*corey graves



↳  personal argument -

↳  broadcasting bicker -

↳  backstage forgiveness.

work with: 

(these are just ideas, they are not guaranteed to be included in the story.)

  • Week after week, Corey speaks nothing but highly of you on commentary.
  • Until he doesn’t one night, after an argument.
  • But no one knows that you’re in a relationship. No one. 
  • “Well, it’s a good thing that I do my job, and you do yours, huh?” 
  • “Corey..” Byron warns, concerned and out of character.
  • “Stay out of it, Saxton!” Corey shoots back, angrier than usual. 
  • Your mouth drops, shocked at how childish he was acting, and how he was letting a personal matter effect his work.
  • “Maybe she should’ve have ever mixed business with pleasure” You say to him through the headset- starring right into his eyes, and thank God that the camera was on the match. 
  • It still seeps into his, and all of the live listeners at home’s, ears.
  • Michael Cole call out the current move set- being the only person paying attention to the ring at the announcer’s table, then gives us both a warning look to knock it off- whatever it was. 
  • “How dare you disrespect a stunning queen such as Charlotte, (Y/N)?” Corey pushed, knowing just how to get under my skin.
  • Obviously done with Graves’ shit, you tear off the announcer’s headset and walk to ringside to focus. 

KINKS; ??? 

  • Corey asks Reader to make it up to him.. he has these eggs he wants Reader to use during work.
  • “Corey.. you know I can’t wrestle with these in..“ 
  • “It’s a good thing you’re not wrestling tonight, then.” Corey quips, patting my ass. 
  •  "Go put them in. Now. You better do it, too. I’ll know.“ He threatens. 
  •  We’ve used them before, and Corey was not shy in any way with sex toys.. but here, at work.. it’s suicide if we were caught somehow. 
  •  Reader inserts the balls inside of her, and is to watch ringside tonight- again. (Interfere in the night before, she has to do some work.) 
  •  Corey sits at commentary, and while she’s standing he turns on the vibrator, sending a shock to her core. 
  •  He can see everything, and so can the crowd. She stays calm and instantly recollects herself- denying him his torturing satisfaction. 
  •  She starts to speak on the mic, delivering a promo- and Corey kicks it up a notch, hidden in his sleeve. 
  •  Reader hiccups on a word, and the crowd thinks it’s a common mistake all wrestlers make during promos. 
  •  She gets through it with her dignity and confidence of no one knowing what was happening. She was closing the show, with Charlotte and Raw was minutes away from ending.
  • Corey shoots it to its highest speed, and she stares into the camera’s lens. Not to the viewers, not to the company. To him. Knowing that he was doing this on purpose. 
  •  Reader finishes up and so does the show. She makes it backstage and the commentators say their goodbyes for the night. Corey calmly steps to her door.  
  • After shutting her dressing room door, she slams Corey into the wall and is ready to.. you know/  👀
  • Corey takes out the small, bullet vibrators and sucks on them with two fingers in her pussy while looking into her eyes as he finger bangs her.
  • Smut, smut, smutty, smut. 
  • (Maybe he takes the bullet to her clit as she is draped over a table, enough that he can hold it to her and shove her into the wood as he fucks her- forcing her into the vibrator, pushing itself against her raw, exposed, and nerved bud.)

Dear @wwe ,

I’ve noticed you’ve been uploading some old NXT episodes and that’s wonderful, keep doing it. But, if you could, would you PLEASE upload some FCW on the network? Honestly, there are new fans who deserve to see:

  • Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins: origins
  • The beginning of Ambreigns
  • The first Shield triple threat
  • Summer Rae as GM
  • Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett as a tag team
  • Roman Reigns and Tyler Breeze as a tag team
  • Sheamus O’Shaunessy. O’SHAUNESSY!!!
  • Paige, Charlotte, Bayley, Jason Jordan, Sasha Banks, Enzo and Cass, Rusev, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Mojo Rawley, The Ascension, Corey Graves, Big E, Xavier Woods, Baron Corbin, Kassius Ohno, Neville, Scott Dawson, Aiden English, Bo Dallas - all of them looking like babies!!


Thank you,


Came for the muscles, stayed for the dorks...

In all honesty the fact that my favs are my favs does have something to do with how attractive I find them, but it has more to do with their in ring talent and the fact that they are all actually giant freaking dorks.

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Things I would rather see at WM than Roid Lesnar vs Grampa .
  • The New Day do literally anything
  • Naomi Vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE SD Women’s Champion

  • A dog take a shit in the ring

  • A completely off topic appearance by The Rock

  • an actual Rock

  • Finn Balor

  • Jack Galliher and Becky Lynch Have a tea party 

  • Noam Dar saying ‘Alicia Fox’ for 10 minutes straight

  • Byron Saxton tell Corey Graves how he really feels 

  • AJ styles comb his hair

  • John Cena singing his greatest hits.

  • Brie Bella give birth.

  • Kurt Angle Drink milk

  • Maryse & Sami Zayn argue in french

  • Kevin Owens
  • The Apocalypse 

Prompt: Corey Graves asks out a coworker who normally wears long sleeves to work but when he picks her up she’s in sleeveless dress showing off her tattoos. Smut. - Anon

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