So today is COS day, right? Well, I wanted to draw for it, and I had this great sketch of Edward, but I didn’t know which medium to make it. So, have two favorites that I could not decide between! 

I don’t care which you like better, as long as you guys like either of them heh

Happy Anniversary of Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa! :))

Silence on the Rooftop - L&CBB


Rating: T
Major Pairings: Gen
Trigger Warnings: canon levels of gore and creepiness
Word Count: 3,915
ao3 and ff.net to come soon

Three sharp raps on a large aluminum door rang out into the silent night, only the sound of clinking chains and other bits of iron filling up the space around three boys standing in front of the hospital entrance.

One boy, tall and lanky with his hair swept back, took a step back from the door and revealed his blinding pearly whites in anticipation for his client to open the door. It was obvious just by the air of him that he was the leader. The second, much shorter and much stouter, returned his glasses to his face after a quick clean on his shirt. The third and newest member of the trio was in between the other two in height and had striking red hair. He shifted nervously.

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Crawford Investigations: Mansion in Manhattan - Chapter 1 - 35portlandrow - Lockwood & Co. - Jonathan Stroud [Archive of Our Own]
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Here we are! The first part of my contribution to the Lockwood & Co. Big Bang. Check up on this periodically, as there will be more updates as I go on.