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hi, so my housemates keep bringing up a time when i was drunk and arguing with them that black ppl cant be racist towards white ppl and keep saying that i was wrong. the thing is i know im definitely right and i rly want to hit them w the facts but everytime i try, i get angry and can't get my words out and its so frustrting because they think i dont have anything to prove im right! what can i say to them

Black people do not have systemic power to oppress the white race and clearly are not doing that. Tell them to open up a fuckin news paper and tune into reality because it’s not something that is happening. Racism is not as simple as “a Black person was mean to me” or “I went to a Black school and got bullied because I’m white”, because these are not experiences that are reflected throughout the entire white race that puts them in a lower racial status then people of color. They certainly are not experiences that put white people as a race in a position lower than black people. They’re bad experiences, they might involve prejudice or unfair treatment but they are not “racism” simply because that is not what the word refers to. Tell them that there are entire college classes they can take to learn about this, theory about this that’s older than them, online resources etc. but yeah no Black people as a race don’t have individual experiences with white people that aren’t reflected across the race and then call it “racism”. They’re always reflective of a power dynamic and/or common experiences that Black people consistently have because of their race, that put us in a lower societal position and systemically disadvantages THE ENTIRE RACE collectively.

This is unlike white people saying “a mean Black girl yelled at me and called me ugly white boy” which doesn’t affect the entire white race at all, it doesn’t put them in a lower societal position, nor does it reflect a lower societal position for the white race.

it doesn’t hold heir race back from doing anything and their race isn’t held back from doing anything, not even infiltrating other cultures’ creations and being successful. So it’s a comparison that isn’t proportional.


Cover & details revealed for new DVD/Blu-ray release, “KPP 2014 Japan Arena Tour Colorful Panic TOY BOX”!

Kyary’s official website has just been updated with covers and more information on her upcoming video release!

As previously revealed, the DVD/Blu-ray will feature footage from the last performance of her 2014 Japan arena tour “Colorful Panic TOY BOX”, a documentary of her 2014 world tour, extra behind-the-scenes content, and even commentary for both discs by Kyary and some special guests, a first for one of her video releases. Both versions of the release will have the same content.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Colorful Panic TOY BOX at Yoyogi National Gymnasium

A 23-song concert totaling approx. 120 minutes from her performance at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on November 9, 2014. Features commentary from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and the art director of the concert, Masuda Sebastian.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concert & Documentary in London

90 minutes of concert footage from the London performance of her “NANDA COLLECTION WORLD TOUR 2014″ as well as a documentary. Features commentary by Yamagishi Santa, who’s directed all of her world tour documentaries since 2013.


“I feel like I’m able to go about my life normally except for the odd occasion when someone recognises you. It’s obviously strange when it happens but the other side of it is that’s nobody’s coming up and throwing an egg in your face, people are always very nice! It’s part and parcel with what being in the public eye is. When I just did theatre I’d go there, do my job and go home but as soon as I did some TV work the next theatre job was completely different!“ (x)