“‘Love you,” slipped out of him, into the little conversational void the moment had left behind, fueled by the bundle of emotion that was always at the surface around her, always dying to escape, be freed, be known.

He heard her gasp, just slightly, and then she stilled for a half second. Before he could take it back or make light of it, she released a tiny sigh, fluttery and affected, and whispered back, “'Love you too.”

His eyes snapped open just in time to see her go, a sliver of her suit visible as the door clicked shut behind her.

He bit his lip and breathed deep, insides wobbling at the… confession? Endearment? Salutation?

Ladybug said she loved him.

phantomofthevenue  asked:

So I just rewatched The Dark Knight, I haven't seen it since it came out, and there were a lot of moments that made me go 'hey that looks familiar, saw or heard that in SS'... still not sure how I feel about that. But it's forever interesting/disturbing that no version of J understands or cares about personal space, though it's really weird for me to find those scenes interesting because I dislike being touched by anyone I don't know or trust and just watching those scenes can sometimes be weird

That’s definitely a key feature of The Joker that makes him creepier and more unnerving. He doesn’t care at all about personal space and will not hesitate to do whatever he wants to anyone no matter the circumstances.

I like that aspect and I’m glad it’s still included in the DCEU interpretation (and we have an actor with a wonderful understanding of the character’s many odd but complex characteristics) :) 

madpie1390  asked:

What type of tacky Christmas/holiday sweaters do you think the crew would wear? :)

Ok so by crew I’m assuming you mean the main Nancy drew characters

Nancy - I could see this going two ways for Nancy. Nancy would definitely pick a sweater she thinks is kinda cute but truly is an ugly sweater, she’d love it anyway and wear it proudly or she’d go for a sweater more vintage looking. Either way I think we’re talking some sort of sweater vest an elementary school teacher from the 80s/90s would wear. (Complete with them mom jeans)

Ned - Festive but also preppy. Sweet Ned would totally wear a button up shirt under his holiday sweater so as to look nicely dressed and into the holiday spirit. Cinnamon roll Ned would try to make sure to wear a sweater to a holiday party no one would get offended by. He’d wear something with snowflakes and and trees and moose/reindeer. He’d probably wear an antler headband and call Nancy “my deer” all day/night.

Bess - Bess would wear one of those singing sweaters that lights up. It would have some 3D parts like pompoms attached to it or soft fuzzy parts and it would have at least 2 cute animals on it. She’d look adorable too. She’d make you wish you could pull off a sweater like that. 

George - For some reason I really want to say holiday dinosaur sweater. (I can’t get that out of my head and can’t envision anything else for her, oops) Maybe holiday robots? Whatever it is, it’s definitely cool. 

Deirdre - Let’s talk about Deirdre and how she’d use her fashion sense to pick a sweater. Something that’s flattering on her and eye catching. Whatever she picks is going to make her the center of attention at a gathering. Her sweater would be fashionable, cute, and festive in that order. I can so see her rocking a sweater dress complete with leggings, boots and boot socks in a matching color. A 10/10 look for sure.

Frank - Frank would either wear a minimal design sweater or something nerdy. I could see Frank in a casual sweater with a holiday design around the neck of the sweater or he might go for a Star Wars related ugly Christmas sweater. I think Frank would also wear a button up shirt under his sweater. Frank, although (noticeably more) “mature” compared to Joe, would still get festive. Frank might even make the mistake of letting Joe pick up a Christmas sweater for him and if he does… It’s gonna be a long night in that sweater.

Joe - Joe would wear only the craziest of holiday sweaters and he would rock them. We’re talking birthday partying Jesus, sweaters with dinosaurs wearing sweaters, robots, actual candy canes that he’d take off his sweater and give to people, 3D detachable interactive parts to the sweater kind of holiday sweaters. Dare I say he would even consider wearing an ugly Christmas suit and tie. Also, he would definitely follow through with an elf hat or a big reindeer antler headband but probably a headband with mistletoe positioned right above his face. He’d carry around a selfie stick at all the parties and refer to it as an “elfie stick.” Another 10/10 look, but in a totally different way. (Let me be clear though, Joe’s outfit may be ridiculous but he’d still be incredibly attractive I’m sure)


Carson Drew - a golfball sweater. (lol kidding) something very dad though

The Last Guardian - What are those scary eyes?

End-game SPOILERS for content

I wanted to ask if anyone’s got a clue as to what /the eyes/ signify and why they disturb Trico so much. I have a theory but would like for others to pitch in their ideas too. Now for context.

We get the connection between ‘the lord of the valley’ (made of this bluish substance and exuding a darker one very similar to that within Colossi in SotC AND Dormin) and the guardians.

They rule within their tomb, forever powering the massive tower made of the super coolant stone. Likely transfused their soul to this AI/Machine whatever thing. I’ve not played Ico so I might be missing important context.

Trico’s species is controlled in a hive-mind fashion as suggested by the intro cinematic with the bees, ants, etc. This ‘queen’ (the lord) controls via hypnotic suggestion through their horns, a blue substance similar if not same made by the ‘chosen’ humans after they’re branded within the guardian’s stomach, and then processed in the mouth carving at the top of the Tower. The horns glow a deep blue and heal through consumption of barrels (processed chosen ones), and the only way to fall into hivemind mode is having these.

Because of the nature of the brandings and the Lord exuding these letters (seen as well within the armor guards constructs AND used to imprison/immobilize the boy. 

The guardian’s origins can have a few ideas then but two big bets are: modified OR created.

If modified I figure they bred these guardians to have horns, they have smaller nubs at the front. Selective breeding perhaps, and gradual integration of magic/runes into the creatures. 

Created however, the intro shows several animals that feel like parts of Trico. Dogs, cats, rams, birds, etc. The lord could have created them from scratch through experimentation, doesn’t seem too unlikely given the state we find them in towards the end. Also Trico has an abnormal pain threshold. Just ridiculous, the colossi might as well be weaker than this giant puppy.

The most important note and connection perhaps for this theory is the way Trico’s eyes change to the ‘passive’ state of colossi after consuming branded (blue liquid). (related, colossi bear similar runes to that of the Lord’s making)

Indubitably the blue liquid is magic in nature and could warp things. Still I’m not too sure how much you need of that to literally shoot /lightning/ from your extremities (the tail tip seems to contain this energy and REACTS only in the presence of a mirror seal) 

Now. MIRROR EYES. /Why/ do they trigger guardians into their hivemind/attack mode except paralyzed by fear.   The eyes have all the colors presented by the guardians throughout their moods. And at its center the eye of an angry colossus 

Now this thing is probably the scariest colossi to see up close right behind you. It’s /pissed/ and it’s going to kill you. I’m not sure if the blue substance changes color depending on whether it feels threatened or changes into something else entirely. Trico’s eyes adopt a golden hue when awaiting food, and between eating and killing there isn’t much of a difference is there?  When faced by the prospect of all the states the blue substance can change to, does Trico feel the imminent threat or is the overwhelming amount of colors triggered a specific response in their programming? I’ve not seen/connected the eye pattern with anything anywhere else on the game and I’m not sure if anyone’s seen a connection in the previous games. At least we get to see the white-tipped lizards (which I immediately tried to obliterate) so it’s definitive that it’s within this same universe–unknown timeline.   

EITHER WAY i’m really excited about the game and the room it allows for speculation, so if you got any ideas pitch away!