*cough cough bonnie i love you*

I’m sorry is it just me but when Bonnie gasped for air that did not look like she was gasping for her life. This looks like gasping for another reason cough..cough.. sexual reasons. I’m sorry but Kat stays doing this, she makes highly provocative faces in very deathly situations and I can’t help but laugh.

Imagine Damon in season 7 like “Bonnie is my best friend! Don’t touch my witchy judgy bon bon! You are not the right boyfriend for her! Actually she can’t be with anyone except me... but obviously I love Elena! Yes, the lady who is sleeping right now. I’m waiting for her. Btw... Bon Bon is my bestfriend: stay away from her! I’m Damon Salvatore... Bonnie’s boyfr... COUGH COUGH! Bonnie’s BODYGUARD!” LOL <3