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All right little ones, gather around! And by little ones, I mean every poor soul out there who knows of the coupling that is Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. Due to anon demand, I’ve decided to compile a list of reasons why I ship Bellamy and Clarke, and because I know my rambling tendencies, I apologize in advance for the novel that’s likely to slap you in the face and send you tumbling to the floor.

1. ♫ FROM HATE TO LOVE, FROM LOVE TO LUST, FROM LUST TO TRUTH, I guess that’s how I know you ♫

Fuck this song honestly, I’ve spent too many nights crying over it and applying it to these two idiots. Obviously Bellarke have not reached the lust stage just yet, but they have transitioned from hate to love. This is canon. The kind of love is open to interpretation, but we have been blessed with seeing their relationship transform from hostile enemies, to begrudging co-leaders, and currently, to close friends who need each other. I mean, in the S2 finale, we had both of them in tears because Clarke needed to leave Camp Jaha. If anyone told Pilot!Bellamy or Pilot!Clarke that the future of their relationship consisted of respect, admiration, protectiveness, and a preference of leading together instead of alone, they would laugh in their faces. They wouldn’t believe you. AND THAT IS FUCKING EVERYTHING TO ME. Give me beautiful, drawn out development filled with fluff, and angst, and conflict, and yearning. Give me slow burn. I don’t want to root for a couple who gets together in less than a season. I want to root for a couple who fights against obstacles, both as a team and as individual characters, and decide that they still need each other, want each other, at the end of the day. Each season. Because they are that important to each other.

2. Opposites Attract

I’m weak for this trope and always will be. Bellamy and Clarke are from different worlds despite both of them falling from the same damn sky. Bellamy had responsibilities that a child shouldn’t have when he was growing up. He witnessed the corruption of the system that was suppose to protect his people, his family. This system, the government, was the reason why his sister wasn’t allowed to live above the floorboards, why his mother had to resort to sleeping around to support her family and give him opportunities, why he ended up as a janitor for trying to give his sister a moment of freedom, and why his mother ended up being executed. Bellamy was part of the working class. Clarke grew up under completely different circumstances. Clarke grew up as a privileged person on the Ark, the princess that was the embodiment of everything Bellamy grew up to resent. This didn’t exempt her from struggles and grief, no, but how could she ever understand him? Oh, but she did. Eventually she did. When we were introduced to Bellamy and Clarke, they constantly butted heads. He was wild, she was all about the rules. He was rebellious and chaotic, she was serious and moral. He was selfish, she was selfless. If he said blue, she would’ve said red. And then it all changed, slowly, and the dynamic between them was suddenly much more complicated once they start leading together. It changed the moment they started trusting each other.

3. Two Sides of the Same Coin

Yes, I know I just said they were opposites. But they are also very similar and work so well together, I just cry thinking about it. They don’t change who they are for the sake of the other. Their co-leadership and relationship involves actual discussion and compromise. She’s the head and he’s the heart. Yes, different functions, but one cannot function without the other. They both prioritize their people. They both felt loss, had their lives turned upside down, before they were sent to the ground. They both shoulder the responsibilities of being a leader. They are both whole people with broken pieces inside, still having the capability of loving others and persevering despite life trying to knock them down. They make such a fantastic team, the King and Queen of the Delinquents. They infiltrated Mount Weather and fucking brought them to their knees, don’t underestimate them. Be very afraid because this power couple will FUCK YOU UP, make no mistake. 

4. Boy is willing to do anything for his girl

I have a weakness for OTPs where the boy is willing to fight or die for the girl he’s in love with. Bellamy is this tall, baritone badass who’s insanely attractive and Clarke is this tiny, blonde badass who’s also insanely attractive. But I’m going to be real, I’m all for a guy being wrapped around the girl’s finger because it’s a damn good dynamic and has the potential for so many good scenes. Bellamy is protective as fuck and we’ve seen this 

clearly being

extended to Clarke

5. They’re always in tune with each other and have an understanding

Do me a favor and just watch them on screen together. 

They’re almost always in sync and aware of each other’s presence. 


They communicate with glances, for fucks sake. 


6. Their chemistry is insanely palpable

I live for the scenes where they interact. 

Whether it’s standing next to each other, walking together, strategizing, having deep conversations, joking around or fighting.This also includes the way that they look at each other and react to each other’s absence, mind you. Clarke is more subtle about it because Bellamy’s always been the more expressive of the two, but one thing is clear from the way that they look at each other: they mean something to each other. Yes, we are all well aware of Bellamy making heart eyes at Clarke, we cry about it all the time. 

But Clarke

reacts to him

in ways that make me want to rip my heart out

and throw it into a pit of boiling water 

7. They respect each other and support each other’s decisions

Clarke always acknowledges Bellamy’s importance and respects him as a leader 

and as a person that she’s come to care about

and Bellamy supports Clarke and always reassures her

8. Their foundation can set up one of the greatest sci-fi love stories on TV

The greatest thing about Bellamy and Clarke is that they’ve got room for so much more development. Their journey is goddamn beautiful and if it continues the way that it’s going, audiences won’t question if they do get together eventually. In fact, people are already questioning why they aren’t. Because it does make sense. And if it makes sense, eventually the narrative will make room for it in the future. Yes, this show, this couple, is in a universe that’s fictional and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but their dynamic is relatable. Their love is relatable. It’s not an all-consuming, love at first sight ordeal that’s romanticized all the time in shows today. Their romantic love would be a product of respect, trust, and friendship.

These are the reasons why I ship Bellamy and Clarke, and why I will ship them until the day that I die.

118 days.

“Tayvin” a couple no one saw coming…no one. I find it hard to believe anyone who says they predicted the coupling of Taylor and Calvin. The great debate still stands of course: “How did Calvin change her mind?” After all this time, confusion about that night at the Brits is contagious among those who weren’t there in the flesh. However maybe some things are better left to the imagination. The point is, somehow…Calvin made Taylor eat her words…somehow.

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary

By now every Tayvin shipper and their neighbor’s cousin’s cat knows this quote by heart. I think it’s obvious why this is. Not a single soul would doubt Calvin Harris is anything less than “extraordinary”. Taylor Swift is a commonly known woman of great success in her music career as well as the genuine bond she has formed with her fans since she took her first steps into the music world, holding them just as close as her own friends. She is also known for her willingness to do what she has to do to be the best role model for her fans as well as the best artist she can be. This comes along with standing for what she believes in (a crucial part of growing up and knowing one’s true self) and meaning every word she says. This quote in particular paints the perfect picture of what she has found…an extraordinary “someone”.

“-in the press hand in hand with someone” is often taken to another level by those who believe Taylor is anything but capable of having a partner who isn’t a male…but we won’t go there. Hand holding quickly became a symbol of strength especially in the case of these two. The night of the Kenny Chesney concert. Swiftoplis exploded in panic, excitement and astonishment as videos and photos of the two surfaced. Lap sitting documented, kisses, laughs, and hand holding…plastered about the internet as the blossoming relationship earned it’s proper ship name: Tayvin.There were those (as there are always) who needed more than a few low quality photographs and witness accounts of the night which occurred just hours after pictures surfaced of the pair grocery shopping together and taking a stroll around a lake in Nashville. As if any of it wasn’t clear enough already.

However, a lot of people tend to skip over the true meaning of the Nashville trip. They were getting to know each other where they thought they wouldn’t have to face the outside; the cameras. Taylor took him back to her roots and her beginning because you can’t climb a tree if you don’t start at the roots. The beginning stages of this relationship already looked promising as they took their first steps into a new light…a relationship growing in the public eye. Then there is also the significance of Taylor actually going public having said the infamous quote. Everyone knew this was different and it was obvious these two did too.

Not too log after, Tayvin take their nutella-like addicting PDA to the HAIM benefit concert where more lap sitting and hand holding ensued. This also became known as the night of “The First HQs” as the two crashed through a jungle of flashing cameras in an alley next to the building, practically diving into the SUV as Calvin pulled Taylor along, protecting her from the ruthless photographers. Tayvin shippers went ape-shit. I’ll leave it at that because weeks of non stop edits of the same pictures can still be found in the deep depths of the Tayvin tag.

We’ll skip a few more public appearances to importance of the next grand event, the BBMAs. This was when everyone knew it was real. Sure Taylor has sat next to a boyfriend at an award show before but this was different…this was her night. Multiple awards coupled with multiple hugs and kisses which seemed to halt time itself. Although Taylor was sitting next to Calvin the entire night, she still managed to keep the spotlight big enough to fit her crew of friends and Bad Blood music video co-stars. This is another way Taylor has proven herself to be some type of superwoman. Prior to her relationship with Calvin, she always talked about the importance of her relationship with her friends and why she always kept them closest to her. However she has managed to balance her high-profile friendships along with her high-profile relationship. She demands the respect she deserves by proving that being a woman in a relationship does not make you a weak woman at all. She racked up on her awards as she hugged her friends and swung on over to Calvin to hug him as well. Your strength as a woman is not defined by your relationship status because your relationship status is not who you are. Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift just as Calvin Harris is Calvin Harris.

This also touches on Taylor’s view on feminism which I know a lot of people aren’t too happy about. Let’s get something straight, I am not cutting her any type of slack nor am I bashing on any point of view she may have. But I will say that Taylor talks about what she knows about. Taylor knows what she knows and she won’t photoshop herself into any sort of situation. That’s not to say she doesn’t care about the young black woman who is at the same stage in her career and position as the young white guy who is getting more in his paycheck than she is simply because of her race and gender. Taylor is speaking from the point of view of a female artist who’s work should define her rather than her relationships or personal life. Taylor wants to be what she has created, not what the media has smothered the world with for the last few years. That’s where she is speaking from. You can’t ask a duck to bark.

I find it incredible to think that a guy like Calvin could have broken down the barriers Taylor had created around her life. Family, friends, career…no one could make that budge. But Calvin did. Yes, he has a past but what the fuck, so do you, so do I, so does that guy sitting on the bench you passed at the park earlier. No one is defined by who they used to be rather they learn from who they used to be. No, I don’t know if he has learned but shit….neither do you. But you know who does? Taylor. She knows him and i’m sure she knows far more about who he is and who he used to be than some random person on the internet screaming from the top of their lungs that the guy they’ve only seen from a distance or on their computer screen is not the guy for her. Please…..love yourself enough to realize that Taylor is not going to let her relationship be ruined by words…not this time.

Rather than his past, let’s focus on his present. (I don’t know what people expect Taylor to do with the random receipts they’re pulling up anyways). Calvin is the best in his genre right now playing gigs constantly around the world along with a smooth cruising residency. No one can deny his presence in the music world. He has taken the entire EDM genre and turned it into his cape sailing in the wind as he flies through the skies of life with clouds of bullshit getting in his way every once in a while.

The “bullshit” I am referencing is not just the usual dismantling of prides by just the tap of his fingertips but also the things which may change Taylor’s momentum at all. The apple success? Quickly overshadowed by the questioning of his faith by (once again) random people on the internet as Avicii posts a photo of just the side of Calvin with Eva Shaw’s hand on his should. He didn’t waste time trying his best to take the blanket of false rumors off of the light Taylor shined over the music industry. You cannot deny the support he shows her and how much he cares about her being able to be who she is and do what she does…happily. If it’s not obvious enough, he wants her (and the rest of the world) to know that she is important in his life. People tend to say there is a lot of overreacting that goes on when ever Calvin shows his support for Taylor, calling it “doing the bare minimum” but honestly…if you have any sort of love for Taylor at all, you would be just as happy for the little nice things he does because we see a lot more of it with these two than we do with any other guy she has been with. 

But I’m not here to compare relationships. Yet the prominence of the strength shown in posting a photo of the two of them being a normal couple on her Instagram should not be overlooked in any sort of way. When has she done this before? Let me clear this up for you…she has never done this before. She is comfortable and confident enough to reveal the behind the scenes footage of their relationship. No crowded rooms. No mounds of cameras. They’re in a fucking pool on a floating swan acting like sailors on a ship. Who the fuck are these people and why have they been slowly taking over the world?

It’s because these two are a pair of the biggest names in the industry. Not only that but they are also two artists who explore their craft, take their thoughts apart, recreate what they have built in their name and they’ve mastered the art of selling it. Taylor is the master of social media as Calvin continues to lure in the most prominent of artists in the industry making his name explosive in the world as well. There is no denying the intelligence these two have and it would be dangerous to be caught in the middle of any debate or discussion they may have.

Yet as their superior intellect may intimidate those around, it would be a surprise if one isn’t scorched to the scalp by the sexual tension evident between the two. Longing gazes and sweet smiles lasting longer than Jolly Ranchers are obvious to anyone within a 89273593187087173 mile radius. Both of them are attractive as beautiful sin and everyone knows it. Another reason to add to the “Why I Am Tayvin Af” list.

178 days later and after everything that goes down, Calvin pulls his head out of the fire to publicly share how proud he is of Taylor tweeting “I just played a gig inside a giant owl and my girl just changed the entire music industry what a day” highlighting her accomplishment as one of the high points of his day. Let me say that one more time….HER ACCOMPLISHMENT as one of the HIGH POINTS OF HIS DAY. I think that says enough about this relationship. Here’s to 118 days and 118 more days to come.

Ways I Am Like the Standard Model
  • Clearly flawed, but with no obvious path to improvement
  • Can go from a top to a bottom under the right circumstances
  • I too have a problem with hierarchy
  • Influenced by Richard Feynman
  • Too weird to be widely understood
  • If you froze my body and shattered it down the middle that would arguably be symmetry breaking
  • Lots of self-coupling
  • Many of my interactions are weak
  • Incompatible with gravity (I fell out of bed the other day)
  • Will break down under extreme conditions
  • All of my friends describe me as a gauge quantum field theory containing the internal symmetries of the unitary product group SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1)


Originally the Goddess of the nighttime sky, but eventually became referred to as simply the Sky Goddess. Her themes are air and health. Her symbols are a pot, turquoise, musk, a star, wind and cow images. She is considered one of the oldest deities among the Egyptian pantheon. 

Her brother and husband is the earth-god Geb. Nut and Geb were married in secret against the will of Ra, the one-time King of the Gods. When Ra found them coupling, he had Shu the air-god violently seperate them, forcing Geb to the earth, where his body’s contours became the hills, and lifting Nut into the sky. Since then they have always been separated, and Geb has been inconsolable. Ra then forbade Nut to have her children on any day of the year. But Thoth, god of wisdom, helped her, by winning at gaming with the Moon. From his winnings–which were a little of the Moon’s light–Thoth made five extra days that were outside the year, and Nut was able to give birth to her five children. 

Like Hathor, Nut can take the form of a cow. She is also depicted as a slender woman whose arched body touches the earth with only the tips of her fingers and her tippy-toes, her starry body forming the heavens. Nut’s fingers and toes were believed to touch the four cardinal points or directions of north, south, east, and west.

How your brain knows it’s summer

Researchers led by Toru Takumi at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan have discovered a key mechanism underlying how animals keep track of the seasons. The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows how circadian clock machinery in the brain encodes seasonal changes in daylight duration through GABA activity along with changes in the amount of chloride located inside certain neurons.

Myung J, Hong S, DeWoskin D, Schutter E, Forger, DB, and Takumi T. GABA-mediated repulsive coupling between circadian clock neurons in the SCN encodes seasonal time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, June 2015 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1421200112

GABAA inhibition disrupts the dorsal-ventral phase difference that forms after exposure to long days. (top) Expression levels of Bmal1 after exposure to long days. Note that the upper rows (dorsal SCN) are out of phase from the lower rows (ventral SCN). (bottom) Expression levels in the presence of a GABAA inhibitor. Note that the upper and lower rows have become more synchronized. Credit: Image courtesy of RIKEN

  • Lily:Mary does not fancy you!
  • Sirius:I can tell from the way she acts around me, she finds me attractive.
  • Lily:Is there any form of female behaviour that you don’t interpret as finding you attractive?
  • Sirius:[pause] Well, to be honest, it’s never really come up.
  • Lily:Mary-Kelly thinks you’re a complete idiot
  • Sirius:Well why does she keep looking at my ass when we’re talking?
  • Lily:She’s lip-reading!

(Image caption: This image shows time frames of MIM and F-actin dynamics during initiation of dendritic spine. MIM initiates dendritic spines by coupling phosphoinositide-signaling, direct membrane bending and actin assembly together to ensure proper synaptogenesis. Credit: Pirta Hotulainen and Juha Saarikangas)

An initiation mechanism for dendritic spines discovered

Researchers from the University of Helsinki, ETH Zürich, Aix-Marseille and the German Mouse Clinic teamed up to investigate the initiation process of dendritic spines. They discovered that protein called MIM bends the plasma membrane to aid the formation of dendritic spines from the surface of the neuronal dendrite.

The discovery is important, as most of the neuronal connections, called synapses, are build to dendritic spines. In many central nervous system diseases, the dendritic spine density is altered.

“Understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the initiation process of dendritic spines enables us to manipulate their initiation rate and density. In future, this knowledge can be helpful in the development of therapeutic interventions for neurological diseases underlined by altered dendritic spine density, such as autism spectrum disorder, Schizophrenia or Alzheimer´s disease. Furthermore, this will help us to understand the molecular basis of learning, as new spines are readily initiated during learning,” says project leader Pirta Hotulainen from the Neuroscience Center of the University of Helsinki.

This research has been collaboration between many distinct research groups combining cell biology to neuroscience. “No sole research group could have achieved such a comprehensive view of the dendritic spine initiation mechanism and show its importance for the brain function,” says Pirta Hotulainen.

A Gina Bellman birthday project! We hope you will take part. TIME IS SHORT


In an attempt to help a friend of mine make her birthday project for Gina Bellman a success I am going to ask you guys to take a few moments and write a special message to Gina for her on her special day! I know that this is not giving you much time as her birthday is in less than two weeks, but I know it will not take long to write a few special words for our grifter!

 Email them to myself at: lady.leverage@yahoo.com I will be putting them on nice little pages and arranging them in an online scrapbook video from Kendra, myself and ALL OF YOU. if you have a photo you would like to include feel free to do that as well. The deadline is going to be July 7th NO EXCEPTIONS as her birthday is the 10th! Please take part and make her birthday special.


that-davenport-fangirl Oh my!!!!!!

That pause!!!!

Taking a moment to really appreciate how Clint/Nat fans responded to the Clint/Laura stuff in AoU by either saying “nah gonna ignore it” or by simply incorporating Nat into the marriage and making it a poly coupling, instead of turning it into this creepy competition between Nat and Laura over who gets to ride Clint’s dick and engaging in misogynistic bashing of Laura and/or her actress.

Idk how it is in other parts of the webbernet but I personally feel my little universe has come a long way from the awfulness of the HP fandom in this regard.