HUFFLEPUFF: “A man has only the rights he can defend. Our most basic right is life… Every murder, whether in Brooklyn, Santiago, Rwanda or Kosovo, demands punishment by whatever legal means possible. Otherwise, the right to life is just an empty promise.” –René Balcer + Richard Sweren (Jack McCoy: Law and Order: Vaya Con Dios)

JesUS god well kids here they are, all the ridiculous items that go along with my taako cosplay. This is by no means an extensive collection, but I wanted to make the most important and interesting ones while still being able to function as a person with all of these things attached to my body and visible. I’m finally ready for planet comic con bring it onnnnn

 My largest artistic inspirations: this post holy shit and my sword design was influenced heavily by gullshriek.tumblr.com

 Now the real test–how many can you name ??