That was all it took;
A blink, a breath,
And the world collapsed,
Endless and lethal.
I had always known
That monsters
Walked among us,
I just never thought
They’d look like him.
—  poeticallyordinary
Problems with the Witchblr Community

There are some serious fucking problems occurring on this website, like:

  1. Peoples’ grimoires are way too artistic. Like seriously you all need to tag that shit like “hey this may trigger you because this Van Gogh beautifully-crafted art style might blind you and gush your morality with its beauty and cause your perspective of your own grimoire/BOS to wilt like a flower on fire”. I don’t take the time to even update my BOS, never mind decorate it with these gorgeous illustrations.
  2. The quality of pictures are way too high. I don’t know where people are getting all these professional cameras. Like I take pictures with my phone or shitty Samsung and post them, and I know I wouldn’t even reblog that shit, the quality is way too low. This results in a standard of high quality Instagram-worthy pictures that is too high for me to keep up with, y’all need to lower your photography skills.
  3. Peoples’ altars are too perfectly positioned in the sunlight, like bathing in the holiness of the sun or moon and washing any of vestige of mortality away from that spot. This kinda weaves into the photography complaint but basically, y’all stop being so artsy.
  4. Digital sigils are too easily and perfectly displayed. I don’t know how people make those sigils, it’s like an elusive angelic society that just sprinkles down talent and useful spells like falling stars. Seriously y’all need to post a how-to on that shit because I don’t have a tablet and just take pictures of hand-drawn sigils, but even those who post their hand-drawn sigils draw them incredibly better than I draw my sigils. 
  5. The witches on this site are way too creative. They’re all thinking of tips and techniques I never thought of before, and it makes everyone else feel dumb because they didn’t think of them first.
  6. Pretty much every witch on this site seems to have a green thumb. They say taking care of plants doesn’t require a green thumb, but I beg to differ because pretty much every plant I own dies. Like I don’t know if it’s because I’m a death witch and am literally radiating death energy, but I can’t keep plants alive for my own life. Green witches gotta share their real secrets, HOW are you keeping your plants alive.
  7. Then there are some problems like elitism, transphobia, homophobia, racism, nazism, blatant disrespect for peoples’ religions and cultures, the hatred with which we argue, and the fear that I’m always being scrutinized and that no matter what I say extreme SJWs will cherry-pick the things I say and misconstrue my argument into something i never said in the first place so i might as well just not even say my opinion on anything which i’m doing right now so i’ll just shut up and continue the joke
  8. The spooky and ethereal Witch Aesthetic™ is too on point. All the hanging herbs and lit candles and smoke from incense are too entrancing and immediately calm my mood and cause me to daydream about the eloquence of the witchy aesthetic. It’s too romanticized. It causes me to enjoy my own craft too much, and I reblog too many of them. We need to cut those down by a bunch.

Just had to get that off my chest.

  • Me a few months ago: haha the denny's tumblr blog is so funny and relatable!
  • Me now: Denny's is a company that actively exploits its employees whilst feigning the persona of a relatable symbol on the internet to appeal to generations of all ages, particularly younger ones, to consume their product.

((James and Sirius played by the lovely @kapitan5o and @asktheboywholived)) 

-The full moon is bright and moments from rising as Remus lays curled on the ground, breathing painfully- 

Sirius: How it was the light in the darkness, how even on the worst days it would be there to save us, now i just-

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Last Video - Rest in peace, Hayven
Hayven passed away on the 18th of Mars 2017, 26 years old. He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community. Hayven...

Hayven passed away on the 18th of Mars 2017, 26 years old.

He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community.

Hayven had fought epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and severe form of cancer that usually affects teenagers and young adults.

You will always be missed Hayven, and although you lost to cancer, you have forever won our hearts.


All earnings from Hayvens YouTube channel and Patreon will from now on be donated to cancer research.


It’s time to cry. Definitely time to cry. 


they make us loners feel a little less lonelier

they make us heartbroken feel a little less broken

they make us sad ones feel a little less sadder

they make us humans feel a little more celestial

they make us poets feel a little more poetic

they make us temporary ones feel a little more infinite


What happened to Jessica O'Grady?

19-year-old Jessica Jo O'Grady was last seen on May 10, 2006 between 10:45 and 11:15 p.m., wearing a pink shirt with a palm tree printed on it, blue jeans and flip flops. She left the apartment she had been sharing with two other friends in West Omaha, Nebraska. She had been planning to go to Christopher Edwards, one of her coworkers at the steak restaurant she had been working. Both had been seen flirting before and it was later confirmed that they had sexual intercourse on at least one occasion. Jessica allegedly wanted to confront Christopher with the fact that she might be pregnant by him. Just before midnight, Jessica made a call to Christopher – that was the last time she contacted someone. She left behind all her personal possessions and her beloved pet cat. One week after her disappearance, police questioned Edwards as he was the last person Jessica had contact to. Omaha Police eventually received permission to search his room at his aunts house. They found striking evidence that indicated that a crime had occured. Various items inside his bedroom had numerous stains of blood, including his office chair, quilt, comforter and his mattress, which had been soaked in blood. A black thrash bag was found in the garage, containing bloodstained towels. Stains on the ceiling had been covered with white paint bought by Christopher in a drugstore following Jessica’s disappearance. Investigators also searched for evidence inside his car and found several stains in the trunk. Christopher was arrested in the following month on suspicion for murder. Investigators believe Christopher murdered Jessica with a Bangkok battle sword due to the fact that Jessica’s blood was found on two swords. He was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 100 years to life in prison, but this isn’t the end of the story. One of the leading investigators, David Kofoed, was convicted in 2010 of tampering with evidence in another homicide case and sentenced to two years in prison. However, it was later ruled out that Kofoed had planted fake evidence in that case, simply because there isn’t any proof that confirms the allegations. As for today, Chrisopher still fails to provide information on the whereabouts of Jessica’s body and maintains his innocence.

Fellow Dogblrs,

I have an idea for a fun project that I would love for others to participate in: The Dogblr Flower Hunters Project. The idea is simple: walk your dog(s), keep your eyes open for flowers and take photos! Tag your photos with #dogblr flower hunters.

-flowers can be in your own yard or in your neighborhood, at parks and trails, etc– but please be respectful and don’t allow your dog to trespass or trample your neighbors’ flowers in order to get photos!

-the focus of your photos can be mainly your dog, or mainly the flowers. It’s up to you. If you can’t get your dog in every photo that’s fine too. Try to have at least one photo with your dog in each photoset to keep it Dogblr related.

-all dogs, all flowers, and all quality photos are great! I love seeing beautiful professional-quality photos but I also don’t want people to be discouraged from participating because they (like me) only have a smartphone or an old camera and not an expensive setup.

-Don’t get hung up on the quality of the shot. Get as creative as you want, process and edit if you like, or just snap a quick pic. It’s not a competition, it’s just for fun and community.

-For extra fun, if you know what the flowers are, identify them in your post. If you see someone else’s post and want to identify their flowers, go for it! Be comfortable with others reblogging your photos and adding comments.

I like the idea of seeing what’s blooming in everyone else’s neighborhood, and I love the idea of other dog walkers exploring new areas and staying out longer with their dogs just to scope out new flowers, not to mention taking the time to appreciate their surroundings. Please join the project!