| Imagine Theo checking you out |

“Would you please quit staring at me?”, you yelled as yet again you caught Theo staring at you.

“I’ll think about it”, he smirked, making you roll your eyes.

“Or maybe you should take a picture, it’ll last longer!”, you retorted.

He nodded his head slowly, “Maybe I will”, Theo checked.

“Ugh, why do you have to be so difficult”, you whined, folding your arms across your chest.

His eyes gazed down to the ground before replying, “Why do you have to be so beautiful”.

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“What’s happening to you?” From Sam to anyone of your muses.

Cody looked at him. “Well This hasnt happened in a while but i think im shifting by f-f-force.” He stuttered before shifting into a snow leopard.

Love Is A Complicated Thing || Theo Raeken Imagine (REQUESTED)

Anonymous: Can you do a theo imagine where the reader tries to find a way into his heart because she can’t give him up although he betrayed her (they have had some flirting and one or two kisses before) and everyone else and then she gets into a dangerous situation and theo saves her but he still doesn’t admit his feelings for her so after that it’s a back and forth and her friends (Scott and the others) are worried about her and somehow later she and theo get into a fight but end up kissing in the rain


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A/n: this isn’t really a note about the story more about Cody Christian. GUYS JUST BECAUSE HE PLAYS A VILLIAN IN TEEN WOLF DOESN’T MEAN HE IS A VILLIAN…

WARNINGS: fluff, the dread doctors (because they are creepy)

After all Theo did, you still had feelings for him. You knew you should have been angry at him for betraying you and the rest of the pack. But you couldn’t. You tried to get close to him again but he just ignored you…

The rain made it hard for your car to stay on the road. It was no surprise when your car made a grinding noise. Pulling it over to the side of the road. You hopped out to see the back wheel of your tyre blown. You hit the side of your car, letting out a frustrated groan. You were already late for the pack meeting and now your car decided to blow a tyre. Opening the boot, you heard a clicking noise, as you turned around, you let out a scream, as you saw the dread doctors. Before you could run away from any of them the pathologist and the geneticist, holding you tightly. The surgeon brought a drill to your face, “no” you pleaded, tears coming out of your eyes. Just as the drill touched your skin, you heard a loud growl. The dread doctors turned around to see Theo, “leave her alone” Theo growled, “we need her” The surgeon said, none of them noticing you moving away from them. “I said, leave her alone” Theo roared. You closed your eyes as you slowly fell against the side of your car, you let out a shaky breath as you heard footsteps making their way to you. Thinking it was the dread doctors you let out a scream. “Hey it’s just me” Scott said, hugging you, you opened your eyes, letting out a sigh of relief. “Scott” you said. “Are you alright?” Malia asked, standing behind you, “I-I umh” you gasped out. Where was Theo? “Hey, you’re okay now” Scott cooed.


“Why didn’t you tell us or me that you had a livery transparent?” Scott asked, driving your car back. “You’d think I’m weak” you mumbled, Scott hearing you. “I would never think you are weak, in fact I think you are pretty brave” Scott said, coming closer to your house. “Then why does theo ignore me?” you asked, looking out the window. Scott bite his lip. Even though he wasn’t happy with Theo’s betray he knew it hit you the worst. He knew that every time Theo ignored you it hurt you. His werewolf senses sensing that you had feelings for him. “I can’t answer that question. But what I do know is that you aren’t weak” Scott said, turning towards you, as you got out, not answering him. Scott got out of your car. “Are you okay Scott asked, walking with you to your front step. “Scott im fine” you said, turning around, to see Scott standing behind you. “Im just making sure” Scott said, raising his hands up, walking backwards. “Scream my name if you get in danger again” Scott said, leaving you alone. Turning around to your house, you saw Theo. “(Y/n)” Theo said, walking closer to you. “What are you doing here?” You asked, kind of rudely. But you had every right to. Theo looked down at the ground before looking back at you. “I wouldn’t to see how you are doing?” Theo asked, “Like you even care” you grunted, trying to walk past him, but his hand grabbed your arm, “I never meant for you to fall in love with me (y/n)” theo said, “because you didn’t want to be with me in the first place, you just wanted to ruin Scott’s life?” you asked, Theo not answering you. You pulled your arm out of his grip. Walking towards your door. “it’s better this way, it’s better if your mad out me, it’s better that we aren’t together, because I don’t want to lose control of myself and hurt you” Theo yelled. “Is that what this is about me hating you?” you asked, turning around, “if I let you in (y/n), then you won’t ever safe” Theo said, “Then let me in” you said, the rain making it hard for you to see him. “You should hate me (y/n), run away from me, im a monster” Theo yelled, “that’s not what you are to me” you said in a hoarse voice, the tears and the rain blurring your vision, Theo looked at you “you’re not a monster to me” you said, walking closer to him, until you’s were face to face with each other. Theo’s eyes landed on your lips, “(y/n)” Theo warned, “just give us a chance” you pleaded, Theo licked his lips before looking into your eyes again. He put his hands went on your waist pulling you closer to him his lips pressing against yours passionately.

A relatively pointless comic that just kinda happened. Wookiepedia says Rex’s hair is bleached, which I guess makes sense. But I’m also weirdly enamored by the idea that it’s somehow mysteriously natural in this AU, against much logic (including but not limited to: being identical to Cody in every other respect, and still having very dark eyebrows).

PS, I drew the stupid flashback first, and they’re not even really mullets. Maybe that’s why Rex is so defensive?