Maybe 1 year from now,
we’ll sit in our first home, cuddled up on the couch watching GoT reruns. Perhaps I’ll know how to cook a proper meal by then, and we’ll make happy humming noises after each bite.

Maybe 2 years from now,
We’ll have our very own dog - a husky named Rocket with beautiful blue eyes and a thick coat of fur, or a tan, little Pomeranian named Bash, who despite all the barking, happens to be ridiculously handsome. Maybe we’ll argue about who has to take the dog out for walks or who’s turn it is to pick up all the poop.

Maybe 3 years from now,
We’ll be in a hospital room somewhere as I give birth to our first child. A baby girl - like you’ve always said you’ve wanted. Maybe she’ll have my big, almond-shaped eyes and your plump, pink lips. She’ll curl her fingers around yours as soon as she enters the world & maybe she’ll continue to hold your hand for the rest of her life after that.

There are so many “maybes” “what if’s” & “possibilities.” Thank you for not being one of them.

You are a certainty; always there for all the “maybes” that have become reality, and all those that are yet to come.

—  a.p.//To My Constant

“To be constantly in the prayerful spirit means to turn one’s thoughts and feelings to God. The main thing is to commend oneself obediently to His will and to accept everything that happens to us as something sent directly by Him.  
One must be totally concerned with those two things: thoughts and feelings to God.
When they are there, there is a prayer even though without words.”

~St. Theophan the Recluse

(Image of Christ the Redeemer via Pinterest)