The ACOTAR colouring book!

If you follow me (and the rest of the S. J. Maas fandom) online, you may have seen some comments flying around about me working on the upcoming ACOTAR colouring book. 

WELL! I had to be 100% sure that I could say anything about it - but now I can confirm that yes! I am one of the artists involved. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their wonderful support and equal excitement! This is a dream project for me, to be involved in something because of how much I love it. It be might a little TMI but when I was asked to be involved I was reading that email and literally screaming in a toilet. I’m very excited okay. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

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Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1969

Editor’s note: The 1969 dark paintings are so enigmatic and prone to light changes, that I find it nearly impossible to tell on first look if this painting has appeared in one of our 1969 sets before. You sort of need to get out a microscope and look at the brushstrokes because the colors change so much from scan to scan. Whatever the case, this new scan is so detailed, light and decidedly brown compared to many of the others, I think it warrants its own post.

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