*crawls into a hole and never emerges*

I’ve really gotten into Starbound lately so after a couple of rerolls I’m finally satisfied with my “gemsona”. Courtesy of the Gems racial mod for Starbound. Here’s a little story about her.

Facet-4NN3 Cut-P1P is an era 1 Peridot who served under White Diamond. She was an experienced kindergartener and her kindergarten was located on a large meteor coursing around Homeworld’s solar system. She always made sure the newly emerged Peridots and Tektites would be as perfect as herself, until suddenly an abnormally short Tektite crawled out of her hole. Her personality was a little off too. Peridot never had a flawed gem emerge from her kindergarten before, so she never had to go through the unpleasantries to shatter one. She realized she couldn’t bring herself to do it either. She even stubbornly refused to do it.

Threatened to both be shattered for disobeying Homeworld’s law, she and Tektite hitched a ship and got as far away as they could. Nowadays, they have set up shop at a faraway urban planet where they work as mercenaries. Skill and experience made Peridot into a fighter and she enjoys using an assortment of guns, rifles and her trusty bazooka. She has a soft spot for little fuzzy critters however, and dreams of one day opening a pet store once she has enough money to do so. Tektite manages the merc business and comes along for the rides, but she aspires to be a music star, and acts as moral support for Peridot.

(Also, a lil trivia for you: both peridot/olivine and tektite (which is naturally formed glass) can be found inside meteorites. That’s why the kindergarten is on a meteor)

Tektite’s page (by mocca-lee​)

Ritsu had been crying for hours.  He’d gotten his diaper changed, refused to eat at first, and only a short time ago quieted down and started eating.  Arataka felt some measure of relief for the first time since the sun set, watching his younger infant son finally quiet and eating.  He looked down at Shigeo, who was still asleep under his blanket - it was the third time he’d shifted to a wolf pup body instead of a human baby.  He’d tossed and attempted to turn, fussing and breathing heavily.  It’s not that Arataka never noticed - he’d been watching Shigeo’s health decline all day, but he hadn’t yet hit the point of needing emergency care–

His thoughts were interrupted abruptly by a sudden choking sound coming from Ritsu, and damp warm milk spilling - he glanced down, only to see that Ritsu had turned into a pup himself, chewing a hole in yet another bottle cap.  Arataka hastily set the bottle down and turned Ritsu over, panic crawling in his chest even as he kept his composure, patting the infant on the back until the coughing led to a large belch.  The spit-up missed the rag he had put on his shoulder entirely, instead going all over his arm, but finally Ritsu seemed to stop coughing and settled.  Arataka switched him to the other shoulder, rubbing his back for a couple more mild burps until Ritsu passed out, exhausted from the little hectic accident and from fussing for hours beforehand.

Arataka laid Ritsu down, waiting only a moment to make sure his son didn’t wake up before taking off his puked-on shirt, using it to wipe up what had hit the floor and going to the washing machine, tossing it in.  He replaced it with his pajama shirt, laying down on the floor next to his sleeping kids instead of trying to take them to the mattress, which might wake them.  The floor wasn’t that uncomfortable, he’d definitely been this exhausted and slept on it just fine.  Just a bit of shut-eye would give him the energy to handle these kids tomorrow.

Instead, Arataka found that he couldn’t close his eyes, carefully watching Shigeo - his very quiet and docile son - occasionally struggling to breathe.  Even when Shigeo finally settled his breathing and stopped fussing, Arataka’s eyes stayed open, watching every rise and fall of his chest until the sun rose.

1. stop putting people on a pedestal. build your own and be proud to stand up on it. people will look at you, say “you’re too high, come down.” stand taller. wait for the people who are willing to climb up with you and enjoy the view, and try keep them around.

2. learn to speak to yourself the same way you do with your best friend. when you look in the mirror and hear that creeping voice whisper anything other than you’re beautiful, tell it to shut the fuck up and crawl back into the hole it slithered out of.

3. eat when you’re hungry, baby girl. listen to your body and it will thank you for it, I promise. remember to drink water, too.

4. find things that you love. whatever it is that clears your mind and cleanses your soul. when life becomes too much, do these things over and over until your lungs don’t ache with the pressure of trying to breathe.

5. don’t be afraid of the days that make you want to lay in bed and never emerge from beneath the covers. they will come, but remember that they will also go. stay in bed, close the blinds; the storm will pass, love.

—  five things I’ve learned about loving myself unconditionally

Title: Safe
Chapter/One shot: Chapter 11
Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re running from a bunch of vampire hunters because they’re convinced you’re a vampire because you escaped a cell at the lab where you were being held. You wish with all your heart that you were somewhere safe with someone you can trust. Suddenly, you get shot with a tranquilizer dart which messes your running up and makes you trip and fall. You get back up, looking behind you, you see the hunters stop then you run into what feels like a brick wall. You almost fall but 2 strong arms catch you, seeing the odd clothing you look up to see it’s Loki. You say help please then you pass out as the tranquilizer takes effect.

Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Language, cliffhanger (You know I love those!)
*TRIGGER WARNING*- There is a scene that could be misconstrued as a suicide attempt, but it IS NOT. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew in case this was a problem for anyone.

Chapter 11

Loki’s POV:

As I opened the door to April’s room, I saw the opening she had created in the wall. I could hear her crawling through the pipes and supporting beams, groaning as she went.

“April, no! You’ll never make it out that way, darling!” She did not realize that the tower was surrounded by a fifteen foot tall, unbreachable energy fence. Stark’s creation.

I began trying to squeeze my body through the tiny opening she had created for herself. Unfortunately for me, the jagged hole was barely large enough for her small body, so I suffered several painful gashes to my sides as well as some scratches on my arms and legs in my hasty attempt to catch her. When I emerged from hole, I saw her. She was clearly contemplating jumping from the side of the building where we were on the seventeenth floor.

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Business and Pleasure (part 8)

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean Smith fucking you over his desk. (was posted on this site…can’t find it since it’s probably lost in the archives…now turned into a series)
Author: deansdickberrypie
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1,972
Warnings: none

A/N: Hi guys. Sorry about the long awaited part. I’ve been in a bad writing rut and I’m slowly, but surely crawling back out of that death hole. But never fear, the adventures of Swesson and Reader is here…and Jess. Enjoy the comedy for now, for I have some angst in plan for the next part.

Catch up or refresh here: 

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Teddy knew that it was coming. He knew it.

         “Relax, mate,” Albus said, sitting next to his adopted cousin at the Gryffindor table. “Your hair’s going red.” Teddy raised his hands to his hair and quickly turned it back to its customary inky blue – the same blue that had gotten him described as a “wild boy” in that satanic Skeeter woman’s article. Teddy felt a blush creeping up his neck and back into his hair at the very thought of it. “Let it go, Teddy.” Albus said between bites of steak-and-kidney pie.

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