*comic edits


shadowhunters | the mortal instruments girls as dc superheroes

clary fray as batgirl;
isabelle lightwood as cat woman;
lydia branwell as supergirl;
maia roberts as wonder woman;

let me know if you want to see this thing with boys. i have some thoughts on who is who but i really want to read your opinions;

The-Once-Ler-In-Superjail SHOP

The Once-ler In Superjail shop is officially open on Redbubble!


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(I would one day like to print physical paperback issues of the fanfiction and comics. That’ll be at a later date sometime after me and the other writer of the story have consulted it, as that would involve them also. And possibly after I’ve released all comics and edited chapters.)

For now enjoy some original Wiggyart Wardler merch



Lance! let him eat the vegetable!!

I want them to at least hang out a little more in s3, and what’s a better way to do it than giving some skin care tips to your local living-in-the-desert boy?


Peter Quill Vol. 2 + Jack Kirby backgrounds

But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea stars