Purple Guy: Would you like to see children die?

Spring Bonnie: NO! Get out of here with that knife! Lay off the poor children, will ya? Sheesh! You’re a creep! Go away! We were having a good time until you showed up! Go have some coffee, with cream, or something, because I’ll tell you something! This is a HAPPY PLACE!!


Athletes who play a unilateral sport (e.g. baseball, shot put, etc.), musicians, and others tend to have less rotation on one side of their bodies. This is a quick and simple test you can do that requires you to be mindful and aware of your own asymmetry. Once you figure out which side is tighter, add in relevant exercises in the transverse plane, like cable chops or medicine ball throws!

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can you explain all that happened today I am so confused

• Niall, who has not visited Freddie in 10 months, went to the hospital to visit Ruby Winston and made it very public
• Harry was added to both CAA and Dawbell’s websites as a solo artist
@itwilltoteshappen has a source confirming a Louis performance on the XFactor finale
• Liam just went off on Louis Walsh on twitter

And that’s what you missed on 1D… So far.

Quand j'etais toute petite et que j'écrivais en majuscules, je serrais toujours trop mes lettres alors après je séparais les mots avec des grandes barres verticales pour clarifier le truc et la maîtresse cette tebê elle croyait que c'était des “i” mais genre c'est pas parce que j'ai 4 ans que je sais pas faire un i. On voit bien la différence entre mes i et mes barres pour séparer les mots.

Somehow my young!Undyne scribble turned out looking like fish!Camicazi. 

I always thought it’d be funny if Undyne, in addition to having like the craziest wild hair when she was a kid, also had yet to grow into her fins. I know that’s not how fish developmental biology works, but hey, these are monsters, they’re a different species. I think it’d be adorable if fish monsters grew into their fin-ears.

Did technically draw her full body but don’t care as much for how it looks I guess? Idk. This was all just scribbling anyway. XD I’ll make a better one someday.

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Ok I know I’m still on season one of supergirl, and I know most of the people I follow are wlw who watch supergirl for the Great Lesbian Migration but it honestly kinda scares me a bit how everyone seems to be fine with the retcon of karolsen so they can support the supercorp ship. Like supercorp is great, it’s wlw which I get we all love, but I don’t think we should be forgetting how important karolsen is, not just to Kara herself, but also to fandom to have this incredible interracial ship that, as far as I understand, was basically canon until the cw fucked everything up. It’s reminding me a lot of the situation with finnrey and it’s just disturbed me a bit how little of karolsen I see on my dash. Now again, I haven’t seen season 2 yet so this might be uninformed, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while

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for the h/c promps, I'm intrigued with what you might do with this: 17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Okay, I haven’t forgotten about these, I swear. I still got one more to do. But here you go @jadedbirch!

I was pissed about this one because it seemed the only way to do it was with a modern AU and i really didn’t want to do that and I mentioned that to El​ and she was just like “Well maybe one of them could say it in a letter.”

“Nah,” said I, “Ima put Flint in a hole.”

note: this is set in the orange universe because i felt guilty about putting canon flint in a hole, he’s been through so much. orange!flint is a loved yet grumpy farmer. in the hole he goes. if you haven’t read that, here’s a summary: they grow oranges, and have sex. 

also happy birthday @ellelan!

17. “I don’t know where I am. Help me”

Flint had never dealt with a hurricane on land. The storms he’d weathered on ships had been frightening, ferocious things, and he’d nearly lost his life on more than one occasion, but it was still preferable to this. At least he’d had things to do.

Sitting in the small cellar beneath his house, ceilings too low to even stand, listening to the storm tearing apart his orange grove with absolutely nothing to stop it – it was a nightmare.

“It’ll be fine,” said Silver. He had yet to let go of Flint’s wrist. “The wind’s just going to knock all the oranges from their branches, and you’ll just have less work to do.”

“That’s the opposite of what I want,” Flint said.

Silver thought about that. “Well, picking them all up off the ground will take a lot of time, most likely.”

Flint did feel better. For a moment.

“I hope the money doesn’t get blown away,” he said idly, listening to the thin wooden door above them rattle with the wind.

Silver said nothing, but it took Flint tugging at his shirt with both hands and the two dozen cats screaming at his foot to get him to sit back down and not go racing into the storm.

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