Playing with Pictures by Naro Pinosa

Naro Pinosa (b. 1979) is a Spanish collage artist, who quickly became the star of Instagram. By combining the old and the new with a sense of humor, the collages question the viewer’s perception and explore themes of sexuality and nostalgia. He also has his Facebook page.

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doing care work for your loved ones and strangers but not setting enough time and energy aside to do that with yourself can be scary.  I think my own experience with this neglect is not always prioritizing my ongoing process of self love which ends with me feeling like I can’t even deal with myself when I actually put aside that time to reflect ///

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Oh oh oh, can I please suggest a collage au head canon please. Genji and Angela went to Japan during semester break, and oh also she had to weara yukata during a festival in there @,@


Also I don’t know anything about Japanese so please be nice.

  • Angela is ecstatic when Genji tells her he’s taking her to his home over spring break. Genji’s even more excited to show her around Japan. There’s a festive happening during that week too, and Genji is totally taking her.
  • When the festive day comes, Angela takes her sweet time getting ready in the yukata. Genji insisted that she wear it and Angela was more then happy to. When she finally appears, Genji almost melts to the floor right then and there.
  • The robe is a dark purple with orange, yellow and white cherry blossoms decorating the fabric. A wrap around her torso is gold and tied off in a giant bow at her back. With her hair up and makeup done accordingly she asks if she looks good, super nervous of course.
  • “Anata wa totemo utsukushīdesu.”
  • Looking at the blush on Angela’s face, he knows she understands what he said.
  • They take off to the festival, and all night Genji is showing her everything and proudly showing off his girl. Angela is having the time of her life. She enjoys Genji’s home country so much.
  • They slip away from the festivities to kiss under golden lanterns. Angela pulls away though to smile at Genji before taking a deep breath. She hopes she doesn’t screw up and simply remembers Hanzo’s lessons. 
  • “Aishiteru wa.”
  • Genji stops and looks at this beautiful girl who just told him she loves him in his native tongue. 
  • “Aishiteru yo.”
  • And they’re right back to kissing again.

Anata wa totemo utsukushīdesu = You are very beautiful.

Aishiteru wa = I love you (Female speech)

Aishiteru yo = I love you (Male speech)


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