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Why I Ship Bamon

Many people (online and in person) have asked me why I ship Bamon…

Here’s a numbered list (in no particular order) of reasons. (WARNING: Contains Anti Delena and Anti Elena)

1. Damon respects and admires Bonnie.

Within the first season, he knows she’s powerful. She is a force to be reckoned with; she has proven many times that she’s not afraid of killing him, or any other vampire that gets in her way.

He can’t push her around or compel her (Unlike human Caroline, or at times, Elena). It’s all raw. He recognizes and acknowledges her power.

He is often in awe of her power: “Bonnie, you are officially the most terrifying person I know”.

When she’s doing her magic, you can see him getting interested and paying attention to what she’s doing - unlike his typical behavior of acting like he doesn’t care what’s going on.

2. He’s a little different around her. I feel like her mere presence alerts him that he needs to be on his best behavior (morally).

3. She stands by her morals and decisions (unlike Elaima Goldfish).

Example: When Damon and Bonnie learn about Kai and what he wants to do when he’s out of the prison world, Bonnie says that she won’t let him out, knowing how unstable he is. Damon, saying that he needs to get back to Elenor, tries to change her mind. Her answer is still no.

Do they end up letting him out? Nope.

If Kai hadn’t interfered, they both would have made it home.

See? They compromise. Using his puppy eyes is all Damon needs to do to sway Elebrah’s opinion.

Bonnie doesn’t “bend her morals” for him.

4. They balance each other out.

I believe Damon is still a little morally challenged. Bonnie, as a character, is oozing with morality and selflessness. As I said before, her presence is enough for him to want to do better morally without having to change his already established personality.

Bonnie is very uptight. Do I blame her? No. She’s been through more than anyone gives her credit for.

It seems like Damon lets her loosen up a little but not to the point where she’s a completely different person (cough Emala). Her morality and goodness are still as strong as ever, but she smiles a lot around him, and just seems more loose.

5. They are BFFs

It’s canon. They are best friends. I think romantic love is always better when it’s bloomed out of friendship (cough, cough, Steroline, cough).

6. He doesn’t have to feel guilty around Stefan.

Although Stefan has clearly moved on to Carebear and tossed worthless Elaka Giblet down the drain, he used to be in love and in a relationship with Elaka.

When your ex breaks up with you for your brother, things will be awkward between the three of you.

Has Bonnie dated Stefan? Nope! There doesn’t have to be a crazy elephant in the room with Bonnie. He doesn’t have to be compared to Stefan constantly. I think that’s a good thing.

7. The way he looks at her…

Just. Go. Find. Some. Bamon. Scenes. On. YouTube.

8. The banter and nicknames.

Come on, who doesn’t love some Bamon banter? So cute.

Also: Bon Bon, B-Team, Judgy, Witchy, Sabrina, B-Train = 💖

Notice: he’s never made up tons of nicknames for Elaine Gills.

9. They are badass

Whenever they work together, they get things done.

10. He is super protective of her.

“We may be having a disagreement, but don’t ever lay a hand on her.”

“Believe it or not Bonnie, I want to protect you.”

“I can’t show up without Bonnie!”

11. Even Ecola knows it.

“I don’t think he hates her. He actually kinda loves her.”

You’re goddamn right…for once.

12. Bonnie deserves to be loved.

13. Damon needs to know a right, healthy way to be loved.

14. Imagine the Bamon and Steroline double dates…

15. Damon and Bonnie have conversations.

These two communicate well. It’s canon that they spent months in the prison world talking and getting to know themselves and each other. This blossomed into their friendship.

With Dullena, it’s always sex, sex, sex, sex…with maybe like two half assed conversations.

16. Damon is always talking about his humanity and lack thereof.

In the prison world, I’ve never seen Damon so domestic and human like.

Coincidence? I think not!

17. Bamon Pancakes = 💞

18. Did you see them dance in like, season 2?! So saucy.

19. The sexual tension is everywhere.

20. A teddy bear is our mascot. Miss Cuddles rules. Nuff said.

21. Also, Bamon hugs.

I hope this was a good list and had some fair points.

TVD 8x05 Reaction

Set us both free

Enzo: Oh, don’t mind me, luv. Something wrong?

Bonnie: I’m fine. 

Enzo: Wow. So Damon murders Tyler Lockwood, in cold blood, and you’re fine with it. 

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Enzo: I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your call, but that seems like a decidedly not fine situation, at least to me. But that grief that you’re trying damn hard to hide is giving you this beautiful glow. 

Enzo: Set me free, Bonnie. 

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Enzo: Set us both free. 

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Enzo: I’ll take you on a proper date. Anywhere you’d like. Paris… 

Oh god, another Paris mention.

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Are you a witch again

Enzo: You can fix everything that’s broken inside of me. You can fix us. Your wrists look a little raw. I’ll help you out. Bonnie Bennett, you are my saving grace. You spelled the cabin? You’ve been keeping a secret from me. 

Enzo: Are you a witch again?

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Bonnie: I’m actually not. Still don’t have my magic, but doesn’t mean I can’t use a magical object.

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Bonnie: This is a dark object on loan from the Armory. It’s called a “flame of imprisonment.” Well, aren’t you fancy? It traps supernatural beings in the space where it burns. I can come and go because I’m the one who lit it. And I’m the only one who can put it out. And I won’t… unless you turn your humanity back on. 

Enzo: Why are you suddenly taking this stand? 

Bonnie: Because Tyler Lockwood is dead. And I’m not gonna lose you, too.

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I want to be there. I just… I can’t leave.

Caroline: It was awful. Like Damon’s desperate for us all to hate him. 

Bonnie: Sorry I wasn’t there. I want to be there. I just… I can’t leave.

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Caroline: Please tell me it’s going better than it did yesterday.

Bonnie: It’s worse, if that’s even possible. Drying him out didn’t work. Starving him didn’t work. I played the guitar. 

Ugh. Enough with the guitar.

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Bonnie: I told him our history. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

What history? Three years in a cabin?

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Bonnie: What did it for you, when you had your humanity off? What made you break free? 

Caroline: I had to face my biggest fear. That I wasn’t worth loving anymore. And that my mom would be ashamed of me. I had to be reminded how much she loved me, and then I had to want to live up to that. Is that helpful?

 Bonnie: Yeah. It is. 

Caroline: Keep me posted. And don’t worry about not being here. We’ll give Tyler a proper good-bye 

Why don’t you just turn your humanity back on

Enzo: Dead friend problems? My heart bleeds for you. All this trauma. The burden of always having to protect everyone. Why don’t you just take me off your plate, hmm? 

Bonnie: Why don’t you just turn your humanity back on? 

Enzo: I was angry, depressed. 

Before Bonnie or while he was with her??

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Enzo: A-A tragic poet full of darkness. Where’s the fun in reverting back to an inferior version of myself? 

Bonnie: You were a lot of amazing things, too. You were loyal, creative, and wildly romantic.

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Enzo: Mmm. Well, you know, even if I did turn it on, it’s too late for you. You missed Tyler’s funeral. Abandoning your friends in their time of need. That, my dear, is cold. 

Bonnie: I’ll be back  

Enzo: I’ll still be here. Thanks to you.

Happy New Year’s, luv. Come on, dance with me

Enzo: Happy New Year’s, luv. Come on, dance with me. Hmm? Like we used to. Oh, I remember now, all the lights, the music, mmm. 

Bonnie: Screw you. 

Enzo: You didn’t buy it? Not just a little?

Bonnie: I’m glad you found a new way to amuse yourself. 

Enzo: Yeah, sorry. Can’t help it. Romance… the slow burn of it all. Oh, it was so unbelievably saccharine. And for what? I kept you safe for three years and then you tried to kill me. It looks like you might be trying that again?

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Bonnie: I’m gonna get through to you. I’m gonna use your darkest fears to pull you out of this. 

Enzo: Okay, well, I’m a complicated person. In my 140 years on this Earth, no one’s figured me out. 

Sure. Tragic Poet.

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Bonnie: Oh, well. Guess I’ll die trying. (gas splashing) 

The character regression is mind-boggling 

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Enzo: Oh. You think I’m afraid of fire because Damon left me in a fire. 

Bonnie: Nice try. But no. You’re afraid of people leaving. Period. You’re afraid of being abandoned. The one thing that happens to you again and again. Everyone leaves, no one stays. Well, that ends now. ‘Cause I’m not going anywhere. 

Enzo: Yeah, well… This is a bit extreme, don’t you think? 

Bonnie: Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m not leaving until you turn your humanity back on. I’d rather burn alive than abandon you.

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I’m not leaving you

Enzo: Congratulations, you nailed it. Fear of abandonment, a textbook case. Now can we end this? 

Bonnie: I’m not leaving you. 

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Enzo: I know. I get it. No. Smoke doesn’t feel good in the lungs, does it? 

Bonnie: I’m not leaving you.

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Enzo: And I still don’t care. Now you’re just being stupid. 

Bonnie: I’m not leaving you. 

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Enzo: Any other last words? 

Bonnie: (groans) I’m… not… leaving… …you. 

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Enzo: You’re as good as dead. 

Bonnie: I’m not… (groans) (fire roaring, glass shattering) 

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Enzo: Bonnie. Bonnie, wake up.

Bonnie: Enzo! (coughs) You came back to me. 

Enzo: Of course I did. Someone had to save you.

It’s my time

Bonnie: (coughing) No… No! 

Enzo: Bonnie. It’s my time. You loved me more than anyone. That’s enough. 

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Bonnie: (coughing) No! I’m not leaving you. (Bonnie running back into the cabin and burning her hand) 

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Enzo: (Enzo vamp speeding her out) Bonnie! I’m sorry. Sorry. 

Bonnie: It’s okay.  

Enzo: I’m so sorry.

Bonnie: It’s okay. It’s okay. We’re okay. 

Enzo: I almost killed you. 

Bonnie: I’m still here. Look at me. You’re okay now. You’re okay. And you’re stuck with me forever. 'Cause I’m never leaving.

This is a toxic relationship.

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We’re here to honor Tyler

Stefan: We’re here to honor Tyler.

Alaric: He was strong, in the face of so much loss.

Enzo: He fought the darkness inside himself and won. I respected the hell out of him.

Why is Enzo talking? Did he even know him? I feel like the only people who should be saying anything are Matt, Caroline and Bonnie (even though the writers did a shit job at actually developing a relationship between Bonnie and Tyler) his childhood friends. 

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How cute would it have been to see a flashback of  little Tyler, Matt, Caroline, Elena and Bonnie playing by the Lockwood well. These writers suck.

Bonnie: Tyler was willing to sacrifice everything for us.

Matt: He cared about all of us. And he was my best friend.

Caroline: He was so much more than a small town kid, and he lived so much more than a small town life. I loved him. We all did.

Stefan: Look, we don’t know what’ll happen next to any of us, but we can’t let that haunt us. We can’t let that make us forget what we mean to one another. A few years ago, I sat on top of that Ferris wheel with Elena, and I told her how important it was to appreciate these moments because moments are all we have. So in honor of Tyler and Elena, we need to keep creating moments like these. We need to remember to live. 

Why the fuck are we bring up Elena? She had a whole episode dedicated to her and she’s been mentioned in almost every episode since she’s been gone! This should be just about Tyler Lockwood who deserved so much better. 

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Bamon vs Bonenzo

How is it that Damon without his humanity wants to keep Bonnie safe and when Enzo loses his he doesn’t care if she dies? Bonnie almost had to die for Enzo to turn his humanity back on because his biggest fear is being alone. I feel like the writers are trying to make Bonenzo a tragic romance (Romeo and Juliet) I can’t live without you bullshit. Toxic Relationship.

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I feel like the only good thing we got out of this episode was the Bonenzo cabin burning down. 

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Hopefully we never see it again.

Imagine Damon in season 7 like “Bonnie is my best friend! Don’t touch my witchy judgy bon bon! You are not the right boyfriend for her! Actually she can’t be with anyone except me... but obviously I love Elena! Yes, the lady who is sleeping right now. I’m waiting for her. Btw... Bon Bon is my bestfriend: stay away from her! I’m Damon Salvatore... Bonnie’s boyfr... COUGH COUGH! Bonnie’s BODYGUARD!” LOL <3