Hey Does Anyone Watch WWE?

I was wanting to add them to my blog, but if no one watched WWE, it’s be pointless. Yes, I do realize I’m a dork because I watch it, yes, I know it’s fake, but it’s entertaining, so yeah. Tell me what’d you think, should I add them, if no one responds, I’M DOING IT!!!


OK SO. I recently backed up my phone’s photos for warped, which was like a week ago. HOWEVER, I backed them up onto my mom’s computer because backing up iPhone photos on anything other than the Photos app on Mac is hell. That was a mistake.

My mom ended up getting all my old photos on her phone through iCloud, and that was an experience. But the best/worst part was she stumbled on the screenshots I took of the APTV Bean Boozled w/ Set It Off video. Conveniently, they we photos of Maxx and Nick throwing up. And my mom was like “Who are these people? Are they throwing up?”.

Just know that trying to explain to her that, yes, they were throwing up and they’re ½ of one of my favorite bands ever and someone who works for the only magazine I care about was a fun experience.