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Breaking In, Ch 19 (OQ AU, 19/?)

Regina shows up with Henry at ten-thirty on the dot Saturday morning, and if he didn’t know her as well as he does now, he might not even see the anxiety pouring off her. But he does know her, and so he does see it. He sees it in the depth of each breath she takes, in the tight edges of her smile, in the way she tucks her thumbs into the pockets of her aubergine dress (stylish, sleek, something her bloody mother would approve of, he bets – and perfectly, but subtly, accessorized). She thanks him for letting Henry crash his weekend with Roland for a few hours, and he tells her not to worry about it, that the boys get along famously and it’s no trouble.

They’re already yammering on in the living room, Roland showing Henry his new fire truck with the extendable ladder, and Henry acting as though he cares just as much as Roland does about the whole thing. Which he well may, one can never tell with a boy raised to be so polite.

“You look gorgeous,” he tells her, keeping his voice low enough that the boys won’t hear. He wants to bolster her, to make her feel beautiful the way he knows his compliments once used to, but everything has shifted now, everything has changed, and so his compliment makes her frown this morning. And her frowning makes him stammer. “I mean – I didn’t – I know–” He takes a breath. “It’s a good color on you, is all I meant. I wanted to pay you a compliment.”

She nods, that thin smile back in place, and tells him, “Thank you,” her fingers patting absently against her pockets, thumbs still firmly planted inside. “I should get going. I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours, if even that. And if you want to order a pizza or something, I can–”

She’s reaching for her purse as if she’s going to pull out cash, and he doesn’t need it, not from her. Work is going well, tips are good; he can certainly afford a single sodding pizza. And he’s taken enough from her recently (and her family not so recently). He doesn’t want a single red cent.

“I’ve got it,” he assures, holding up a hand to wave her off. “I can take care of lunch. And don’t rush back on our account; if you need a bit of quiet, he can stay as late as he’d like. Roland’s been excited to play with Henry since I told him last night.”

He hates the look she’s giving him. Half strangled pain, half irritation. “I can handle a coffee date with my mother; I won’t need an afternoon to recover.”

She might, though. He knows that, and so does she, even if her pride won’t allow it.

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I know it’s a bit last minute, but I just wanted to remind everybody that tomorrow, August 2nd, is a Time After Time Capsule event! If you are near NYC, please come and put something colorful and cheerful into the capsule~! You can find it at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza and the capsule will be open from 1PM-5PM. Here’s a link to the facebook event:
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My reaction to Teen Wolf: pt 16

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Honestly this is not what I expected for the Claudia scene. I thought that she was going to help him or speak to him, the way Noshiko and Victoria did. Now I understand why John Stilinski or Sheriff Stilinski said that Stiles killed his mom.

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I don't suppose you have a preference for eating heart stealing witches? Because if you did, now might be a good time to exercise it.

While I’m never opposed to eating people…is it really wise to go after someone so powerful? I mean, she has magic, and I’m really no match for her…


I had a bit of crazy talk with littlelionalicious​ about one piece fusion 2 days ago and shet got real.. X’D

I have seen a quite of Law and Luffy fusion lately, and I feel this whole fusion thing would never complete w/o the true love fusion aka Cora-Law.. AwA
It took my whole evening to think of his design.. I kinda like how this cora-law fusion turns out. Hope I designed him just ok tho :’3

Go ask this fluffy bby here => Ask-TheHeartFusion


The Titanic; Unsinkable Glory (Coming Soon on ff.net)

“And God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes. And there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be sorrow or crying. Neither shall there be any more pain.” - The Titanic (1997)

Starring: [E.Hughes, C.Carson] & [Cora C., Robert C.]

The Titanic voyage continues - in movies, books, TV shows and the public fascination. Part historic chronicle, part human drama, part paranormal thriller, the tale of the doomed ship still has us in its hooks.

103 years ago, the R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where it sits today as a decaying tomb of more than fifteen hundred poor souls.


They both raised their hands and waved to the people they’d never met. They waved to their home, their England, their Europe. They both left everything and everyone they loved in Downton. Elsie leaned on the rail and saw hundreds of people below them, yelling their goodbyes loudly. She smiled in amusement, cupping her hands around her mouth and she screamed. “Goodbye!”

Confused Charles turned to face her. “You know somebody?”

“Of course not. That’s not the point.” Elsie briefly looked at him and continued. She felt free. “Goodbye! Goodbye! I’ll miss you!” She giggled at her own wildness.

Grinning, Charles joined her, adding his voice to the swell of voices. “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!” He shouted loudly at tiny figures around the dock.

“Since when you talk like this?” Elsie laughed and raised her eyebrows at him.

“Didn’t you say that we can break some rules?” He said grinning from ear to ear.

The crowd of cheering well-wishers waved heartily as a black wall of metal moved past them. There was a rumble of engines and the sound of churning water and suddenly they were in motion. Elsie gripped Charles’s hand even more tighter and told herself that the prickling behind her eyes was being caused by the wind.

Everything that mattered to her at that very moment was right beside her and in front of her, embodied in a glory of steel and iron. Elsie clenched her jaw and fixed her eyes forward at the sea. She didn’t want to look back.

(More Coming Soon)

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(AU) Mother, Charming told me you had a crypt full of hearts. Is that true? Why would you ever need a crypt full of hearts?

I’ve done… some terrible things. Things I’m not proud of. But everything I do… I do to protect you. To protect our family. When things get desperate, there’s only one sure fire way to make sure the evil in the world never bothers you again.

Anything Charming told you, dear, he told you to tear us apart. He’s making me out to be the villain. But we both know who the real evil is, don’t we?

[[ OOC Note: This is set in an AU where moralities are switched, and Cora is - technically? - a “good guy”. ]]