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  • SOLVE THE MYSTERY: WHO possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf, WHAT item is required to defeat him, and WHERE he has established his hidden lair?
  • CHOOSE FROM 6 PERSONALITY CARDS: Link, Impa, Nabooru, Zelda, Rauru, and Darunia
  • FEATURES 6 METAL HERO MOVERS: Master Sword, Fairy Bow, Megaton Hammer, Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchu
  • INCLUDES: Custom Game Board, 6 Metal Hero Movers, 6 Personality Cards, 16 Boss Encounter Cards, Custom Score Pad, Custom Mystery Envelope, 2 Dice, and Instructions

His mouth felt dry, as if he hadn’t had water in decades. Although, oddly enough, his hands were sweating, and sweat was beading his forehead. 

He moved his right hand from his side, moving it up to his forehead, down to his stomach, to his left shoulder, then right.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. My last confession was sometime ago, maybe a few months” Dean almost didn’t want to continue, fearing that somehow his confession would not stay confidential.

He didn’t want to turn his head towards the screen, to the priest who would have to hear his horrible confession, and his dark secret.

“Continue” the priest said, softly, as if he understood why Dean was hesitating.

Dean coughed, clearing his dry throat, scratching it even more in the process; he would kill for some water.

“I’m here, father, to confess a sin I have yet to commit, but I know I will act out on it” Dean said, vaguely. 

The priest’s expression stayed blank, no emotion or anything in his eyes, or anywhere. He was like a statue, and that, for some reason, gave Dean comfort.

“I’ve had disturbing thoughts about another man, who I have found myself falling for, fast” Dean nervously chuckled, playing with his thumbs, his eyes focusing on the dust in the air.

The priest shifted a bit, his body facing towards the screen, his face still the same; maybe he really was a statue.

“What type of disturbing thoughts?” The priest asked, his voice still soft as if he knew what Dean was going through.

Dean wanted to laugh at the priest, ask him if he truly understood where Dean was getting at. Yeah, having ‘disturbing thoughts’ about another man is one thing, but what Dean was getting at was in a whole other ball park.

“Sexual ones, mostly. They started off as us kissing, holding hands, stuff like that” Dean paused, he was no longer playing with his thumbs,”and then they got worse” Dean licked his lips, trying to keep them from becoming cracked.

“How did it get worse?” The Priest asked, his voice slightly cracking.

Dean turned his head, his green eyes focusing on the priest on the other side of the screen. The gentleman was probably not much older then himself.

“I started thinking of him and I having sex in different positions, with so many toys. I began thinking of all the ways I could get him to scream my name, and vice versa. I even though about having sex with in my car, letting people see and hear us, letting them know he was mine” Dean closed his eyes, his dirty thoughts coming back to him.

The Priest face didn’t show any emotion, but Dean could feel that he was slightly uncomfortable with the details he had given. 

“Why does this bother you so much?” The Priest asked, a tint of confusion lacing his question.

Dean wanted to laugh at the fact that he had forgotten the one detail that made his sin the worst of all. How could he have forgotten about that?

“You see, the guy I think about isn’t just any guy” Dean’s eyes met with the Priest’s eyes,”this guy is my baby brother”

confession 1/?

Hmm job interview for a receptionist/general adminy stuff 💁🏻I don’t think the pay is much above minimum (apparently it ‘meets the national requirement’, how exciting) and the hours are not particularly optimal (7am-3pm or 3pm-11pm) but still, I’m a bit hopeful? It’d be a stepping stone onto something better I suppose and ideal for now. The worst part is explaining that to my mum… who seems to assume having a degree means jumping straight into the highest job there is. 🤔 not in this lifetime I’m afraid mum.

I don’t know how this will go or if anyone will even ask anything, but I thought this could be a fun thing to do, especially now that I’m on a break from school!

Nasya is my girl and I really want to develop her some more, so I thought having asks could be a fun way to do that! I’m also not limiting it to just Nasya, you can ask my other OCs questions (I’m going to list all the people she knows below the cut) though I have some OCs that aren’t associated with her that I would be fine with answering stuff about as well (mainly Rizco and Alekev, but maybe Aina too)

I will try to draw a picture in reply (if I do, it will most likely be teen Nasya, unless the question is better suited to her when she was younger or if you specify), but it may end up just being a little blurb from the character (though it it possible I might write a short fic, depending on the character) and if I get a lot I may have to close asks but…I have a feeling that won’t happen xD

More info about Nasya (mainly just her fam) below the cut:

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NCT’s ideal types

So I’m writing the ideal types for Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin, but I’m stuck on ideas for them :’-( What do you think their ideal types would be, appearance or personality wise? Even if it’s only a couple of points, it’ll really help me with getting the ideas flowing 💜 💜 💜  like srsly just describe urself if one of them are ur bias and i will write it down lmao

What if Wren Kingston killed Charlotte?

We don’t have a motive for it right now, but we just read an interview with Joseph Dougherty (Executive Producer) about Wren, and JD said “Wren has arguably not been so far away all this time, as you might have thought.” This means Wren has probably been in town for a while, possibly hiding in plain sight wearing masks?

Another thing is the secret passageway from the Radley to the Church. What if Wren’s been a guest at the Radley and he went through the passageway to the church and killed Charlotte? He was dating Melissa which increases the chances of him reading Spencer’s criminology paper that ended up being the same way Charlotte was killed.

Just some food for thought.

The moment I realise…that this is my last free weekend before school starts again. The end of my free week has almost come to a end. And I am just like:

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Could you do stories with the BMP Butlers and their wife MC being really horny during her pregnancy please? I just think it would be funny to see how'd they would react and try to comfort her.

Have you lost your mind?
It didn’t take long for Claude to understand what his wife was up to, her behavior getting increasingly seductive. He couldn’t even try to explain how happy he had been when he heard the news of her pregnancy, but also worried. Never would he have risked that anything happened to her or their child and no one could convince him that it was actually harmless. So he just left her in her room and went back to his work again because let’s be honest: He needed distraction right now as much as he needed her.

As the Butler of Dres Van one has to be educated and have knowledge of the most random things. Apart from all these, Jan of course also knew much about pregnancy and that there was no harm in any activities of this kind.
Finally again!’, he thought as the first weeks consisted of nausea and fatigue.  
Hesitant at first, he overcame his doubts when seeing his wife in such a state, not able to hold himself back either.

He was very confused. One second she was extremely upset, the next she just wanted to eat and now she was… horny?
Luke didn’t want her to suffer, not only because he then suffered with her as well. He was so anxious, he really couldn’t grant her this wish, could he?
Eh… How about a cupcake instead?”, he asked, already preparing for the worst.

Once again, Louis was grateful to serve such an understanding Prince like Prince Edward, allowing him a lot of time off to take care of his pregnant wife.
It was quite exhausting, especially for him, as he made an effort to make her perfectly comfortable and grant her every wish at a minute’s notice.
However he didn’t know how to react when she started implying wanting to get intimate. Smoothly, he somehow succeeded in turning this all into cuddling and falling asleep.

Usually she only needed to ask or even slightly imply it for Yu to get what she needed and satify her.
Nevertheless this situation was unfamiliar to him, so he was rather hesitant and cautious. He was afraid and worried that something could happen to their child or his wife, but he also didn’t want her to suffer this way.
Steering the middle course, he decided to help her in this matter without being to rough or risking anything.  

He was stressed. She was stressed. Everybody was stressed.
Her behavior was a bit odd, she didn’t seem to be able to control any of her emotions. Or desires.
Do you really think that’s okay?”, he asked with a precarious expression. However his misgivings were too much for him to accept any of her seductive approaches.
Just wait…a few more months….”, he soothed, brows creased and a sorry voice.