Are you expecting me to believe that, in their free time, Clary and Jace didn’t sit in one of their bedroom’s floor, talking and laughing. Perhaps when they were older, and Clary finally got back to painting, once in a while she would grab Jace’s arm and her ink and she would paint it while he carefully watched her. Watched her the way every girl and every boy wants to be looked at. He notices, once again, her hairs and the way it shines with the moonlight, he would notice her freckles, and the clothes she was wearing. And of course she pretended not to notice while the dumbass she loves stares at her with the intensity of the sun.

“You are made of stars, Jace!” She would say, after she was finished with the constellation in his arm

Malec AU (Part 1)

Okay..but a Malec AU where Alec is a Prince and Magnus is just a servant in another household..

  • Like the Lightwoods are the rulers of the country of Idris..and Alec is the crown Prince of the country, being the oldest and all. Everybody expected him to be married by now, but he just isn’t interested..instead focusing on winning wars and negotiations and what not.
  • So its Jace’s wedding and he’s marrying Lady Clary (?) and Alec is the best man and for some reason Clary’s dad can’t make it..so she walks down the aisle with her two best friends…Simon who’s like from a very influential family..and Magnus who was like the son of the house help (or something?)
  • The first time Alec sees Magnus he is all smitten and flustered but he can’t talk to him ‘cause nobody knows he is gay and his parents would never approve of him talking to a person of such a low rank..
  • But after the wedding, Izzy totally starts dating Simon and Clace and Sizzy hang out together a lot..like practicing swordfighting or whatever and they always drag Alec and Magnus with them.
  • Hanging out in a group is okay..until one day everyone decides enough is enough..and Malec are forced into meeting alone and that too in the middle of the bloody forest.
  • So while searching for a way out…they start talking and it’s like finding our best friend and soul mate for both of them. This becomes a routine where both of them would meet like every other day and bitch between themselves.
  • Soon enough the initial attraction comes to pass..and they kiss..this continues for a long time..and now they are free and comfortable enough to get out on the streets..and Alec is no longer afraid of his sexuality..or his friend..and the others are like planning for their wedding and stuff..but one day the King and Queen finally find out about this.
  • And the next day Alec’s wedding is fixed to Princess Lydia..of the neighbouring country.

Idk…is it good? should I continue this?

malec-clace-sizzy-delena-clizzy  asked:

Top 5 Malec moments from the book and the show

1.) their First Kiss™………so Pure…..so Beautiful…so Iconic…..the week between ep 11 and 12 was so intense lmao it felt like the longest week of my life…everyone was making up theories and everyone thought they were playing w us…….people were dying….then it happened and i Cried a lot :-)
2.) the strength-sharing scene Fucked me Up…..like alec completely forgot abt acting Straight and kept holding magnus’ hand when they DIDN’T HAVE TO ANYMORE and was super gentle w him i died (the two times they did it in the books were p cute too)
3.) when they first met !!!! they both were instantly smitten and alec kept smiling and stuttering while magnus (looking angelic tbh) stared at him…..that was Good
4.) the “i don’t want the world. i want you” part in the last book……i love Death and Being Dead
5.) the “you’ve unlocked something in me” scene!!!!!!!! MAGNUS’ FINGER SO CLOSE TO ALEC’S LIPS………..SHUT THE UP FUCK

Look I was the whiniest bitch when Shadowhunters first came out. I was– and still am– a die-hard fan of the books, and everything about it upset me: the crappy effects, the awkward script (unironic use of “come at me bro), the acting, the adaptation, the fight choreography- I complained about EVERYTHING.

But by now, I’ve realised something. Yeah, it’ll never win an Emmy, it’s never going to be the slickest show out there, but you know what? I don’t care. I do not care. Because honestly, which other show is going to give us FOUR poc lead characters? Which other show is going to give us a healthy interracial relationship between two men– one gay, and one bisexual– as one of the show’s central relationship? Which other show is going to give us a healthy, realistic sibling relationship as a central relationship? Which other show is going to give us healthy platonic relationships between two girls, two boys, and between girls and boys? In which other show is the showrunner going to listen to his fanbase and decide to make a lead character canonically PANSEXUAL? Which other show has a cast that is so happy and supportive of each other, so fond of their fans, and so supportive of every single ship– canon or not– from the show?

And it’s not the book adaptation I hoped for, but I still have the relationships I loved from the books– i.e. MALEC– as well as awesome new ones from the show (SAPHAEL). It may have chopped and changed the characters, but it also gave me new ones (like queen Lydia Branwell). Also: so? many? amazing? interracial? ships?

And you know what, I trust this show. Sure, it may not be the most intellectual thing I’m watching, but it’ll also never throw in needless shock value deaths, it’ll never employ racist or homophobic undertones and tropes in its writing, it’ll never diminish its minority representation to play into tropes.

So yeah, I’m done being cranky and negative about it. Because this show is fucking revolutionary. It’s healthier and more representative than half the ~smart, groundbreaking~ shows out there, it’s a healthy, positive fandom, it’s a breath of fresh air. And I am more than willing to let go of my initial misgivings for all I get in return. I love this show for the positivity and example it sets. I love the cast, I love the fandom, so I’m in. I’m in I’m in I’m in.

Though please, for the love of the Angel, may the writers never again use "come at me bro” unironically in scripts, because, ~seriously~ guys.