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Around 70 septillion cookies per second, Cookie Clicker beckomes a bit boring, all I can do is idle for weeks to buy any new upgrade. Please fix. :(

i’ve got some good news then : i finally got my good laptop back, which means i can get back to work on Legacy and release a playable alpha in the coming months - and once that’s done, i’m planning on adding a whole bunch of content to Cookie Clicker. i’m taking it slow right now though because i gotta get used to this QWERTY keyboard again and boy are brackets giving me a bother

Today they dropped the title and release date of the next StarWars movie! Drumroooooooolll its out december 15th and titled The darkside has cookies…..lol
just kidding its StarWars The Last Jedi…..
I guess i will continue my Christmas tradition of going with my family to see the newest StarWars flick every year!
Stoked! I really wish this one would have been out this year instead of Rogue One!
Oh well something to look forward to!