San Diego Comic Con, in what is now a great mid-summer tradition, dropped some great announcements this past weekend. Among them, Marvel’s new The World of Wakanda, the new companion series to the current record-breaking Black Panther run.World of Wakanda is going to be written by two Black women authors and drawn by two Black women artists. This is a first all around and worthy of all the excitement it has generated around the Internet. We were lucky enough to steal a few minutes with Roxane Gay, one of the authors for the new series. Gay is new to comics but brings with her a significant writing resume, with novels (An Untamed State), essays (Bad Feminist), and op/ed columns to her name. We talked comics and Marvel, the Dora Milaje, and dream projects. We’re happy that we get to share this with you.

Black Nerd Problems: Needless to say, we’re big fans around here of the work Coates and Stelfreeze on Black Panther. How did Coates bring you on board to write World of Wakanda?

Roxane Gay: Ta-Nehisi and I have been acquainted over the years. We did a reading together at 826 Boston during the AWP conference a few years back and he remembered the story I wrote. A few months ago, he e-mailed me, saying he had a crazy idea. One thing led to another and here we are.

BNP: So I know you’re a new fan. I’ve only been a comics reader for a few years myself, so I know that learning curve is steep. How are you going about researching the universe where the comic will be set?

RG: I am trying to read all the comics I can and I am also, as cheesy as it sounds, reading books on how to write comics. But I also know they brought me in for a reason so I am trying to trust myself and remember that I don’t need to know everything about writing comics. I need to know how to tell stories and that, I can do pretty with you.

@lehlight has more of the interview to share with you here. [x]

i think the only way this live action thing will work if it ends up being mostly just “inspired by” LIS. an actual adaptation would be a nightmare since its a choice based game and there is not one ‘correct’ way to tell the story. 

like take the characters and give them a story that actually means something. a story that actually doesn’t treat them all like garbage.  

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