Holy shit! Anyone else felt like this was kinda official coming out episode?? Like, even before this we knew they were gay (*cough* kawaii af gay outfits *cough*) but now they are officially out of the closet!! Yaaaaaay :D

Lets be honest, episode seven just screamed “GAAAY” and “SEXUAL TENSION” . We even got some new ships maybe?? eh eh?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IoRyuu scene in the bath slayed me!! Like Io would so fuck him if they were alone!! I can feel it (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Anyways this was like my favorite boueibu episode so far!! Lets hope its gets gayer(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

*prays for the smutty IoRyuu fanfics* 

Can we stop acting like racism within the LGBTQ rights movement is a gay problem and not a white problem? Like… you’re not an anti-racist if you’re literally absolving Whiteness of the blame for racism. 

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Unpopular Opinion: Im not really a big fan of TFA (One of my favorite things ever in the TF franchise is the *cough* gay *cough* relationship between OP and Megs and their backstory and everything. The fact that TFA was missing that bugged me. Alot.)

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TFA is my #2 show after TFP. I too am a big OPxMegs shipper though, and I absolutely love their canon rivalry without all the shippyness too … yet it didn’t bother me that TFA was lacking suck things? I fully enjoyed Optimus as he was, and and effing loved TFA Megatron as he was, and while the complete lack of knowing each other was definitely weird … idk … I think it’s just, my overall reaction to TFA is just “I love it for what it is.” It’s different from other ‘verses, but still highly enjoyable in its own special way. 

p.s. there is still a good amount of TFA Megs x OP fanart out there, and probably fanfics too. and i quite like it lol

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ah about naruto part, it got confused because i'm chatting with my fb friend too, gomen (T_T). So, who is your otp in akayona? male/female? male/male? because i saw your post about your guilt ship, suwon x yona.

hahahaha its okay dear XD

omg I’m so in for Soo-won x Yona for some reason even tho I know that Yona will und up probably with Hak if she decided to be in a relationship. Hak X Yona is not half bad but the only thing that makes me ship it is Hak’s personality.

uhmmm besides that Jae-ha x Kija and Jae-ha x Hak charmes me TO NO END. OHMYGOD. and also the thing is that for me the dragon children were really gay for King Hiryuu and seeing how this generation likes Yona i think this is really gay ahahahaha cough cough cough.

I havent read thoooseee chapters about the flashbacks but im sure I will ship King Hiryuu with Zeno :”) asjkhgfd

ALSO SOO-WON X HAK HELLOBYE. soo-won’s character is really misunderstood thats why i cry for him a lot tbh.