Fan: What are you doing now?
Paruru: I bought a lot of things. AーMooー I can take a rest after a long time, so happy

Fan: Can you tell me what did you buy?
Paruru: Wallet, key case, shoes

Fan: Miumiu?
Paruru: The shoes are indeed Miumiu. I bought two pairs of them, you can only find shining sneakers in Miumiu’s world. I was lost to clerk-san’s marketing skill

Fan: What is the brand of the wallet?
Paruru: LOUIS VUITTON. I’m going to be super busy so this is like a reward for myself. I discussed with my mother and she also said that using better things is better. It’s even better if it’s fashionable

Fan: Which LV wallet is it??? If it’s the same model as the one i want I’ll be super happy 
Paruru: The one that has a big pink “LV” on it

Fan: The key case you bought is also from that brand, isn’t it?
Paruru: Yes. There are a lot of pink logos

Fan: I’m happy!!! Our wallets are the same model. It seems that there are 3 colors. Is yours orange-ish pink? Or is it pink-ish pink?
Paruru: A pair

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"How cute," Roy said, grinning at the picture of the little girl. "Abigail looked just like that when she was that age."

“Did.. Did she now.. I’m sure she was adorable.” Percy went a bit pale, snatching up the picture. He’d been doing some spring cleaning at his apartment and it seemed like the photograph had gotten away from him in his piles. Hopefully Roy had no idea who the little girl in the photograph was, but it was obvious the child looked related to the clerk though.

Signs as people who live in a castle

Aries- Prince
Taurus- Cook
Gemini- Messanger
Cancer- Queen
Leo- King
Virgo- Clerk
Libra- Duchess
Scorpio- Knight
Sagittarius- Horse keeper
Capricorn- Constable 
Aquarius- Rebel prisoner
Pisces- Princess

(Ugh, so many Young!Emma feels after that episode. CS street kids AU)

She’s heard about him.

Seen him a few times, the boy in the leather jacket with the dark hair and bright blue eyes. He’s cute, more than cute, but Emma keeps her distance. He has a gang, they snatch purses and lift wallets and they squat in an old factory with a skull and bones spray painted on the brick wall. It’s their sign, their symbol.

Its easier now, to look for the cameras and to slip a box of cookies or palm an apple under her baggy coat when the clerk’s back is turned, easier, but not easy, and there’s days when she doesn’t eat at all.

She’s seen him, the gang leader, buying McDonalds and pizza, taking it back to the old factory with his buddies in tow, doling out the food and she can smell it - it makes her mouth water and she’s tempted to come out from her hiding spot and see if maybe they might share. But she can’t take the risk, there’s several of them, and they’re all boys and she knows what girls on the streets trade for food and shelter with the other gangs, and she’s not one of them, not yet.

Better off alone, anyway.

There’s a few places where she can sleep, safe, or safe-ish at least, with her bag tied to her waist so no one can make off with it without waking her. She can’t go to a shelter, they’ll take one look and know she’s underage and call the cops, and she is not going back to another group home where the other kids steal her stuff or foster family where the dad “forgets” to knock on the bedroom door when she’s changing. 

Not again. 

Never again.

Three of them try to corner her one night, in the alley behind the bakery where one of the cashiers sets out day old bagels and muffins next to the back door. They’re from the other gang who’s territory ends one street over, two boys who leer at her and a girl with dead eyes. 

Emma fights, a lifetime of foster homes and group care taught her to fight, and she blackens an eye and splits a lip, but there’s too many of them and she takes a punch to the stomach and loses her bag (oh God no), and then she’s running, running, two streets over and through the hole in the chain link fence and they’re following her and she’s going to get the shit kicked out of her and raped but she swears she’ll go down fighting, but then four of them appear, led by him, the boy in the leather jacket who’s got a chain wrapped around his hand with a hook swinging from the end and his buddies hold tire irons and baseball bats and they yell to her pursuers that this is their territory and the three of them turn tail and run.

The girl drops Emma’s bag by the chain link fence.

The boy in the leather jacket retrieves it, and kneels down next to her.

“I’ve seen you before. What’s your name?”

She thinks she should lie, she thinks she should grab her bag and run, but she doesn’t, she just looks at his face (younger, up close) and whispers, “Emma.”

“Emma,” he repeats, “They call me Hook, but my name is Killian.”

He helps her to her feet, hand on her back and she frowns, “What do you want me to call you?”

The blue eyes blink, and he actually blushes, “Killian.”

She doesn’t have to trade anything for a share of the food and a place to sleep in the factory squat, Killian steals a set of bedsheets and hangs them across an alcove so she has privacy, she can sleep without tying her bag to her waist and for the first time in weeks, she actually sleeps through the night.

Within a month Killian is sleeping in the alcove with her, his jacket folded up underneath their heads and his arm wrapped firmly around her waist, and she sleeps better than she has in years.

It’s not much.

But it becomes home.

OMG When that police woman asked Dean who Claire was Cas stood right next to her. As Claire is the offspring of Cas vessel they have similar features BUT Dean answered which very like led to the fact that that random police woman thought Cas and Dean were not only partners but PARTNERS. In addition: Cas and Dean bought Claire a birthday present ( presumably together ) and I bet they must have looked like a couple to the other costumers and the clerk. If everybody else sees it they can’t not see it, can they?!

I can’t. I just can’t. 


Joseph Heller

Born today on May 1, 1923, Joseph Heller was a satirical writer and novelist best known for his novel Catch-22. He was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Jewish immigrant family. Heller was orphaned at the age of 5 when his father died due to some surgery complications. His dark and wise-cracking humor is said to have been a result of his childhood memories although Heller has not directly mentioned any of it in his works. Heller had aspired to become a writer even when he was little.

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[see Part 1 for a brief narrative history of Till’s murder]

  • Till Headline from The Chicago Defender, 17 September 1955: Published by John Sengstacke, The Defender was one of the most widely circulating Black newspapers in the country, and initially one of only two national papers to publish Emmett’s story.
  • Emmett Till Protest Rally Flyer, 21 October 1955
  • Eisenhower’s first Cabinet Secretary, Max Rabb, sends this memo to the WH Press Secretary, Jim Hagerty, explaining why “it was felt inadvisable to make a courteous reply” to anyone just yet regarding the Till case. In three short paragraphs Rabb tears down Mamie Bradley, describing her as a tool of the CP USA and claimed, “Mrs. Bradley was discredited for using her son’s death as a means of making a living.” She actually worked as a civilian clerk for the U. S. Air Force. Rabb also noted that “The boy’s father, incidentally, was executed by the Army in Italy on a sex charge.” Mamie separated from Louis Till back in 1942, and Emmett was only 4 years old, and an ocean away, when that happened.
  • Jackson Mississippi Daily News Says Till’s Father Executed for Rape: Mississippi senators James Eastland and John Stennis, who were apparently provided this information by someone with access to Louis Till’s confidential military files, leaked this information to southern papers. Although the trial was already over news about Emmett’s father remained on the front pages of Miss newspapers for weeks, in both October and November.
  • Louis Till’s (Emmett’s father) Ring: This ring is how they were able to ID Emmett’s bloated corpse when it was pulled from the Tallahatchie River, 28 August, 9 days after his arrival in Money. 
  • Look Magazine interview with Till’s Murderers: After receiving $3,800 for their testimonies, Till’s killers go into great detail in describing just how and why they really did torture and murder him.
  • H. R. 6127, aka, The Civil Rights Act of 1957, 9 September 1957: Till’s murder was one of the reasons for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Although primarily a voting rights bill, it established the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department to intervene in local law enforcement issues when civil rights were being compromised. Don’t miss the irony that this same justice department which came into existence because of Emmett Till’s murder has thus far failed to prosecute the murderers of Trayvon Martin, Mike, Brown, Tamir Rice, etc.
  • Emmett Till & Tamir Rice …or is it… Tamir Rice & Emmett Till
  • The More Things Change… : Just as in the case with Emmett, the media seems to think smearing Tamir Rice’s father absolves the child’s murderer of all responsibility. Do you see the importance of studying history, yet?

They agreed to meet at the courthouse after Gail’s shift and Holly’s preparations for San Francisco. They said their goodbyes in the morning with grins and warm hugs and soft kisses and I love you’s and promises of seeing each other later. Several hours later and after an exhausting shift, Gail was sitting on the bench in the government establishment with sweaty palms and shallow, nervous breaths as hers and Holly’s names were being called.

She kindly asked for a few more minutes to wait for her fiancé to arrive. Holly was nowhere to be found. Trying the brunette’s phone once more, Gail swallowed painfully and closed her eyes while she was met with Holly’s voicemail for the ninth time.

Gail was being left at the altar again.

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