Here goes Russia!Sans. Since nobody desighed my country for Countrytale, I decided to do it myself. Though I really suck at drawing. I didn’t come up with the name yet. Smth like Rush, prbbly?senpainoticemeh
Submission by Eye Collector

Art by @eye-and-star-collectors



*claps* just… i just… this is… absulotely awesome!!

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there are indian shawols who are actually p pissed about the jonghyun vcr so dont fucking speak for indian shawols

Now show me your receipts.
I’ve also seen people attacking those who are not offended (telling them to shut up etc), it’s really getting out of hand. 

Also in my opinion ya’ll should stop seeing everything as people trying to make fun of you/offend you. I’d call it cultural appreciation and and not appropriation. If SHINee wore my country’s traditional clothing and danced I’d be happy they took interest in my country and save the screenshot from the performance to set it as my wallpaper. 

Random Infinite Fact:

During BTD Sungjong’s bright yellow hair resembled the sun while 

Dongwoo’s bright red hair resembled the sunset

They weren’t allowed to be next to each other in pictures because one resembled the begin while the other resembled the end.

[Shindong and Park Kyuri’s SSTP 110112]

(i got bored and started listening to all my old collections)

Chinese V app Translator Translates Tzuyu’s Words Inappropriately on Purpose

The last two words “犯贱” in the screencap, translate to “bitchy”.

Since then, JYP Entertainment has been notified about the situation and have stated that they will take action to update the subtitles so that they would be the correct translations of what was actually said.