This isn’t ~not~ Fandometrics.

Television: It’s What’s Streaming

The Walking Dead knocks ‘em dead, moves up seven spots to No. 10.
Gravity Falls returns at No. 14 on the one year anniversary of its finale.

Movies: The Books of the Silver Screen

The Lego Batman Movie (it’s that Lego Batman movie) shoots up to No. 1.
Moonlight won everyone’s hearts and jumps 11 spots to No. 4.

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Music: it’s Tunes

Lana Del Rey moves up eight spots to No. 5 after the dropping a video for her song, Love.
All Time Low returns at No. 11 after releasing a new single, Dirty Laundry.

Celebrities: They’re Not Like Us

Supergirl’s Katie McGrath leaps eight spots to No. 3. She didn’t need a cape for that but she can probably borrow Kara’s 😉
Laverne Cox is back at No. 12. Always good to see Laverne Cox.

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Games: Run Out Your Battery

Pokémon GO trots up to No. 6 after introducing more than 80 new Pokémon.
Eldarya returns (woah sounds like a sequel) at No. 17.

Web stuff: Beep Boop

PewDiePie moves up fourteen spots to No. 5, proving that all publicity is….publicity.
☆ Advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me debuts at No. 10, proving that even a category called “advice podcast” can be made fun.

Preference .. First Date (Friends)

Authors Note: I tried to find gifs that kind of fit each one but I couldn’t. These were the best gifs that I could find.

Joey Tribbiani:

Your first date with Joey isn’t extremely special. It involves the two of you snuggling up together on the sofa, watching movies and eating pizza.

Ross Geller:

For your first date Ross takes you to a fancy restaurant. He wants to make an effort, and he wants your first date together to be romantic and memorable.

Chandler Bing:

Chandler is so nervous for your first date that he completely forgets about booking a table at a restaurant. So the two of you end up having coffee together at Central Perk.

Monica Geller:

For your first date Monica cooks a romantic meal for the two of you.

Rachel Green:

Rachel takes you to a fancy restaurant for your first date. She wants to make a good impression.

Phoebe Buffay:

Phoebe would also probably be too nervous to actually book anywhere for the two of you to go. So the two of you would just go to Central Perk.


okay imagine the struggles of living with Matt Murdock because you could never let out a secret fart without him knowing. he would hear that gas release from a mile out.