Yaaassssss :D

hahahaha…last night…smh…

Epic. :D

Minsoo asked me if he could stay at my place because his friend who’s hosting him probably needs some “alone time” (cough cough..gay sex…cough cough…), and since his friend only lives 1 block from me, I was fine with it.

So Minsoo came over last night around 11PM after he went to the Jjimjilbang/ 찜질방 in KTown. And then we took an Uber from West LA to Ktown to meet up with Rich at our favorite  pocha/포차 in KTown: Dan Sung Sa/ 단성사! :D

And after like 2 hours, Minsoo got wasted. lol. We took another Uber to smoke hookah and within 20 minutes, Minsoo was puking outside. >_<

So Rich was like, “We should Uber back to your place…” and I was like, “HELL NO. I’M NOT WASTING THAT HOOKAH THAT I PAID FOR!!! >>__<<”…

…and waited another 10 minutes to call an Uber, so that I could furiously smoke the hookah and not waste it. hahahahahah….

On the way back to West LA in the Uber car, Minsoo alllmmoooostttt made it without puking. But then he made that “noise.” You know that noise, right? That burp that you know is someone about to puke? So the guy was like, “Puke out the door! Puke out the door!!!” and we were fortunately at a red light, so Minsoo opened the door and puked all over the street. hahahahahaha….

Then when we got back to my place, we were helping Minsoo puke more outside the apartment. And then I decided to walk him up and down the street to sober up more. About 15 minutes later, I wondered why Rich hadn’t come out yet.

The bitch had basically knocked out on my bed. >_< hahahaha…

So, yes.

I tucked them in.

In my bed.

And yes, I sorta undressed them and tucked them in. lol.

It was pretty cute. They were spooning together. hahahaha…

Then I realize that Minsoo’s snoring like a freaking chainsaw and I haul his sleeping ass to the ground and bust out a sleeping bag so that hopefully his snoring doesn’t wake up Rich.

And I set up another sleeping bag in the living room and slept in the living room. :)

I’m gonna guess that they made out this morning.

And that they’re gonna have sex later on today.

But that’s just my guess. hahahahaha… ;)