Take me in your arms, push me up against the wall, look deeply in my eyes and tell me that you love me, kiss me slowly lift me up, wraps my legs around your waist, caress your hands to my back and support me, kiss me passionately soft and sweet, carry me someplace lie me down, hover over me and caress my face and kiss me again over and over, so full of passion, tangle your hands in my hair, smile in our kiss and slip your tongue and explore, slowly lower your body softly against mine, mold our bodies together to a perfect fit, kiss my neck once or twice three for a charm, continue down and kiss my belly, soft and full of love, travel back and find my mouth letting our lips meet again, move your hands down my sides and caress my back, slowly reach one hand up my shirt and softly feather touch my side, sliding to my upper back, look me in the eyes and kiss my jawline, trace my jaw leading past my lips to the other, trace your way back to my lips and find them again, softly kissing me, slide your hands down to my sides and onto my hips, slip in your tongue again and softly slide a hand down my pants, not too fast just only an inch maybe two, push up against me slide a little farther, let the other hand circle my lower back and my side, soft feather light touch, let the passion flow through between us hoping it never ends, soon slide both hands up my body and caress my face, prop yourself on one elbow and look in my eyes, kiss my nose then kiss me once, a long soft kiss, then lean over and whisper in my ear, “i promise I’ll never leave your side”

My love, goober, baby boy, baby, and all the other names I call you ❤️
You’re my everything baby 😘
I’m so INLOVE with you
Even though we struggle you know I love you 😘 I care about you a lot !!
So happy we get to see each other in school all the time and during softball !
I’m sorry we can’t spend our anniversary together . 😓 I got to see you today so that’s all that matters ❤️ brewski-69

To the man I love:

I know I’m not your dream girl but I will share all my dreams with you. I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the universe but I will make your life beautiful with my love. I know I am not flawless and perfect, but I will love you with all my best. I might yell at you at times, but I will hug you tight while whispering “I’m sorry” to your ears. I might get jealous, but I know you’ll assure me that I’m your only one. I have erratic mood swings, but I know you’ll find it cute. I am utterly stubborn. But I know you can handle me at my worst and I will probably listen to you. I promise you that if I give you my heart it will stay with you forever. Ill never cheat you and be utterly honest. Ill be always holding your hand through good and bad times in our life. Ill love you with all my heart and soul. I will be faithful to you Ill do anything I can to hold our relationship together till eternity. Promise me that you will never ever leave me alone. 



Love you always,

The woman that will always love you.

once upon a time...

I used to be one of those girls who saw other couples in love and got angry and jealous when they would let the whole world know how much they love their partner and how happy they were. Now I have become one of those annoying people, with my boyfriend. I know how it feels now, and why they felt they needed to publicized everything. Being this happy and in love makes you want to shout it from the roof tops, and scream in happiness. It’s not showing off, its being proud that you are finally happy. Finally able to believe you will not be alone forever. When you love someone that much it just consumes you and its all you think about when you aren’t around them. And sometimes, it scares the crap out of me. How you can do something wrong, and in a second, your world can be taken away from you. But true love can never be truly taken away. True love always finds its way back. 

And I am happy to say, I finally believe I am happy, and I will not be alone forever, because i have found the love of my life at 19 years old <3