In which John Green teaches you MORE about To Kill a Mockingbird. In this instalment, John teaches you about race, class, and gender in the American south, as seen through the eyes of Scout and Harper Lee. John will talk about how Scout learns about these aspects of the social order as she interacts with the people of the town, learns from Calpurnia, watches the trial of Tom Robinson, and endures the attack of Bob Ewell. You’ll also learn a little bit about Demi Moore and Mila Kunis, and John will ask just who is the Mockingbird, anyway? Not that he’ll answer that, but he’ll ask it.


The first episode of CrashCourse U.S. Government and Politics is here! Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios and hosted by Craig Benzine, CrashCourse U.S. Government and Politics will explore and discuss federalism, checks and balances, how laws are made, and more. This week: Why Study Government?



New video! WIth a slight change of pace – this week we talk about the top 10 ideas that led to the creation of The Art Assignment.

We look at how ideas are cyclical - informed by ideas that precede them AND informing those that follow. And we talk about how everything from planking and meme culture to Sports Racers and Yoko Ono got us to this point.

well I sure have been inactive on this blog like WOW anyway I decided that I’d change my icon and then be more active (though no promises) and this here is the original drawing! Is that Hank Green you ask why YES IT IS! This  drawing is inspired by the CrashCourse Psychology outtakes and Hank having a hard time saying words.