witch!hwasa who wears red lipstick ever since her mom (teasingly) told her it keeps demons away. writes spells into her lyrics to nudge their audiences towards certain emotions. wears her hair in a side braid once and only makes the members’ Frozen jokes worse by retaliating with a frost spell meant to numb their tongues.

witch!wheein who collects animates flowers and teaches them to softly sing the others awake every morning. crushes the petals afterwards into their morning tea for energy. calls back home every week through a looking glass that she keeps tucked between spell books because No hwasa! for the last time, it’s not for doing your makeup!

witch!solar who may or may not be descended from a siren on her father’s side. paints the member’s fingernails and sometimes adds a little in the way of good luck charms. always remembers to label everyone’s potion tupperware with sharpie and masking tape ever since The Bubble Incident.

witch!moonbyul who only practices magic by moonlight. fills the room with stars before bed and points out her favourite constellations when one of the members can’t sleep. can’t (won’t) stop cracking sailor moon puns at her black cat familiar even when she gets scratched for her efforts.

far from home and in the spotlight, they create their own clumsy coven.

  • Tate Langdon:Pisces
  • Constance Langdon:Libra
  • Moira:Scorpio
  • Violet Harmon:Aquarius
  • Adelaide Langdon:Taurus
  • Ben Harmon:Capricorn
  • Vivien Harmon:Virgo
  • Kit Walker:Cancer
  • Sister Jude:Aries
  • Lana Winters:Leo
  • Sister Mary Eunice:Pisces
  • Dr Thredson:Scorpio
  • Grace:Aquarius
  • Kyle Spencer:Taurus
  • Fiona Good:Leo
  • Cordelia Foxx:Virgo
  • Misty Day:Sagittarius
  • Myrtle Snow:Gemini
  • Spalding:Aquarius
  • Nan:Pisces
  • Zoey Benson:Virgo
  • Madison Montgomery:Leo
  • Marie Lalaurie:Taurus
  • Marie Laveau:Capricorn
  • Queenie:Aries

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Chapter 13, part 2 :D in which Tyler is almost turned into a roast, Aaron has no idea what the heck is going on and Adrian appears to be a little more than a simple medium :D

(Pages are about half the size of those I published until now, because my connection is even shittier than Adrian’s and won’t let me upload pics in bigger sizes. I’ll fix it once my Internet doesn’t suck as much as today!)