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❝there’s no such thing as singular in jungkook’s book of kisses. only plural.
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♡ this is for @cno-inbminor​ bc we reached our 200th day snapstreaksary (it’s a word i swear) and this is a little overdue but here it is i tried my best and it’s short but i LOVE YOU KAREN

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Jungkook was a person who could be satisfied (and happy) with the littlest of things in life or, could find significance in anything he came across with. 

One, you (not to be taken literally but hey, he does use the benefit of being taller and you know when you’re shorter you have a better aim at his di-). Two, discounted prices on set meals he wants to eat. Three, finding a dollar lying on the floor and claiming it as his even though he knows damn well it fell from your purse but finders keepers losers weepers. Four, Jimin and Taehyung messing with Hoseok, only got get a beating after and his devil ass is watching from the side the whole time. And last but not least, sleeping until the sun breaks through the window and rakes his ass awake.

He was a heavy sleeper and that, ladies and gentlemen, was not a surprising thing at all. God no. Almost everyone around him had experienced troubles waking him up at least once (thrice) in their lifetime. As quoted from none other than Kim Seokjin and editing from Kim Namjoon: “That boy can sleep until the world burns down and he’ll wake up being alone.” (end scene)

It was all about getting used to, in your opinion. You’d gauge around the time he’d wake up and plan your day on from there. See, if you can’t change the boy’s habit, change the way you work things around. Simple. (unless you’re living with six other guys who gives no shit with your sleeping habits then kudos to you, good luck chap, better luck next life)

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This month’s issue of Pash! had a “Which Survey Corps character are you” quiz and I haven’t seen it around, so I decided to translate it.

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I was too lazy to take my mook apart to scan.)

RESEARCH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS: Which soldier do you resemble!?

Survey Corps Personality Quiz
From the start, you’ve been interested in those soldiers; maybe the truth is that you were sympathising with how their minds worked? With this personality quiz, let’s try chasing after your true nature! I wonder which character resembles you the most?

Everyone different, which is exactly why they can draw out each other’s strengths
From the reckless Eren to the nasty-tongued Levi to the quick-to-argue Jean, all the soldiers in the Survey Corps have different personalities and opinions. Although they all have their individual abilities in battle and they all fight under the banner of “peace for humanity”, they can’t coordinate at all!

However, their synergy is born precisely because their strong points differ, so they can demonstrate their strength on the battlefield. Surely, they can solve the puzzle that is the titans!

Instead of thinking carefully about things, you prefer to act quickly.
YES → Go to 1
NO → Go to 2

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The Admiral

“Why can’t you just be more like Gibbs?” His dad sighs and your mouth drops open. Is he KIDDING right now? You had to have misheard him or something.
“What did you say?” You ask ignoring Tim’s silent pleads to stay out of it.
“I asked my son why he can’t be more like his boss.” The Admiral says not even sort of ashamed that he’s humiliating his son in front of his coworkers, and girlfriend but he probably thinks you’re another NCIS Agent.
“That’s what I thought. And how dare you?” You say lowly but you know the rage is evident in your voice.
“Why does it matter to you?” The Admiral says coolly.
“Because I’m your son’s girlfriend and since he respects you he’s not going to say anything about what a massive dick you’re being.” Tim clears his throat and you hold up a finger. “Timothy I am not finished.” You say not looking at him. You can see Tony, Gibbs and Ziva in your sight line as well as his father but not him. Tony looks, shocked, is probably the best word for it. Ziva looks delighted and Gibbs looks, well, proud. “Tim is a good Agent. He’s brave, smart, loyal, and a good man. You should be proud that you raised a good man.”
“You don’t get to talk to me like this Agent.” The Admiral roars taking a menacing step toward you.
“Hey! Don’t raise your voice at me!” You snap, “Besides, I’m not an agent.” You smirk at him.
“Then I can have you thrown out of here.”
He threatens.
“You could but then I’d call my boss who’d call your boss then you’d get a really unpleasant phone call.”
“My boss is the President of the United States.” He scowls at you and you laugh.
“I mean your direct supervisor. The CNO.”
“Who answers to the president.”
“Who is my direct supervisor.” You say crossing your arms over your chest, “And she really likes me because her kids really like me.” He stares at you and you continue. “Gibbs is a good leader because he knows how to play to all of his teams strengths. If Tim was a mini Gibbs he’d never have survived on this team. He’s good at his job, he’s the best computer guy in this room and we adore him.” You shoot Tony a look stopping the joke on his tongue. “You should be proud of him. Not ridicule him.”
“At least someone knows how to stand up for him.” His dad mutters you march up to him and poke his chest.
“You’re not fucking listening to me.” Tim’s had enough and has wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you away from his father before the two naval officers with him get involved.
“Sweetheart calm down.” He murmurs into your hair before kissing the side of the crown of your head.
“He doesn’t say this shit because he loves you! You’re his father for crying out loud! I don’t give a shit what you think about me because I love your son and you hurt him! I don’t want to see the man I love get hurt over and over by one of the men he looks up to! That’s not fair! He’s a better man than you’ll ever be!” Tim still has his arms wrapped tightly around you but you’re so focused on his dad that you don’t notice the shift in his body language right away.
“You’re right.” His dad says softly. “I am proud of you Tim. I just want you to be the best version of you that you can be.”
“I know Admiral.” Oh god he can’t even call him dad? You roll your eyes but let it slide this time, the fact that you’ve won even a small victory here is enough. You’ll take it. His dad nods then leaves with his two officers at either side. Tim turns your body toward his and you rest your forehead on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” You tell him, “Not that I said it but where and how I said it.”
“I know. It’s okay. I do have one question.” You lift your head off his shoulder and look up at him. “You love me?”
“Hell yes I do.”
“Good.” He smiles, “I love you too.” He whispers into your hair before kissing you soundly to a loud whoop from Tony.

if you ever want to feel pain then imagine Gav and Dan having their biggest argument ever right before Dan heads off to the military (they made too many enemies to remain at home SMG did, so Gav did a bit of digging and found an empty space for one Daniel C. Gruchy to occupy). and them not speaking afterwards, from the day his plane leaves until the day Gavin gets a visit from a CNO. Dan never did end up removing Gav from his secondary next of kin position. 

and skip forward, to present day, when Gavin’s the Fake’s frontman and Dan’s a famous merc (and not dead to boot) and when their paths cross again after six years, everyone expects them to just, get back to the old days. The Crew have heard tale upon tale of Gavin’s old partner Dan, (’work partner’ when he’s sober and ‘B’ in a voice soaked through with love and affection, and heartbreakingly wistful eyes when he isn’t), but the second they see each other

a screaming match that makes the rafters of the penthouse ring. accusations, “you sent me to that deathtrap on purpose!”

“you’ve been alive for 6 years dan, i thought you were dead for 6 years.”

“I might as well have been. I am the only one alive today Gav, the ONLY ONE LEFT.”

until one day Dan has his hand tangled in Gavin’s collar, not enough pressure to hurt him but just enough to make a statement, and that statement is “dans outstayed his welcome” to the crew, and all Gavin see’s is the 6 years he had to spend without his best friend finally rearing its ugly head. “B-” its been 6 long years since he’s said it to Dan, so many months praying to a god he doesn’t believe in, because Dan doesn’t deserve this, Gavin might, Gavin probably does to be fair, but not Dan

“DONT YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” Dan snaps, “you’ve lost the right to call me that,” becuase it’s too little too late. His Gavin’s dead and this impostor’s trying too damn hard to fill a role he isn’t meant to, doesn’t deserve (because friends don’t send friends off to fight and die for no good reason do they) or so he thinks, but seeing those tears fly to Gavin’s eyes, seeing that hurt in a pair of wildfire eyes, all Dan can see is his Gav staring at him like Dan’s the monster here. 

Gavin spins on his heel because he didn’t let Dan see him cry during their first fight and he sure as hell wont let it happen now, and prays that the crew will just let the matter die, of course he wont stay and find out because he is dangerously close to bursting into tears and he wont do it here, not in front of him or Geoff or Michael, Meg, Lindsay, but as try as he might he knows everyone could hear the sob he couldn’t quite contain as he fair ran out the penthouse doors.

Dan watches him go. Hindsight and regret are fucking awful bedfellows. He’s managed to repeat more or less the same mistake twice now and even though he’s mad, he’s seething with rage at the unfairness of it all, -what happen on his tour, what happened after, whats happening now,- the urge to go run after Gav and talk? talk, talk and try to make the fucking eon long apology possibly someday make up for that one sentence, the worst one he could have ever said, is so strong he’s lightheaded. Gavin’s not there and dan feels like his moors have all been cut and he hates it. Right or Wrong, deserved or not, he kinda wants to take it all back, wipe away the tears. but his, Gav’s, crew, they to their credit say nothing, as Geoff grabs Dan and leads him out the door. Dan can sense the military-esque presence on Ramsey, maybe thats why he listens, that’s why he almost snaps to attention at the first word, and he can see the sense in it. He fucked up, he said that, he should just leave, go back to England, anywhere ‘as long as you stay far the fuck away from my boy.’. A seinsible plan indeed, and not the first time. Its beginning to be an SMG staple this, scream a lot of hurtful shit at each other and run away for 6+ years

he takes the next flight out, 



or he plans to, he sets everything up on his phone. only to watch them get cancelled, no refunds. no explanation. his other attempts to book flights end in much the same way.  the text message a minute later begins to make sense then. “del perro. 10 minutes.”

Gavin’s sitting on the edge of the pier landing, alone, and it’s cold outside too, Dan wants to give him his jacket, out of the blue. He doesn’t. “Sit.” Gav says and Dan does. and they talk, Dan opens his mouth to say he’s sorry and Gavin cuts him off, launches into this story about his life, what happened after Dan went off, how Gav had no clue, none at all, that Dan’s division was sent where they were, didnt know anything was amiss until he got the worst news of his life. How he beat himself up for 6 years and two weeks because it was all his fault his best friend got killed all that way from home. “you’re right. i dont have the right,”Gav says. and it takes until the wee hours of the morning for Dan to stop explaining to both Gav and Himself how incredibly wrong he was. ‘It was not your fault Gav, it wasn’t. No one could have known what we were walking into, not you, not us, not the general, the townspeople…’

the sun come up, and B is back. they have so much more to talk about, explain, apologize for, him and Gav both, “I’m sorry too. About everything. All of it.” Gav says and damn it Dan has to take a break to will those tears stinging his eyes away. Who knew he needed to hear that as well eh. Dan spends five minutes in there holding Gav so tight he can feel his heartbeat against his chest -and gav will never know how much dan wished for this, this hug- , repeating, “B, b god i’ve missed you.” but Gav drags them back to the penthouse with a smile on his face, genuine, if a little brittle -which is probably the only reason Dan walks into, and out of the a bit later, the penthouse without getting shot- and Dan swears to never be the one to lose that again. 

Why I quit my nursing job.

This is my story about why bullying led me to quit my job, and almost led me to quit nursing altogether.

So, at my particular hospital (let’s call it Sacred Heart, like in Scrubs) my unit is a relatively small one, less than 20 beds.  It’s a stepdown unit, or as I like to call it, “Diet ICU.” We had some pretty sick patients on our floor, so anything more than 3 patients apiece was pushing it. 4 is doable, but not great. 5? Well, you’re begging for trouble.

When I first started at Sacred Heart, I was told that staffing was bad, but that it was getting better. This statement came to be something of a theme; it was the rote answer spat out by administration to literally every question. And for a while, yes, things WOULD get better. But then it’d get to be too much, and a bunch of people would quit. And newbies would be hired, but not enough to fill the vacancies. People would pick up the slack as long as they could stand it, but then people would start to snap, and quit. And so on and on in this vicious cycle.

The other issue starting to loom large was my director, “Sally.” A friend of mine was fired for diversion in September of last year. I don’t want to divulge too many details, because I respect my friend, but this person willingly turned themself in. This person recognized they needed help, and went to our director, who promptly handled the situation in the worst possible way. Someone goes in asking for help, and ends up sitting in jail charged with 2 felonies. I was dumbfounded at the way it went down, but that’s when I started losing my faith in the system.  

What I didn’t see happening was the fact that my director, who felt hurt and betrayed by this nurse’s actions, started seeing crimes everywhere, and I found myself to have a target on my back. I’ve never been the type to quietly put up with bullshit, so of course I was the obvious choice. From September on, I was pulled into my director’s office at least once a week to talk about my inadequacies. Never any written warnings, mostly because there was absolutely no evidence that I was doing anything wrong.  I was told I wasted narcotics too much with the same people. True, I told her. Mostly because there’s usually only 2 nurses working on the unit most days, so I didn’t physically have another person to waste with.  I was told that on one patient, I was the ONLY NURSE to give her Dilaudid, no one else gave her any. True, I told her. Mostly because I admitted her from the ER, and the next nurse after me got tired of giving her a dose every hour and called the surgeon at 3am for a PCA.  And so on, and so on. Every single instance she pulled out of her hat, I had a perfectly logical explanation. I wasn’t doing anything that anyone else wasn’t also doing, but I was the only one getting pulled aside for it. On more than once occasion I asked if I could take a voluntary urine test, just to put this shit to an end.  “No no, that won’t be necessary. I just wanted to let you know that you’re being watched very closely.” Like, seriously? Basically, she was telling me that she found me to either be a drug thief, or grossly incompetent. Neither one of those options made me feel very confident. Thi s continued to the point where one day, a coworker was running one of their patients downstairs right as another of her patients called out requesting their pain medicine. She asked me if I could give them their Dilaudid while she was gone, and without a second thought, I immediately refused. That’s when I started to realize how bad this was becoming.

Unfortunately, matters were complicated by our coordinator. She was promoted from amongst us last fall, and the majority of us were more in favor of her competitor. Despite the feelings of the entire staff, administration pushed through “Tina” instead. Most of us had a feeling that someone who refused to help turn patients or clean bottoms wouldn’t be the best choice, and damn if we weren’t right.  It was the first time I’d ever seen someone sit at the desk, answer the call bell, and do nothing. It’s pretty infuriating to watch your humiliated patient cry because they peed on themselves waiting for someone to help them to the bathroom. As I’m generally a loudmouth, I tend to speak my mind, but the complaints of the entire unit were ignored. We tried escalating and going up the ladder to the CNO. Those of us who spoke to the CNO suddenly started having issues with our schedule, which I’m sure was a total coincidence.  I was *accidentally* scheduled for 4 days a week, not 3. When I pointed it out, I was told by Tina that it was my responsibility to get the extra day covered (normally I love overtime, but I wasn’t about to spend any more time in that hellhole than necessary).

So, just to make all this even more peachy, Sacred Heart had the worst rush we’ve had in years. For days, every bed in the hospital was full. Our ER refused to go on diversion, despite the fact that there were several other hospitals in a 10 mile radius with rooms. And one day, we got a call from the supervisor telling us that we were going to start doubling up.  Housekeeping started trundling up extra beds, and they started stacking patients up in rooms. But they didn’t give us any more staff. That’s right. Remember how I said our ratio was supposed to be 3:1? Yeah. I had 5 patients every day, and one terrifying half of a day I had 6. I couldn’t believe what was happening, and we had several instances where it was a clear miracle that a patient didn’t die. And they weren’t exactly picky about who was rooming with who. I got a verbal warning from the hospital supervisor for refusing to put a C.Diff patient in with a non C.Diff patient. I know this stuff sounds like it’s exaggerated or made up…. But it’s not. I wish this was fiction. But this was my life.

Now, keep in mind that all of this has been happening for MONTHS. From September to March.  One night, my significant other told me that the reason why he never dropped by the hospital is because he couldn’t stand seeing me treated the way I was treated.  I was crying every day when I left the hospital, I started chewing my fingernails again, I couldn’t sleep at night when I was scheduled to work the next day. It was obvious to everyone on the unit that I was getting harassed. So at the end of February, I came to see the Chief Nursing Officer and get some answers. I was so upset that I sat in her office and sobbed. And she lied to me. She told me pretty stories about why it was necessary to cut out shift diff last fall. She tried to soothe me with cute little reasons why they found it acceptable to cause a c.diff. outbreak or put male patients in with females. So after this chat, I stood up, thanked her for her time, and told her I’d be applying elsewhere. She called me a quitter.

Right. My quitter ass filled out some apps and got 2 job offers in 2 days. When I turned in my 2 weeks notice, my director’s first words were, “Well, we can tell you’ve been unhappy.” I was hopeful, thinking this meant I wasn’t going to be hassled. Wrong. From the moment I put in my notice, I was a pariah. Our long term CNA quit at the same time, and in a staff meeting, Sally made sure everyone got a chance to say how much they were going to miss our CNA. Afterwards, everyone naturally looked toward me, thinking it was my turn. Instead, Sally moved on to the next item on the agenda. Awkward as all hell. It was made clear to everyone that any sort of gesture of farewell to me was “rewarding being a quitter.” And so on and so on for the entire last 2 weeks. I had offered to stay on for 2 weekends a month PRN for a while, but even though the unit was dangerously short staffed, Sally and Tina childishly refused to let me stay on. In retrospect, that was actually a good thing. Because once I started at my new job, I realized how bad the abuse had gotten at Sacred Heart. I’m in a different kind of nursing than I was before, but the pay is twice as much. I work with an incredibly supportive group of people. I have more responsibilities, but I’m not working nearly as hard.  And more importantly, I’m happy again.

So, you might be asking what the point of all this. I’m not doing this to hurt anyone or point fingers, but I want every single nurse out there to know that if you’re stuck in an abusive situation like this…. GET OUT. The grass truly is greener on the other side. Life is too short to be so unhappy at your job. Sacred Heart nearly destroyed the field of nursing for me, but thankfully, I’ve gotten back to loving it. Never let your job make you hate nursing. And NEVER let anyone treat you like garbage. 

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FRIENDLEADER- Chords and Lyrics

Chords and Lyrics to a Karkat Fansong by PhemeiC

Bb    Dm

Bb                             Dm
There will be no soft sounds this time
Bb                         C
no arms, not mine at least
Bb                        Dm
should’ve expect this, I guess,
  Bb                        C
no “shh” can sooth your beast
   Bb                        Dm              
and it was my problem once,
          Bb                   C
that violence inside your eyes
Bb                                 Dm
bright red and high with death and pie,
      Bb                   C
and rage that never dies

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anonymous asked:

E ko có hứng thú với đàn ông c ạ. E chưa trải qua mqh nào nhg tất cả mqh quanh e cả chưa kết hôn cả kết hôn rồi e chứng kiến ng đàn ông tệ quá, nên e cx mất niềm tin. E biết là ở đâu cx có ng nọ ng kia nhg đàn ông tốt thì hiếm quá, và e có tính là nếu chưa tận mắt chứg kiến thì nghĩa là nó ko có thật. E thấy mấy chuyện yêu đươg mệt mỏi quá, và chắc e xui toàn gặp phải ng ko ổn. E ms 19. Tuổi này lũ bằng tuổi e phát cuồng lên thả thính tìm ny sợ ế e thấy cno điên hết rồi. Là e dị hay cno dị hả c?

Không em bình thường mà, c cũng nghĩ nên tận mắt thấy cảm nhận thì hẵng tin. Nhưng đừng vì thế mà bỏ qua những cơ hội đến với mình em nhé. Không sợ nhìn lầm người chỉ sợ mình u mê trong mqh đó thôi. Đừng nghĩ nhiều nhé

Tự dưng phí hoài cả buổi sáng chỉ để đợi mấy con nỡm ở cơ quan. Chúng nó hẹn mình 9h mà giờ 10h30 rồi vẫn chưa thấy mấy cái ml của chúng nó đâu? Có lẽ mình đã dễ quá rồi. Là mình cần gặp chúng nó vào ngày nghỉ lễ, là mình cần người chơi cùng vào những ngày này? Không! Mình còn đầy bạn để đi chơi gặp gỡ và cũng muốn dành thời gian cho gia đình và bản thân. Mình chẳng muốn gặp cái bản mặt chúng vào những ngày nghỉ một tí nào nhưng vẫn phải hi sinh giấc ngủ quý giá để gặp chúng, nếu không sẽ bị nói là tự tách biệt. Okay. Đến tầm này thì sao cũng được, không còn lần sau đâu. Nhưng nếu được đập vào mặt cno “Em đéo thích chơi với các chị”. Được thế thì cũng mãn nguyện :).

Cluster Fuck Wednesday

15 patients, both floor nurses called out, that just left the House Sup, CNA, and me.

Nursing director is staying until 00:00, then the CNO is working. Please fast forward to Friday 05:30 so my weekend starts.

Patterns shirt boyfriends for reasons.
Quick draw because there’s not enough Ziall in the ‘ziall tag’ recently. : C
No song lyrics or story quotes today, but I do wanna say, that all you Ziall fans are lovely.  I may not be um..social with everyone, but I do love seeing you all active and creating for these two adorable boys. : ]


Demonstrating an explosive: mercury(II)-fulminate!

Mercury(II)-fulminate and other fulminates are quite interesting compounds, the fulminate anion’s chemical composition is identical with the cyanate anion (fulminate: -CNO, cyanate: -OCN), only the sequence of the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen is different. With the this small difference something important also changes: cyanates are white powders, doing nothing when heated, while fulminates (especially silver and mercury and other heavy metal fulminartes) explode upon heating

Interesting fact no. 1: when mercury fulminate detonates one of the decomposition products is elemental mercury what is left behind on the surface where it exploded (in the case on the surface of the paper) and it lets us see where did the “reaction happened”. 

Interesting fact no. 2: the famous chemist Justus Liebig when he was a teenager published an experimental writeup (his first publication) about how can we prepare safely silver(I)-fulmite what is also a powerful, light, heat, friction and everything sensitive explosive. 

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hola! lo que no saben de tauro?? 😁

Es el signo más alejado de sus estereotipos >:c

No somos flojos ni nos la vivimos comiendo. Si bien, nos gusta relajarnos y buscamos la calma pero somos de los signos con más energía. De la comida… vale, acepto que la amamos pero realmente nuestra vanidad termina ganando la mayoría de las veces. #HEDICHO



I’m not sure that i’ll have more photos from this con, so i think i’ll post the ones i already have x)

it was really fun! especially with guys UWU

Jade Harley- me

John Egbert - Benadikt

Karkat Vantas- Prince Rits

Aradia Megido - Carsa

Militarystuck designs- mookie000