ENG: Before going to sleep yesterday and to practice digital and don’t forget, I made Dove Cameron from The Girl and The Dreamcatcher. I love the video adn I love them, and when the song appeared on my list I knew I had to draw them. Now It’s time for Ryan and then the color version.

ESP: Antes de irme a dormir y para que el dia cuente y no perderle la mano a lo digital hice a Dove Cameron de #thegirlandthedreamcatcher Me gusta mucho el video y me encantan ellos y se justo me sono la cacion y dije.. los voy a hacer. Todavia tengo que hacer a Ryan y los tengo en Duo..

El video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89LVQapB6Yg&list=FLpUs2meWJTLs1k_2EDTetvg&index=13

Happy valentine!!

Well it’s actually not-so-fun-day for me since I have to study for tomorrow final.

Did her lineart yesterday while my pentab is in it’s usual broken mode. So the lines seems a bit weiirrrdd…. the anatomy feels kinda weird too anyway because I used no reference and just rush things. And coloring takes 1-2 hours GDI my precious time to study *smack self*

I just draw some random dress. But with that ribbon and skirt, it feels like a magical girl costume or something lol.

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Spike swallowed the contents of the hot cocoa that Lucy had made him, as he sat in her small quarters and felt a sort of light headed.  He smiled and pulled himself to stand, before moving to sit beside Lucy on the bed.  He leaned in close to purr into her ear, “Tell me something, pet.  How is it a good girl like you took up with a vampire when it’s against your society’s rules, hm?”

Lucy wasn’t sure what had come over Spike 
after drinking the cocoa- it had come out of 
a box of Swiss Miss, after all. When he sat 
beside her, she froze with her own mug at 
her lips- eyes going wide at what he said.

     “Oh.. ah.. I guess.. I don’t judge people based 
      on their state of being,” she said softly, a deep 
      blush coloring her cheeks. “You’re not a bad 
      vampire, so I don’t see the harm in it…”

反逆的規制noize『ロゼロ』(Rozero) - サイケデリックカラーマッシュルームミックスジュース (Psychedelic color mushroom mix juice)
反逆的規制noize『ロゼロ』(Rozero) - サイケデリックカラーマッシュルームミックスジュース Tracklist: 01 カタストロフィ 02 サイケデリックカラーマッシュルームミックスジュース 03 片思い

you’re so annoying @livelikerenegades but I’ll do it anyway cause procrastination

- Name: Luci
- Birthday: Oct. 23rd
- Gender: female
- Relationship status: trying this dating thing
- Zodiac sign: Libra
- Siblings: 2 older brothers
- Favorite color: green but like green with yellow
- Wake up and bed time: I sleep 12 hours a day sometimes I have to get up at 7 so I go to sleep at 10pm that day, sometimes I’m up ‘til 4am and sleep ‘til 1pm, and I do naps
- Type of phone: Sony Xperia S (it’s really really old)
- Love or lust: love with a little lust
- Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade
- Cats or dogs: neither
- Coke or Pepsi: Coke
- Day or night: sleep
- Text or call: depends on who
- Make up or au natural: natural always cause I’m a lazy piece of shit
- Met a celebrity: a lot of FC Bayern players
- Smile or eyes: both? Both is good
- Light or dark hair: normally dark currently light
- Shorter or taller: taller, cause I’m so small
- Intelligence or attractiveness: …both? Both is good. (stealing this)
- City or country: country but not to far from a city
- Last song you listened to: never ending by Rihanna

I’m gonna tag @ffussball and @kleiner-wildfang

|cut,color,highlight ¥22100~|
|color,highlight ¥18000~|

Kyary: *standing there, sorta dancing, with some colorful shit going on around her, speaking a language that I do not*
Me: Every follicle has been snatched from my head. The air has left my lungs. The queen has conquered and slaughtered all your favs. She is my liege and I will lay down my life for her.

A look at Unlike Styles of Ready Made Blind

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