Se una volta almeno vi hanno dato dell’insolente, dell’incorreggibile, della sfrontata, della furba, della ribelle, della rivoluzionaria, dell’indisciplinata, siete sulla via giusta.

(Clarissa Pinkola Estés - Donne che corrono coi lupi)


“A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial or otherwise, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation or decision-making of that individual or organization”  -wiki.

(The women that voted for this man must really hate themselves.)



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i have a feeling the series may end with even and isak together but it won't be said explicitly?? it'll just be a really short scene of them bumping into each other or meeting for whatever reason and both being like 'halla' 'halla' and smiling coy little smiles and then that's it, so we never really know but we do .... ??

I mean idk?? Skam always comes with surprises? 

But personally, i believe that they are gonna end this season with Isak and Even being officially and obviously together. I think that the main theme of this season is self-love and self-acceptance, but also accepting others. And hopefully they are gonna show Isak being accepting of Evens mental illness, and that he loves him no matter what. And for SKAM to show that, they kind of need Isak and Even to end up together. 

I’m not saying that I think everything will be resolved at the end. There wont be all sunshine and butterflies. There will still be a long way to go for them, and it will take a lot of work. But I honestly believe that at the end of this season Even and Isak are gonna be together.

ricordate, oggi, di compiere il vostro dovere civico.

un piccolo gesto può influenzare la nostra società per i decenni a venire.

prendete la vostra scheda elettorale, uscite di casa, andate ai seggi e per tutta la strada guardate malissimo quelli coi risvoltini e i calzini corti.

per conservare i nostri valori, per il cambiamento in meglio.

oggi i risvoltini, domani le barbe ironiche.

perché, uniti, ce la possiamo fare.

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Hey liza, theres something I don't really get. Why are people calling Adam a liar when he finally gave us good scoop about CS. I get that his twitter behavior can be annoying af, but i don't really remember him ever lying about CS. Also everyone was complaining about the lack of cs news, and when we do get something that sounds really good, everyone is super pessimistic. I get being weary but the straight up pessimism doesn't make sense. Also that scoop was pretty specific which is new for Adam

I think the problem is that Adam and Eddy have, on occasion, overstated things or teased things that haven’t ended up happening.  Also they tend to give coy or joking answers to questions that fans want them to take seriously. That has bugged me in the past. 

Personally,  I can’t think of too much where they’ve lied about CS. Overstated, played coy, been annoying… yes.  Lied… no. They’ve definitely promised things they haven’t delivered, Robin backstory, a bunch of things to do with Will Scarlet, however, I don’t think they lied about that, I really do think they had the intention and the story changed directions. 

Some shipmates that are not buying what Adam’s selling have cited the lack of domestic moments after we were told we’d get some. Let’s look at that:

EW Hotseat 10/12/16:

Now that Hook is moving in, will we see any domestic moments with him and Emma?
KITSIS: Absolutely, and with Henry.

ETOnline Q&A 11/4/16:

@jenmorrisonhot8: Do you think Emma and Hook will have domestic moments [in] this season?

Goodness gracious, it’s like we’re completely in sync because we asked the very same question! With Emma and Killian officially living together, we asked the EPs if we can expect to see them sharing any moments of domestic bliss together and we’re very happy with the response. “I believe there are a few of them here and there,” Kitsis said coyly. “Definitely we’re going to see some.” We’re keeping our fingers crossed for something sweet and simple like making lunch together. Grilled cheese, anyone?

So a couple of things. First, he definitely indicates moments, plural, and, so far, there really has only been one with Henry in 6x06. Second, the 11/4 quote was right before 6x07 aired, which would indicate that there would be domestic moments upcoming. So far nothing. That doesn’t mean they still can’t deliver, but I can’t blame anyone for feeling mislead. 

However, I would also like to point out that both of these quote are Eddy NOT Adam. Due to his higher profile on twitter, Adam pretty much gets blamed for anything either of them says. But there is a big difference. Eddy is not on social media, he interacts with fans less, he watches his words a lot less carefully.  Adam, on the other hand, is not perfect, but he is very aware that anything and everything he says is going to be parsed by fans and he’s going to be held accountable on twitter. 

So as I said, big difference between them,and it was Adam who gave the quote on Hook and Emma’s upcoming romantic adventure. Not Eddy. That’s a good thing. Adam knows he will be held accountable, he knows how his words are taken. In fact, the second the TVline article came out, that quote sent the SQ into an angry tizzy and they attacked him on twitter, as per usual, and he didn’t back down. He didn’t say he was misquoted, he didn’t try and downplay anything he said or Hook and Emma’s role. 

As far as I’m concerned, the quote is a very good thing, and I’m approaching what he said with cautious optimism.  Part of me knows he put it out there, because there’s not going to be overmuch CS in part one of this AU tonight (I expect more in 6.11) and he wants us to know that good things are coming for our favs, but that doesn’t mean that good things aren’t coming. I truly believe they are. 

I took it as a very good spoiler indeed. 

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How would you tell each boy that you're horny? Text? Call? Sit in their lap? Tell them straight up? Grab them out of nowhere?

I’d text Louis.  A naughty picture or something.  Louis seems like he’s very visual to me.

Liam I’d have to be coy about it because walking up to Liam and saying “I’m horny, let’s fuck.” would probably make him grab his pearls harder than a 90 year old grandmother.  So maybe some sexy lingerie when he gets home?

With Niall?  “I’m horny, let’s fuck.” because he needs little more than that.

Harry would be the most fun to toy with when you’re horny.  Because there’s this dichotomy where you could say “I’m horny let’s fuck” and he’d be cool with it but then there’s also this part of him that wants to be seduced and teased until he’s so hard he can’t walk and he’s begging.

certe volte tornerei indietro di un anno solo per cavarti gli occhi

è successo qualcosa, non so bene cosa, non so nemmeno quando. o forse lo so ma metabolizzo tardi, e adesso non avrebbe senso punirti.

non ci sono.
o meglio: si. ci sono, ma a mille miglia da qui, coi pensieri altrove e i rancori mai in disuso.

Dare: Klaine Advent 2016

I’m opting for the true drabble option this year, and a loose attempt to string them together. This’ll end well. 

Day 4

Rachel squeezed them both. “Yay! Now I believe it’s my turn to sing,” she said, moving toward the stage.

“I didn’t mean to impose earlier,” Blaine said, trying not to be coy. “But if you need my services, I could play your secret boyfriend.”

“Would you dare?”

“Possibly. Who have I been hiding from?”

“Friends. Parents.” Kurt glanced toward Rachel. “Meddlers.”

“For how long?”

“If it’s not too much, just through the holidays?”

“No Kurt. How long have I been a secret?”

Kurt frowned, looking away. “A few weeks.”

Blaine took Kurt’s hand, pulling him closer. “Tell me about yourself.”


When the house settles, I’m given to escape in dreams of eras gone by. I’m keen to dote on the simplicities of life and not the gingerbread crumbled misfortunes. To disengage with morality, with minor repairs, with the soul consuming itself from the inside. I must literally stop the eagerly churning mental menagerie to take this in.

The too soon blooms of the Christmas cactus, the antique bell that now houses birds, the pond that still harbours a coy next door, the smaller squirrels scurrying up the oaks with packed bubble cheeks.. I could carry on. They all play their part in my terrestrial romance, my respite from the harshness of an impending emotional winter.


In recent years, more and more inspiring stories of transgender children have been featured in news stories, as prominent television characters and in film.  While many of their appearances have been met with controversy, all of them have made us sit up and take notice of just how special each of our children are.  Here we salute 12 news-makers that happen to be transgender children.”

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