I Need More Intel: Is That Hot Guy Gay?


Hi I love the @drawfee squad, and I love the draw the squad memes. So I put them together and made these. I will make more but I wanted to post the ones I have so far. Hope you can figure out who is who(btw I’m the smol bean in the pink); I tried sticking with consistent outfits for most of them, and I hope everyone enjoys these. If not, I’m sorry.

My friend played me throwback songs to what he listened to in high school. One of them was sandstorm by darude and he started telling me about how they banned this song at all the school dances because during freshmen winter formal everyone got so insanely pumped when the song started playing that a flock of kids charged and lifted their school’s 16 foot Christmas tree and threw it off the balcony


Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always