lol when you’re deep in the internet because you randomly read a laurel x constantine one shot thing & spiral.

but jesus these comments.

they wanted sara back. got sara back. laurel’s still the stupid bitch for bringing her back. how. does. that. even. work. laurel was the only reason she’s back & you’re mad at her? but happy sara is back? i’m so confused. why are people this way.

some ol*city stans going in on how laurel doesn’t need a man but people ship her w/ all kinds of people. lmao because we can? because the last person she slept with was oliver in s1? like no, she doesn’t need a love interest but if people want to ship her people then they can? i mean, she’s dead now so it doesn’t even really matter. but not “needing” a man doesn’t mean people aren’t deserving of love & companionship. tbh, felicity doesn’t need one either but ya’ll ship her w/ oliver? or does she need a man so you ship her w/ oliver? because that’s a garbage message.

anonymous asked:

THANK YOU. As a bisexual guy it's so frustrating how little representation we get. Writers can't seem to get that men can be something other than straight or gay, too.

Sure.  I can just think of John Constantine.  So I get your point.

dumb tropes i love unreasobly:

  • average every day wizards instead of your young adult sexy wizards (like old men and women who are just kinda chill or regular folks trying to make it through the day)
  • that being said i love a sharp dressed elegant gentleman/lady wizard type as well hell yeah
  • scientist
  • mad scientist
  • glasses wearing dorks
  • characters wearing trenchcoats
  • John constantine rip-offs
  • detectives
  • Lovecraftian fiction
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You know.. Jason died right, so all I’m saying is he can probably see ghosts and other nonhuman entities. The batfam probably all separately catch him staring into dark corners with a horrified expression or occasionally saying fuck off to the empty air somewhere to the right of their heads.. maybe Jason sometimes isn’t acting quite himself due to a malevolent entity attempting possession. They all just sadly use this behavior to further confirm that Jason is just not all there upstairs since he came back, until Constantine shows up in Gotham and the batfam witness Jason helping exorcise a demon only they can see, and Constantine is like holy shit I’ve never seen this many spirits drawn to one person before