number of Points. The second dimension is the Plane, make up of an infinite number of Lines. The third dimension is the Solid, made up of an infinite number of Planes. The fourth dimension is the space-time continuum, made up of an infinite number of solid bodies in relationship with each other  -  the Universe.  The big picture of the inherent order in the Universe and evolution is summarized by this chart:


                              ENERGY                 INFORMATION      MASS

                              SPACE                    NUMBER               TIME

        0                    Quanta                    God                       Universe
        1                    Photon                     Man                      Galaxy
        2                    Electron                   Animal                   Sun
        3                    Atom                        Plant                      Earth
        4                    Molecule                  Mineral                  Moon

Whereas the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate stillness of energy, the Torus shows us how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process. The important thing to understand about the torus is that it represents a process, not just a particular form.

A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. Energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, out the other vortex, and then wraps around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. Plants and trees all display the same energy flow process, yet exhibit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, magnetic fields around planets and stars, and whole galaxies themselves are all toroidal energy systems. Extending this observation of the consistent presence of this flow form into the quantum realm, we can postulate that atomic structures and systems are also made of the same dynamic form. The torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems at all scales. It is the primary component that enables a seamless fractal embedding of energy flow from micro-atomic to macro-galactic wherein each individual entity has its unique identity while also being connected with all else.

Holy HECK you guys – after twelve years of attending, I’m finally going to have a table at San Diego Comic-Con this year!  You’ll be able to find me towards the back of the hall in the Small Press area, at table Q-15.  I should have the usual fare – prints, postcards, art books – and will hopefully have the time to do some on-site sketches as well.  I won’t have anything remarkably new for sale this time around (work is a tiiiiny bit insane at the moment), but I’m psyched to be showing at a new con! :D

I’ll also be in a couple panels – Character Creation (Thursday, 8PM - 9PM, Room 30CDE) and Is It Steampunk? (Friday, 8:30PM - 9:30PM, Room 24ABC) if you want to track me down after the floor closes.

See you guys in a week,


This Asgardian Iron Man armor is better than anything Tony Stark has

“Samuel Lee of Prince Armory is behind such mind-blowing costume and armor creations as the medieval versions of The Joker, Loki and Darth Vader. Now he’s back, this time with a gorgeously detailed Asgardian Iron Man.

The one-of-a-kind suit, made from leather, with brass hardware, isn’t for sale, but he’s always willing to discuss custom orders. However, you may need to have Tony Stark-sized bank account to afford it.”

(Via Comic Book Resources)


“The theme today is Modern Bride– a contemporary fairytale bride, so we’ve tried our best not to make it look extremely traditional… yet something that today’s woman, today’s girl would probably think of wearing at her wedding.”

— Sonakshi for Bridal Mantra BTS