*cough* sarcasm

Remember kids, its only ok for villians to be mean.

If it’s just a regular ol’ character, then that automatically makes them fucking garbage and a bad character. No character that isn’t a villian is allowed to have any emotions except kindness toward others :)

Because every character is perfect and not flawed at all and never has to deal with real personal issues.

qwertypop5  asked:

Do you like BBC


Btw, ik there’s more on bbc than just doctor who but other than doctor who the only other show on there that watch would be sherlock holmes. Also, yes. I rushed this. Im sorry.

Why can’t we just celebrate in peace?

*Bangtan tops album sales*
People: “How did they surpass Big Bang? Their company is totally manipulating the sales!" 

*Bangtan gets first win on The Show*

People: "That’s just a cheap win. I’d like to see them try to win on main broadcast shows”

*Bangtan gets second win on M!Countdown (main broadcast)*
People: “V’s making a funny face (TOTALLY not like him *cough sarcasm*) , that is so rude and disrespectful to all the senior groups! He’s the worst, most immature hoobae ever! ”

Can’t ya’ll just sit the fuck down and let BTS and ARMYs enjoy their achievements in peace? Why can’t these people accept the fact that BTS and ARMYs both really worked hard to get these awards? None of ya’ll can sit still just because the spotlight’s not on your faves for a change. 

idk about you, but it’s about time Bangtan got some recognition. It’s not that we want them to win to beat your faves, we want them to win because THEY DESERVE THE RECOGNITION THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING SO HARD FOR THE PAST YEARS NOW. Not because we want bragging rights that we won over other groups. And yet here ya’ll are, making a fuss over anything you can think of just because BTS is winning over your groups. I honestly don’t see ARMYs making a fuss on other groups when BTS lost over them, they just kept trying harder to make them win again.

SO many people just love to make unnecessary issues. 

What’s hilarious is when you have certain characters whose canon look doesn’t matter too much. Like you could cast Riddler as a blonde man with brown eyes and no one would really argue. You could cast Scarecrow as red head with green eyes and people would be like sure why not.

But take away Harley’s blonde hair and pigtails and people are like HOW DARE YOU TARNISH HER LIKE THIS???