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Ok so @littlestpersimmon has my all time favorite fam jam art style. Like I dare anyone to disagree with me when I say their stuff is tear inducing and awe inspiring. Hence I commissioned them to do this for piece a scene that I was writing for my pb&j fic but instead I stared at it for twenty minutes, wrote some fluff based on it, and made the last chapter super long to wrap it up because damn doesn’t this make you want nothing but happiness for them?

So in conclusion pb&j is pure, Bell is a beautiful human being, thank you for your time.

Shippers that demand their ship become canon and then harass/abuse the actors/writers are basically like Annie Wilkes in Misery. They would totally abduct the writers, torture them and make them write what they want, and then claim their ship was always meant to be cause they were OBVIOUSLY in love and the writer was OBVIOUSLY just teasing them🙄. Just because you’re really loud doesn’t mean you are the majority, because what we see when fanserviced ships happen is drop in ratings. So that clearly makes you NOT the majority. You can’t force writers to write shit for you - destroy a story for the sake of your ship, push to the side important/central characters for the sake of your ship - and then claim that they were planning it all along or that they’re your ship’s “No1 FAN.” Here’s the thing if your gross fandom has spent MONTHS or even YEARS harassing people to get a forced ship (that wasn’t even in the original material like books/comics or wasn’t in the writer’s original vision of the story), is it truly canon/endgame? Because at the end of the day I know the writers would set the damn script YOU forced them to write on fire and then take the ashes to force them down your throat while screaming: “Eat it till ya choke, you sick, twisted fuck!” An of-course try to kill you with a chainsaw after you’re done choking. 

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I can’t believe they skipped Best Actor this year… No one won for that category, wow. It’s like it doesn’t exist any more

And I can’t believe Octavia Spencer let Emma Stone hold her Oscar for her. She’s such a good woman. And Moana letting Zootopia have a moment with an Oscar they are never gonna get cause Moana won with actual poc representation, not allegories for racism using animals because us white people won’t listen if we can see people who aren’t white or can’t pretend all the animals are white.

Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis, and Moonlight were the only three winners that I know about that I actually care about.

Tangled AU - Royai drabble

Inspired from the prompt: “I guess dying with you isn’t the worse way to go.” I decided to make this into a Tangled AU scene with Rizpunzel and Ron Mustard. 

I have to give credit where credit is due: @gomboc123 who gave us all Ron Mustard and @princ3ssf33t for the art that inspired me to actually name Roy that with their fanart hahaha. 

She felt the tingle at the palm of her hands. Her adrenaline heighted from evading certain death by being crushed via massive boulder. As she was running, she could feel the weight of it hovering over her. She also counted her lucky stars for not losing her footing in the rapid water.

But her new situation was hardly better.

They were both in a dark cave with water coursing in. The flooding rapidly rose and she could feel it rise from her ankles to her knees in a matter of minutes. She could hear Ron splash desperately to look for an exit, moving rocks and pushing for an outlet.

Panic began to set within her and her feet were frozen where she stood, holding the bunches of her hair. Was her father right all along? Was she never ready for this world? The water rose to her chest level.

He tapped the ceiling of the cave, as she hoped for a budge in make of the cave. He must’ve forced so hard that his hand slipped, injuring himself. He hissed in pain.

Shaking herself, she willed herself to fight too and submerged herself into the cold water. A pair of strong hands grabbed her arm, yanking her to the surface.

“It’s no use, it’s too dark down there.” He lamented.

And suddenly, the only noises in the cave was their breathing and the river spilling in. Stroking her hair for comfort, she spoke, “This is all my fault. He was right.  I never should have done this. I am so - I’m so sorry, Ron.”


Her brown eyes looked up in confusion to his response, as if she’d be able to magically see him. “What?”

“My real name is Roy Mustang. Someone might as well know.” He sighed, followed with bitter chuckle. “And don’t blame yourself, dying with you isn’t the worst way to go, Rizpunzel.”

As the water reached her shoulders, she reciprocated his chuckle as she slowly came to terms with her demise. “I have magic hair that burns when I sing,” she admitted.

“What?” He asked incredulously.

Her eyes widened, remembering the convenient features of her abnormally long hair. “I have – magic hair that burns when I sing!”

Rizpunzel only had once chance, the water began to tickle the sides of her neck. Before gasping for her final breath, she sang: “Fire, gleam and glow. Let your power shine.

For a moment, she floated in watery limbo, not seeing a reaction from her hair in the first few seconds. A light began to emanate from her scalp to the ends of her hair and, by all accounts, should not have been able to illuminate, much less burn within the water. In front of her, Ron, or now Roy, let out a surprised shriek and clapped his hands back on top of his mouth. They both glanced downwards and saw her locks light where water was escaping. They swam towards it and began to work in unison to move the rocks.

The burn within her chest began to grow worse as her lungs begged for her. Roy managed to stick his hand through and subsequently pushed with enough power to allow the flow of water to eject them both.

so I can’t just watch person of interest all day, apparently, and I kind of want to write but can’t pull together the focus for it, so I’m gonna go for this meme again because it’s worked well for me historically and just may work well again!

Here are my WIPs! Send me a number and I’ll add 150 words to that story or edit for 15 minutes, depending on how complete it is. If I get the same number multiple times, I have to write more for that fic!

Six WIPs eligible for this meme under the read more.

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You know, I’ve always been really confused about what the initial point of Rose Quartz’s were to Pink Diamond/Homeworld. Because, really, if the plan for earth was this:

then what is the point of having a gem who has the ability to create life the way Rose is shown to be able to do? And if every other Quartz type we see is built like a freaking body builder (with the exception of the gems from the Beta kindergarten we see in That Will Be All, but according to Peridot nearly all of the gems there “came out wrong” so…) and have weapons that can be used offensively:

then why have this single type of Quartz who looks soft and approachable and give them a shield as a weapon? Then this bomb came along and…I noticed a couple of things about that zoo. The first thing was these flowers on the door.

Five petalled flowers with what looks like the centre of Rose’s gem upside down in the middle. Does that look familiar? How about now.

These look startlingly similar to the flowers Rose grows on earth. On top of this, we have the room where Yellow and Blue Diamond discuss Pink Diamond’s death. When I watched this I couldn’t help but think it was strange that all of the Rose Quartz’s were here for some reason.

Like, if this room was Pink Diamond’s version of the temple, why are there no other gem types anywhere? Surely she didn’t only bubble Rose Quartz’s in her time alive. And if they were put here…in memory of Pink Diamond or something then someone would’ve had to take the time to move all of these bubble gems to this location.

Unless, they were already there.

Unless, the zoo is where Rose Quartz’s used to work.

The zoo is meant to be calming to humans. A place where they live a life of complacency and safety. Would it not make sense that the gems working there would be approachable to humans should they ever need to go into the enclosure? Would it not make sense that they would be able to grow new wildlife should something happen to the ecosystem in the enclosure? Rose Quartz’s would make the perfect guards for such a place.

At least until one of them decided she liked humans a little too much and didn’t want the planet they came from to be destroyed.