Cecil Palmer looks different to everyone. He does not have a set appearance, and the fanart and different creative minds tell you just that. So, I’ve put together a collage depicting the many faces that Cecil Palmer has to the Night Vale community. 

120 pictures are in this mosaic, and maybe I’ll tweak it in the future to get even more headcanons!

Thank you to all the artists and cosplayers who participated in helping me make this collage! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!
Please check out these amazing people under the cut! All the stuff they sent in will be here
(alphabetical order)

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Disney Limited edition dolls collection.

I received a few requests to post our Limited edition dolls so here they all are.
I have many more classic dolls and other random dolls I sometimes post but this is just a collage of the Limited dolls. Unfortunately I don’t have them all in one place on display so I just gathered all my pictures to show u guys!